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10 Best Video Game Islands

In video games, a beautiful environment contributes to elevating gameplay from a mere entertaining distraction to a captivating experience. And no env...

Hirun Cryer Sept 10, 2023
10 Best Video Game Islands

In video games, a beautiful environment contributes to elevating gameplay from a mere entertaining distraction to a captivating experience. And no environment captivates a player's attention more than an island. An island not only helps narrow down the game to a specific area but also provides enjoyable tasks and breathtaking vistas for you to savor.

Over the years, there have been many islands featured in games. Most served as places of escape, but some lean more towards residential areas rather than tropical retreats. However, what all video game islands have in common is the promise of a good time and an intriguing story.

10 Tatsumi Port Island

10 Best Video Game Islands

Although Tatsumi Port Island may be an unconventional choice for an island, technically speaking, it is still an island. During the events of Persona 3, you will attend school during the day and fight deadly creatures at night. At least during the Dark Hour.

As the main setting of Persona 3, there is plenty to do on Tatsumi Port Island and its surrounding city. You can spend time with friends, go shopping, watch a movie, enjoy a beef bowl, and even sneak into a dance club. However, be careful not to overexert yourself, as an exhausted Persona user becomes an easy target for Shadows.

9 The Sims 4 Island Living

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As an expansion pack for The Sims 4, The Sims: Island Living invites you to explore, relax, and live in the picturesque land of Sulani. Here, your Sim will get to enjoy the full tropical island experience.

From taking a dip in the ocean to keeping the beaches clean and even meeting a mermaid, Sims dreaming of island life can do it all. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows here. For example, if you choose to live in Mua Pel'am, you'll have to watch out for plummeting, flaming rocks. That's what you call trouble in paradise, for sure!

8 Windfall island

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While the Island of the Awakening is where you begin The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the Island of the Great Deeds is where your adventure truly starts. No longer confined by an unfriendly pirate ship and the absence of a sword, the Island of the Great Deeds finally grants you the freedom to explore freely.

During your journey, you will repeatedly return to this cheerful community to take on tasks, stock up on supplies, and chat with the locals. And you will certainly have plenty of conversations with the locals if you choose to complete the game one hundred percent.

7 Destiny Islands

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Even if you don't spend too much time on Destiny Islands, it is clear that this tropical paradise holds a special place in Sora's heart. This island may not seem like much at first glance, but it is the place where Kingdom Hearts begins and where many of its sequels end.

The Destiny Islands are filled with sandy beaches, lush green trees, jungle gym-like platforms for jumping, a cave full of hand-drawn memories, and warm-hearted Paopu fruits. As long as darkness doesn't engulf the entire island, the Destiny Islands are the perfect place to escape from everyday life.

6 Pi’illo Island


An island where you can take a nap and spend the day daydreaming? That certainly sounds like paradise. Initially, that's exactly what it is in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team before the villains arrive and destroy it. But aside from evil dark forces (and Bowser), there are still plenty of things to do on Pi'illo Island.

You can enjoy the bustling activity of Wakeport, visit the impressive and historic Pi'illo Castle, or even climb Mount Pajamaja while defeating villains and searching for Princess Peach. If you get too tired while exploring these places, don't worry; you can always take a nap and continue your tour of this dreamy world in the Dream World.

5 Lental Region

In the game "New Pokémon Snap" (where "New" means it was released in 2021), your main objective is to take photos of Pokémon. Yes, there's no battling or capturing involved. All you have to do is ride in the Neo-One vehicle, stock up on Fluffruit, and practice your skills in throwing Illumina Orbs. Oh, and of course, capture cute snapshots of Pokémon.

Fortunately, it's easy to capture these impressive photos in the Lental region. In this battle-free land, there are not just one, not just two, but four islands to explore. Additionally, there are plenty of smaller islands as well. A quick tip for all photography newcomers: Make sure to bring your winter coat when visiting Durice Island, or else you'll be more frozen than a Frosmoth.

4 The Island From The Witness

The Witness is a fascinating game where you solve seemingly endless puzzles while exploring a beautiful and deserted island. Although you won't find intense action or an exciting narrative in this game, The Witness offers you soothing music, mind-boggling challenges, and a colorful world to relax in.

On this enchanting island, you'll find deserts, forests, swamps, and even a whole area dedicated to a treehouse. But you won't find any humans. Perhaps you might come across the occasional recording, but other than that, nobody will disturb you if you choose to escape to this lonely island.

3 Inkwell Isle Four

As downloadable content for Cuphead, these purchasable expansions range from some additional outfits to a standalone bonus game that challenges players with brand-new adventures. Inkwell Isle Four in Cuphead belongs to the latter category.

Full of laborious, headache-inducing, and frustrating gameplay mechanics that you'll love, Cuphead and Mugman return to this island to collect ingredients to revive Miss Chalice. But don't think that Chalice is just watching while the brothers do all the work. No, in this DLC, you can switch between all three characters as you face new, challenging, and nerve-wracking bosses.

2 Isle Delfino

Ah, Isle Delfino; if it weren't for that sticky, glowing slime covering the island, it would have been the perfect vacation spot for Mario, Peach (and Toadsworth). Unfortunately, in Super Mario Sunshine, the island is completely covered in graffiti smears and needs to be cleaned.

At least while you power through your enemies and disinfect attractions, you can enjoy the hottest hotspots on the island. Don't forget to visit the numerous sandy beaches, the amusement park, and the resort while you clean up.

1 Wuhu Island

So, which island is the best of the best? Well, that's obvious, it's Wuhu Island. Apart from its interesting name, this island is Nintendo's masterpiece among tropical islands. Originally appearing in the fitness game Wii Fit, Wuhu Island has now become a destination for Super Smash Brawlers, Mario Kart Racers, and, of course, Miis.

Games like the previously mentioned Wii Fit and the 3DS game Pilotwings Resort allowed you to explore this landmark on foot and in the air. Games like Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart let you enjoy the competitive activities that the island has to offer. It's obvious that Nintendo has put a lot of love into Wuhu Island, transforming it from a simple backdrop to a popular destination.