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10 best strategy games on Xbox One

People have an innate desire to solve problems. They have always been curious about the world around them and strive to understand it in order to prog...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 06, 2023
10 best strategy games on Xbox One

People have an innate desire to solve problems. They have always been curious about the world around them and strive to understand it in order to progress and make their lives easier. However, some problems are much more mysterious compared to others and require quick thinking to address them.

Similarly, the problems you encounter in every video game require some thinking and appropriate implementation. These challenges can make any game more exciting. Strategy games on the Xbox One, in fact, offer a variety of unique approaches in this genre, ranging from conquering other nations to managing your own theme parks.

10 Pirates Outlaws

10 Best Strategy Games On Xbox One

Pirates Outlaws is a quirky card game with turn-based combat and cute graphics. You have a set number of action points to explore islands that are inhabited by a variety of enemies and treasures. To use your cards, you need ammunition, and depending on your hand, you can even perform melee attacks without any cost.

It is a colorful game with surprisingly deep gameplay alongside its charming aesthetics. It takes a few islands before it becomes complicated enough to be challenging, but once it reaches that point, you'll have trouble tearing yourself away from the game.

9 The Colonists

10 Best Strategy Games On Xbox

In The Colonists, you take control and command an armada of tiny robots. They are ready to follow your orders and embark on the colonization of an entire planet, seeking a place for your nation to settle free from the oppression of humanity.

This video game offers the same type of gameplay as other resource-collecting games, but with a unique mechanic that involves building roads and assigning a newly constructed robot to a section of it. It's easy to learn, but you'll need to strategize quite well for your new colony to survive.

8 Planet Coaster

10 Best Strategy Games On

Planet Coaster is an experience that resembles a sandbox game and offers some aspects of a construction tycoon. It allows you to build massive roller coasters, where you have full control over their placement and design. You also have a wide selection of items to add to your rides.

From all sorts of fireworks to towering structures, you can add thousands of objects to make your roller coaster an unforgettable experience for nearby residents. If you enjoy working on a masterpiece over an extended period of time, then this game is perfect for you, as you can practically shape everything, including the landscape, according to your imagination.

7 Islanders: Console Edition

10 Best Strategy Games

If you enjoy tightly packing things together and receiving applause for it, then this half island-survival and half city-building simulation is the perfect way to relax, as it rewards you for placing buildings in a grid that maximizes points.

Since the gameplay is not particularly complicated, it is quite easy to reach the goal of reaching a new island as long as you plan each move. The graphics are impressive, and each island has its own unique aesthetics.

6 Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

10 Best Strategy

Since the gameplay is not particularly complicated, it's quite easy to achieve the goal of reaching a new island as long as you plan each move. The graphics are impressive, and each island has its own unique aesthetics.

Similar to Age of Empires, this is a turn-based strategy game that revolves around managing your own civilization and maximizing its chances of victory on a map with limited resources and plenty to explore. It's a slow process, but the excitement is worth it when it comes to mid-game battles and building endgame strategies.

5 Railway Empire

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Managing your own railway is not easy, especially when considering the different types of terrain on which the trains will operate. With all this complexity and graphic detail, the game doesn't hold back on its challenging scenarios.

Some puzzles will definitely make you rack your brain about what to do next, while others are more relaxed and don't feel overwhelming. The game controls are precise, and the user interface is not overly cluttered, so you won't be overwhelmed by too much information.

4 Two Point Hospital


Running a hospital is challenging enough, but managing multiple hospitals simultaneously is easier said than done. Each facility you own in Two Point Hospital has its own set of problems and unique staff that needs to be hired. The game has its quirks and, despite the serious theme, it has its own distinct personality.

It offers intense resource management with building elements that allow you to construct the perfect hospital you've always dreamed of. The graphics are fantastic, and the animations vary enough to keep the concept fresh, making it one of the best strategy games on the Xbox One.

3 Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

As intergalactic travelers seeking refuge, your task is to explore the tomb world and face the dangerous Necrons that you encounter. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is like a tabletop RPG with turn-based combat and a focus on positioning and movement.

The atmosphere, minimalist aesthetics, art direction, synchronization, and sound design are breathtaking. It's a project that has been infused with a lot of passion, and that is evident in the meticulous attention to detail you'll notice in the characters and their designs.

2 Tropico 6

Considered as the perfect dictator simulator, the Tropico games offer some of the most realistic experiences in managing an archipelago. This edition comes with a variety of import-export adventures and factions that you must deal with to maintain your power.

The game requires a lot of strategy and resource management to survive a complete term of five years and avoid any coups. It is quite challenging, as is typical in simulation games, and that adds to the realism.

1 RimWorld

Complicated but enjoyable, RimWorld is a video game that heavily relies on the random number generator (RNG) and puts you in the role of an observer responsible for the safety and preservation of a community of individuals seeking refuge from a cold, merciless world.

RimWorld excels at making you emotionally invested in the residents of your colony and occasionally raises the stakes to suddenly make things more challenging for you. The charming aesthetic it brings presents situations so casually that they catch you off guard, and the terror sets in suddenly.