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10 best puzzle games on the PS3

Perhaps you are the kind of individual who consistently seeks out the finest puzzle games, and no one could fault you for seeking a game that requires...

Duncan Robertson Sept 04, 2023
10 best puzzle games on the PS3

Perhaps you are the kind of individual who consistently seeks out the finest puzzle games, and no one could fault you for seeking a game that requires a bit of extra mental exertion. If that's the case, you might be interested in discovering which puzzle games on the PS3 are truly the very best.

Although the console was not home to some of the most influential puzzle games ever developed, it still boasted an exceptionally solid collection. In fact, the PS3 harbors some of the most imaginative puzzle games you can get your hands on, which means you can never go wrong with any of these games.

10 Portal 2

10 Best Puzzle Games On PS3

Portal 2 could arguably be the most renowned puzzle game on the PS3 for most players. It offers one of the finest narrative experiences found on the system and stands as one of the few games that have actually compelled non-puzzle gamers to engage with this genre.

Thanks to the adventures of Chell and her encounters with the mischievous robots in her life, you will have a great deal of fun maneuvering through portals to uncover solutions to some truly perplexing puzzles. The portal mechanics are a stroke of genius and just one of the main gameplay mechanics of the game.

9 Fez

10 Best Puzzle Games On

This delightful little indie game was a pleasant surprise success, all thanks to the unique way it makes you ponder over puzzles. Instead of sticking to a single dimension, you are required to approach puzzles from both a 2D and 3D perspective.

The ability to shift the world around you can completely alter how you contemplate the challenges you face. It is a captivating little game that every puzzle enthusiast should give a try at least once, regardless of the system on which you play it.

8 LittleBigPlanet

10 Best Puzzle Games

While not by any means the most challenging puzzle game, LittleBigPlanet is a recognizable classic from the PS3 era. This game is a puzzle-platformer through and through and could quite possibly be the most imaginative one ever created.

You will need to harness all your creative power in your mind to navigate your way through the delightful levels of this game. It may be somewhat easier, as it was designed with children in mind, but occasionally, anyone can be perplexed by the odd tricky passage.

7 Limbo

10 Best Puzzle

Even though it doesn't belong to the longest games, Limbo is still a lot of fun. This magnificent game has seemingly been released on every console by now, and for good reason - people simply can't get enough of it.

The dark world you explore is filled with imaginative puzzles that will test your bravery. You must think quickly and find unconventional solutions to survive long enough and guide the boy in his quest to find his lost sister, even if not everything is as joyful as you hope it to be.

6 Trine 2

10 Best

This simple side-scrolling puzzle game is a genre classic and has had a strong appeal to many people drawn to the series. Essentially, you must guide various characters through the game, utilizing their unique abilities to solve puzzles.

Unlike many other puzzle games, you can also play this one with a few friends if you wish, which can make the experience all the more chaotic. The entire series is enjoyable to play, but this particular entry might just be the crème de la crème when it comes to puzzle-solving on the PS3.

5 Braid


This game is often praised for initiating the rise of indie games, which means that everyone should give this iconic puzzle game a try at some point. The game is as straightforward as it gets: Your task is to go out and solve puzzles in order to rescue the princess.

The entire game offers some challenging puzzles to overcome, but you won't want to give up because the ending is stunning. This game has, for good reason, one of the most talked-about endings of all time, and you should definitely experience it as soon as possible.

4 Catherine

While there are many challenging puzzle games, Catherine on the PS3 could be the toughest of them all. As an exceptional, narrative-driven experience, Catherine's puzzle gameplay will pose a challenge, as most people have never before traversed a world in such a unique manner.

The entire story depicts Vincent as he struggles with the decision of whether to stay with his long-time girlfriend or turn his back on her to be with the beautiful new woman he is having an affair with. It may sound simple, but it is a profound experience both in terms of mechanics and the story it presents.

3 Portal

While fans often debate whether the original Portal or its sequel is the better game, most people agree that both puzzle games should be experienced. Your goal in this game is to navigate through various test chambers as guided by GLaDOS.

Of course, not everything is as simple as it seems, as GLaDOS is one of the darkest characters in gaming. You don't need to be afraid, as long as you have a faithful companion cube by your side, you will have no trouble reaching the end of the game and getting the cake you deserve.

2 Echochrome

At first, Echochrome may seem like one of the most bizarre puzzle games ever. It has a unique and simplistic art style, but the puzzles are anything but simple. The central mechanic of the game revolves around perspective, something you must quickly master.

You will be forced to manipulate the levels that a small character traverses in order to guide them to the goal point. Although it may sound simple, the subtle adjustments that the game presents to you within its levels will challenge the way you think about how characters can move.

1 Tetris

It is difficult to talk about puzzle games without mentioning a game like Tetris. It is a classic of the genre, combining arcade gameplay with simple puzzles to create one of the most replayable gaming experiences of all time.

This game has survived for decades and is continuously ported to almost every console that has ever existed due to its popularity. While newer twists and variations have emerged, you can never go wrong with some Tetris on the PS3.