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10 Best Games Set in Atlantis

Approximately 2,000 years have passed since Plato wrote about Atlantis, yet his account of this mythical submerged city continues to withstand the tes...

Ali Jones Sept 01, 2023
10 Best Games Set in Atlantis

Approximately 2,000 years have passed since Plato wrote about Atlantis, yet his account of this mythical submerged city continues to withstand the test of time. People still wonder about its possible locations and its fate, or simply romanticize the notion of a utopian civilization. Therefore, it is not surprising that the legend of Atlantis has influenced numerous forms of popular culture, including dozens of video games to this day.

From point-and-click adventures to open-world RPGs, atlantic themes can be found in various video game genres today. Sometimes, their legendary and mystical history drives the entire gameplay of a title, while other times it simply provides a stunning underwater environment. Whatever the case may be, over the years, some incredible games have presented Atlantis, and a few stand out as the best so far.

10 Age Of Mythology

10 Best Games Set In Atlantis

To be more precise, Age of Mythology: The Titans is the expansion that introduces the Atlanteans as a new civilization in this classic real-time strategy series, significantly enhancing the gameplay. It includes a new single-player campaign that takes place a decade after the downfall of Atlantis, allowing the player, for the first time, to summon a Titan.

If you choose to establish this new homeland of the Atlanteans, you must ensure that they favor their gods, gather the necessary resources, and triumph over militant cities. However, bear in mind that while they are considerably more efficient compared to other in-game cultures, the Atlanteans are costlier and require more time for training.

9 Zeus: Master Of Olympus

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Released in 2000, this historical city-building game focuses on the development of city-states in ancient Greece. However, it was the expansion pack Poseidon: Master of Atlantis that introduced new adventures based on the myths of the lost city of Atlantis. In terms of gameplay, not much changes compared to the original, but it aptly showcases the Atlanteans' fondness for science and emphasizes structures such as pyramids and observatories.

However, the game is still playable today, and due to its decent graphics and engaging campaign, it remains captivating. It is full of mythological and historical elements, as well as famous heroes and gods. What's not to like about it?

8 God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta

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As Poseidon's realm, hiding details from Kratos' past, Atlantis is a significant backdrop in this sixth installment of the God of War series, including its legendary city form and later its submerged version.

As the renowned demigod with many enemies, you will be embroiled in the conflicts that will determine the future of Atlantis - and thanks to Zeus, it is filled with Atlantean soldiers ready to fight by your side against foes! Meanwhile, you can enjoy cool mythological locations like the Temple of Poseidon as Kratos' family drama unfolds.

7 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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Undoubtedly, the portrayal of Atlantis that you see in Assassin's Creed Odyssey is definitely the most beautiful on this list. Sure, there is the underwater version depicted in the main game, but thanks to the expansion pack "The Fate of Atlantis," you can truly experience a breathtaking environment of Poseidon's concentric realm.

From the magnificent buildings covered in white marble to crystal-clear waters, Atlantis is everything you imagined: full of life, prosperous, and technologically advanced. Ultimately, it was created to be a kind of indestructible library of Isu knowledge, where humans and members of the First Civilization coexist in harmony.

6 Injustice 2

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As the underwater kingdom ruled by Aquaman, Atlantis is a well-known setting in the DC Universe. In Injustice 2 and its predecessor, Injustice: Gods Among Us, it serves as a stage where players can battle one-on-one as their favorite legendary DC characters.

For those who enjoy the aesthetics of marine life, Atlantis could be your favorite location in this fighting game. It is set within a futuristic underwater dome, featuring interactive statues of Atlantean warriors and a royal throne at the center of the action, while deep-sea creatures swim in the background.

5 Crash Bandicoot: Warped


Warped is the third installment of the Crash Bandicoot series, in which Crash travels through various historical eras to defeat his infamous enemy, Dr. Neo Cortex.

It is also the first game to feature the underwater level, where Crash must dive through the ruins of Atlantis wearing a scuba suit to search for treasures along the way. He can even use a fun little submarine equipped with torpedoes to destroy crates and numerous enemies he encounters in this underwater level.

4 Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis

This point-and-click adventure, released in 1992, is the oldest game on this list and reveals the secrets of Atlantis. However, it has endured to this day thanks to its captivating story, challenging puzzles, and great humor.

The game puts players in the role of Indy as he explores the mythology of Atlantis. Guided by the writings of Plato, you must reach the lost city before the Nazis succeed in unleashing a deadly secret that once caused its downfall. A cool twist introduced in this game is that it doesn't depict Atlantis as a romanticized place, but rather as a decayed location full of sewers and deformed skeletons.

3 Tomb Raider (1996)

Atlantis plays a significant role in both Tomb Raider and its remake, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, where Lara embarks on a quest for an ancient Atlantean artifact called the Scion. However, in contrast to the notion of an idyllic utopia, Tomb Raider's Atlantis is a rather unsettling place to visit.

Just imagine tomb walls covered in flesh and decaying flesh, and add some grotesquely deformed monsters. To make things even more interesting, there's also an Atlantean queen fascinated by genetic experiments. Who would have thought archaeology could be so gruesome?

2 Atlantis: The Lost Tales

This puzzle adventure is the first game of the Atlantis series, released in 1997, where you play as Seth - a guardian of Atlantis who is tasked with investigating the disappearance of his queen. This mission then leads you into a fantasy adventure involving time travel and a super weapon capable of destroying the entire Atlantean civilization.

As for the city of Atlantis, in an alternate Earth, it is positioned as the center of human civilization and represents a place of dark conspiracy and forbidden knowledge, where humanity has gained the ability to harness magic.

1 Timelapse

If you're a fan of archaeology, challenging puzzles, and ancient history, then Timelapse is a game you shouldn't miss. Despite being released in 1996, this classic title still manages to captivate modern players with its enigmatic secrets of Atlantis.

Just imagine traveling through time and space to prove your archaeologist friend's theory that ancient civilizations are somehow connected to extraterrestrials and the legendary submerged city of Atlantis. Your virtual journey begins on Easter Island, where, thanks to a remarkable time machine, you continue to explore ancient civilizations until you finally discover the exact connection to the lost city.