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10 D&D species that should be added to Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 was a resounding success and received extensive praise from both fans and critics, including the award for being the highest-rated PC ...

David K Aug 29, 2023
10 D&D species that should be added to Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 was a resounding success and received extensive praise from both fans and critics, including the award for being the highest-rated PC game on Metacritic. Players around the world are impressed by what many consider to be a new benchmark for role-playing games.

Based on the rich and deep universe of Dungeons & Dragons, Larian Studios had many options for which species to choose. Although Larian may not feel the need to add any more playable species to the game, some popular races would be a welcome addition for future sequels or DLCs.

10 Goliath

10 D&D Species That Should Be Added To Baldur’s Gate 3

In every fantasy story, not just in video games, giants are among the staple creatures. From The Elder Scrolls to The Lord of the Rings, giants can appear in various shades and styles, but they usually share a common trait: they are large.

While Dungeons & Dragons has its own version of giants for combat, there are also the Goliaths, a species of solitary individuals living in the mountains. Goliaths prove that their name is quite fitting as they typically stand seven to eight feet tall and weigh around three hundred pounds on average.

9 Firbolg

10 D&D Species That Should Be Added To Baldur’s Gate

What's great about Baldur's Gate 3 and Dungeons & Dragons in general is the inclusion of subraces. Why limit yourself to being just an orc or an elf when you can be a half-elf or a half-orc?

One of the more exotic subraces in Dungeons & Dragons are the Firbolgs. Unlike the Goliaths, Firbolgs are much more adept in magic due to their fey-oriented nature. They are also semi-giant in size, so it is expected that an average Firbolg is an impressive specimen.

8 Arakocra

10 D&D Species That Should Be Added To Baldur’s

It's a centuries-old desire: How about flying? Fortunately, in Dungeons & Dragons, there are many options if you want to take to the skies. One of the primary flying races in the Dungeons & Dragons universe are the Aarakocra.

While granting permanent flight access to Baldur's Gate 3 players could disrupt the finely-tuned combat system, it simultaneously opens up a multitude of gameplay options, which is something Larian excels at implementing.

7 Eladrin

10 D&D Species That Should Be Added To

Elves are a common presence in almost every realm of fantasy media. In many fictional universes, elves are as widespread as humanity. In Dungeons & Dragons, elves possess various subraces, granting players even more freedom.

One of the most popular subraces of elves is the Eladrin. Originally hailing from the Feywild realm, Eladrin possess a great affinity for magic, allowing them to easily travel between different planes. Eladrin are also connected to beauty and nature, making them one of the more graceful species.

6 Minotaur

10 D&D Species That Should Be Added

Sometimes, one just wants to be a monster. While it's not appropriate in real life, video games are perfect for that. Larian seems to understand the concept of "playing evil" by including the character with the origin of Dark Desires in Baldur's Gate 3.

The Minotaur is arguably the most monstrous and malevolent of all playable species in Dungeons & Dragons. These towering, horned brutes should definitely not be underestimated, and having a Minotaur in your party would likely work wonders in deterring potential bandits.

5 Genasi

10 D&D Species That Should Be

In Dungeons & Dragons, one is not limited to just a single realm. There are multiple unique planes of existence that differ greatly from one another in terms of environment and life forms. As a result, various species can originate directly from a different plane of existence.

Although Genasi are not technically their own species, their classification is sufficient to consider them as playable species. Most Genasi were humans who touched a different plane of existence, resulting in changes to their appearance and biology. Their appearance can also vary depending on their elemental heritage.

4 Aasimar

10 D&D Species That Should

In Dungeons & Dragons, Heaven and Hell are not just concepts. They are real places with their own history and civilizations. As we have seen with the Tieflings, it is not uncommon for someone living in Hell to seek out a place with a little more greenery.

The Aasimar are, in many ways, the opposite of Tieflings. Once humans, they are now champions of Mount Celestia, a divine plane built upon principles of lawfulness. As such, Aasimar embody these ideals and possess the power to enforce them.

3 Warforged

10 D&D Species That

Before Baldur's Gate 3, Larian released Divinity: Original Sin 2. While Larian may have been inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, their own interpretation of the fantasy setting was entirely unique. Nonetheless, it seems that several species from the Divinity series feel right at home in Dungeons & Dragons.

Debuting in the third edition for the Eberron setting, the Warforged are standalone constructs created by the mighty giants of Xen'drik. With their excellent design and unique abilities, the Warforged would be a great addition to the species collection in Baldur's Gate 3.

2 Lizardfolk

10 D&D Species

Many of the species in Dungeons & Dragons are humanoid versions of real animals. There are humanoid lions, hippos, insects, and even turtles. While all of these species are great and would be worthwhile additions to Baldur's Gate 3, lizardfolk definitely rank among the best.

The lizardfolk reside in the swampy lands far away from population centers. They are cold-blooded creatures who vigorously defend their territory. With their ruthless nature and diverse range of colors, the lizardfolk would be an excellent addition to Baldur's Gate 3.

1 Changeling

10 D&D

What sets Larian's RPGs apart from the competition is the level of freedom they provide to players. Larian's game design never restricts you to a few specific solutions for a problem; it gives you the tools to develop your unique solution.

A Dungeons & Dragons species that would be perfect for Baldur's Gate 3 is the shapeshifter. The ability to transform into any species at any time opens up a vast array of entertaining gameplay and problem-solving possibilities.