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10 Best Audio Logs in Video Games

Collectibles are one of the cornerstones of video games. While a captivating story or thrilling gameplay often suffice to capture your attention, coll...

David K Sept 08, 2023
10 Best Audio Logs in Video Games

Collectibles are one of the cornerstones of video games. While a captivating story or thrilling gameplay often suffice to capture your attention, collectibles perfectly fulfill the needs of those who seek any excuse to explore every nook and cranny of their favorite game worlds.

Audiologs are just one of the many types of collectibles found in video games. These short audio recordings allow developers to incorporate additional background stories or narratives into their games, further enriching the game world. While there are numerous exceptional examples of high-quality audiologs in games, some of them stand out prominently.

10 Dishonored

10 Best Audio Logs in Video Games

While audiologs serve as a great storytelling tool in games, they can often be used as a crutch, substituting for a good narrative. Prior to the disaster of the video game Redfall, the game development studio Arkane Studios was renowned as a master of exceptional background stories.

In Arkane's release of Dishonored in 2012, audiographs are scattered throughout the open game world. Each of them tells the story and life of a citizen living in Dunwall and how they cope with the plague that cripples the city.

9 Alien: Isolation

10 Best Audio Logs in Video

Given the influence of the Alien film franchise on the science fiction genre, it is surprising how long it took for there to be a truly excellent Alien game. In 2014, fans finally got what they had been asking for with Alien: Isolation.

Developer Creative Assembly, known for its impressive AI and chilling atmosphere, ensured that the space station Sevastopol was fully realized. Audiologs can be found throughout the game, recounting the downfall of Sevastopol as well as the fate and lives of its unfortunate crew.

8 System Shock 2

10 Best Audio Logs in

When it comes to science fiction horror games, the System Shock series stands as one of the pioneers of the genre. While the first game is remembered fondly, System Shock 2 is considered one of the blueprints for many science fiction and horror games that followed.

Throughout the mutant-infested setting of the Von Braun, you can find audiologs and terminals that describe in detail what exactly happened on this ship as you work to fill in the lost gaps of memory.

7 Prey

10 Best Audio Logs

Prey from 2017 is considered one of the most underrated video games of the 2010s. Between its poor commercial success, confusing marketing, and misleading advertising as a successor to the game of the same name from 2006, one can say that Prey deserved something better.

While the main story of Prey is excellent and full of twists, the numerous written and audio logs in the game contribute to further enriching the already fascinating world and inform you about the lives and fates of the crew and personnel of Talos One.

6 Dead Space

10 Best Audio

A decade has passed since the highly acclaimed Dead Space trilogy concluded. While many have been longing for a new installment, the remake of the first game in 2023 has shown modern players what the series already embedded in the minds of the audience back in 2008.

The story of protagonist Isaac Clarke and his struggle for survival in the face of space terror gives you more than enough reason to become invested. However, the development studio Visceral has utilized gripping audio recordings that unveil the horrifying events that plagued the crew of the USG Ishimura.

5 Fallout New Vegas

10 Best

When it comes to excellent writing or storytelling in video games, Fallout: New Vegas is almost always at the center of the conversation. The contribution to the post-apocalyptic open-world series by developer Obsidian, highly appreciated, remains the masterpiece of the series.

Given the excellent writing in New Vegas, it's not surprising that the game features some truly captivating audio logs. From the most memorable ones, like the chilling recordings of the survivors of Vault 11, to the many holotapes of the survivors from the Mojave Wasteland and beyond - everything is fascinating.

4 Mass Effect 3


The final installment of the exemplary trilogy by developer Bioware throws Commander Shepard headfirst into the Reaper War. Given the masterful way in which the conflict was built up in the previous two games, it was crucial for Bioware to ensure that the seriousness of the situation was palpable throughout the entire campaign.

The first two Mass Effect games also have captivating audio logs, but the recordings in Mass Effect 3 hold a special significance. The logs mainly tell of the struggles of humanity in the war against the Reapers and serve as a constant reminder of the gravity of the situation.

3 Batman: Arkham Asylum

Not only is Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham series phenomenal, but it also serves as a fantastic love letter to the Dark Knight. The game's diverse and unique collectibles typically unlock additional content such as concept art, character biographies, and audio logs.

All parts of the series have unlockable audio logs that primarily revolve around the many villains featured in the games. In Arkham Asylum, you can unlock patient interview recordings of the enemies you'll encounter, such as Scarecrow, Killer Croc, and the Joker.

2 Halo 3: ODST

Despite the incredible writing and storytelling in Bungie's Halo games, the developer never really focused on how the Covenant War affected the average person. Bungie's spin-off, Halo 3: ODST, provided a perspective on the war outside the visor of Master Chief.

While wandering the destroyed and battle-scarred streets as a simple recruit, audio logs are scattered everywhere. These recordings tell the story of a girl named Sadie and her struggle for survival in a besieged New Mombasa.

1 Bioshock

It doesn't matter which element of game design you mention. Whether it's the best story, graphics, or gameplay, the 2007 first-person shooter Bioshock will always be part of that discussion. This perfection also extends to the audio logs.

The recordings provide you with even more background information on what life was/is like in Rapture. From the simple dockworker to the high-class elite, each recording offers a fascinating glimpse into this unique underwater city and provides insights into its descent into madness and chaos.