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10 Best Horror Games to Stream

Whether you're streaming in a private conversation with your friends or in front of a larger audience of viewers, few things are as captivating as wit...

Hirun Cryer Sept 19, 2023
10 Best Horror Games to Stream

Whether you're streaming in a private conversation with your friends or in front of a larger audience of viewers, few things are as captivating as witnessing someone play a horror game. These games evoke a sense of terror in both the player and the spectators, an experience that is seldom replicated, compelling everyone to closely follow every plot twist, chase, or boss battle with utmost attention.

Fortunately, the popularity of horror games has significantly increased in recent years, offering a wide array of eerie games to play or stream for friends. If you're curious about which horror games are best suited for streaming, take a glance at the list provided below.

10 Parasocial

10 Best Horror Games To Stream

A superb horror game for beginners that you can stream before an audience would be "Parasocial." The entire plot of the game revolves around a Japanese V-Tuber who streams video games from her computer. Streaming this game creates an eerie meta situation as you stream a character who is herself streaming live to her own viewers.

Specifically, the trigger of this game occurs when the main character accidentally reveals her face online, leading to an extremely eerie psychological manipulation, harassment, and attempts to unsettle her. Overall, this game is perfect for fans of suspense and human horror, as it lacks any supernatural elements in its narrative.

9 Welcome To The Game

10 Best Horror Games To

While "Parasocial" delves into the intricacies of stalking and internet fandom, "Welcome to the Game" focuses on an even darker side of the internet. This horror game allows you to play as someone who explores the dark web, searching for eight specific keys that will lead them to a website called "The Red Room."

To unlock these keys, you must navigate through multiple web pages while being hacked by a mysterious character known as "The Kidnapper." This NPC will track your locations and force you to complete mini-games to fend off their pursuit or hide within your own home in case of a break-in.

8 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

10 Best Horror Games

Although this title may be somewhat older, "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" is one of the first horror games that YouTubers started streaming or uploading on their channels. In this game, you assume the role of Daniel in the year 1839, as he mysteriously awakens in a dark and desolate castle.

Furthermore, Daniel has no recollection whatsoever. All he knows is that he is being pursued by a 'Shadow,' a peculiar mutated creature that can easily kill you if you're not careful. Just because a horror game is older doesn't mean it's any less terrifying. So, if you or your viewers enjoy thrilling chase sequences and terrifying monsters, you should definitely consider streaming this game.

7 Phasmophobia

10 Best Horror

As horror in the gaming world has evolved, numerous multiplayer games have been released, focusing on bringing a group of players together to hunt or survive dangerous and eerie situations. An excellent example of this is "Phasmophobia," where up to four players become ghost hunters, attempting to document various demons, spirits, and souls.

Play with caution, for the spirits you investigate are not exactly pleased that your group of investigators has entered their domain. They may simply kill you before you can complete the investigation. Although gathering enough friends to play the game together may prove challenging, streaming this horror game is always a delight for everyone, as it provides the perfect blend of comedy and horror, making the experience entertaining.

6 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

10 Best

One of the latest additions to the horror landscape is the video game "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," inspired by the classic horror film. In this game, you either play as a victim attempting to escape the clutches of perverse murderers or as a member of a cannibalistic family who stops at nothing to claim their victims.

Since this game is relatively new, many different viewers will be eagerly watching to see how you fare, regardless of which side you play. Furthermore, while there is a considerable amount of violence in this game, there aren't any real shock moments, allowing all your friends and viewers to watch without getting overly frightened.

5 Dead By Daylight


"Dead by Daylight" is another multiplayer horror game that revolves around a team of four survivors who must repair generators to escape from a brutal killer. While these generators are being repaired, another player controlling the killer moves around the map, attempting to halt the survivors' progress by sacrificing them on large hooks.

This game has also collaborated with many famous horror franchises such as Scream, Resident Evil, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, and more. If you're a fan of classic horror movies and want to experience the thrill of being chased by your friends or an audience, then this is definitely the perfect game for you.

4 Resident Evil

With well over ten different games to immerse yourself in, the Resident Evil series offers a variety of horror titles centered around an evil corporation infecting the world with mutagenic viruses. This disease, also known as the T-Virus, transforms people into zombies or other horrifying mutations, against which the heroes must either flee or hunt them down.

Each installment takes place at a specific time, but in general, you play as the same characters trying to survive the apocalypse. Since most games focus on providing a third-person shooter experience, they are not necessarily defined by tension and scary moments, which some viewers will greatly appreciate.

3 Outlast

In the game Outlast, you play as a freelance investigative journalist who travels to a remote psychiatric hospital to investigate allegations of inhumane experiments. Unfortunately, this freelance journalist quickly becomes trapped inside the institution, as mutated "variants" of patients have ravaged the entire building, disabling the security team and freely roaming the hallways.

To survive this ordeal, you must use your camera to navigate through the dark corridors of the hospital while being pursued by various patients and variants who are trying to end your life. As one of the scariest horror games ever made, Outlast is a horror fan's dream game and also provides a great opportunity for streaming with your friends or audience.

2 Until Dawn

Unlike most other games on this list, Until Dawn, a horror game, is based on the central gameplay mechanic of player choices. Essentially, you control various teenagers as they take a trip to the mountains, and your decisions determine what happens in the game and who will survive this vacation.

The game also features some well-known Hollywood actors such as Hayden Panettiere and Rami Malek, both of whom play significant roles in the game's narrative. Overall, this is a fantastic game that is suitable for streaming by almost anyone, as the twists and surprises in the story will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

1 Five Nights At Freddy's

There is no doubt that Five Nights At Freddy's is a big success in the world of video game horror. This game takes place during the night of your first shift as a security guard in a pizza restaurant that features animatronics.

As you continue playing through the night, you will spend most of your time checking the security cameras, only to realize that the animatronics themselves have come to life and are moving closer to your location. This is definitely the most popular horror game streamed on websites like Twitch, as the premise is easy to understand and filled with truly terrifying jump scares that will make you and your entire audience scream.