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10 details that you might have missed in Starfield

The highly anticipated science fiction role-playing game by Bethesda, Starfield, is gaining immense popularity among players who venture into space to...

Luke Plunket Sept 07, 2023
10 details that you might have missed in Starfield

The highly anticipated science fiction role-playing game by Bethesda, Starfield, is gaining immense popularity among players who venture into space to explore everything they can lay their eyes on, even amidst the vast number of planets along the way. However, at times, people become so engrossed in planets and spaceships that they might inadvertently overlook some other intricacies that Bethesda has incorporated into the game.

Trust us, there is a multitude of things for you to discover in the game. Whether it's abandoned landmarks or simply a heartfelt attention to detail, the game is brimming with meticulousness when it comes to the smaller aspects. So, here are a few things that you may have likely missed when it comes to Starfield.

10 The Moon Landing

10 Details You May Have Missed In Starfield

Indeed, we're referring to that moon landing, the first one that took place back in 1969. Although the game is set centuries later in the year 2330, you can still come across remnants of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It's a beautiful nod to an actual space exploration mission and a heartwarming tribute to one of the most iconic endeavors in the history of human astral exploration.

You can discover both the lunar module and the still-standing American flag, the remnants of a historic nation on a planet that has long faced its demise and was once home to the human race.

9 Hours Without Incident

10 Details You May Have Missed In

This is more of a fun detail than anything else, but one that some people may still be unaware of. When you visit Cydonia, you will come across a billboard that reads, "Hours without incident." However, what you probably didn't know is that this is not merely a picturesque backdrop.

If you shoot someone or engage in other hostile actions, the "hours without incident" counter will reset to zero and apparently update in real time since the last, well, incident. It's a nice little detail and also quite humorous.

8 Pyramids Of Egypt

10 Details You May Have Missed

In the time of Starfield, Earth has fallen. It is disheartening to witness the disarray of our civilization's home, even if it may have occurred through natural means. After all, time carries away everything, even something as monumental as the pyramids. You can come across one of the decayed and weathered pyramids that, although still standing, is barely holding on.

It is a chilling reminder of what could eventually happen to our planet, especially as we venture out to explore the stars. However, the fact that the monument still stands is a testament to its magnificence, that it endures even when humans have departed the planet.

7 Don't Use

10 Details You May Have

Throughout the game, you will plunder various weapons and other items, including essential space armor such as helmets. However, there is one helmet you probably wouldn't want to use, primarily because there is a warning message on the band across the front visor that reads "DO NOT USE."

The amusing part is that if you actually decide to defy the advice and put on the helmet, you will discover that the piece of tape covers a portion of your screen, as it is positioned on the visor and obstructs part of your vision. They warned you.

6 The Elder Scroll

10 Details You May

Bethesda loves to incorporate references to its other works in its games, and since Starfield is joining the company's iconic RPG series, it's only fitting to show some love for Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. Well, for the latter, they have done so with what appears to be a literal Elder Scroll.

If you venture to Titan, the moon of Saturn, you can discover a museum where a familiar scroll is housed, described as a scroll of unknown date or origin that has been lost to time.

5 The Empire State Building

10 Details You

It's not just the pyramids that have remained standing on Earth. You may come across a quest where you can actually visit a landmark of New York that has been left behind on the abandoned home planet. There, you will witness the Empire State Building surrounded by the remnants of the once-thriving city it once resided in.

While much of the surrounding region has suffered from desertification, leaving behind mountains of sand, the building still stands. It's a lovely little detail that gives you a sense of where you are on the planet and showcases traces of our past civilization.

4 Extended Warranty

10 Details

It is said that human nature doesn't change. Despite all the different cultures, empires, kingdoms, and countries that have come and gone, people will remain largely the same, and that certainly reflects in the future of Starfield. You may come across spaceships claiming they have been trying to reach you about the extended warranty of your starship.

You should know that those are just scammers (as often happens in real life), and you can easily take care of these annoying fraudsters.

3 Lasers Don't Push You In Zero-G


Since you will be in space, you will also have to contend with various environmental factors, including some planets whose surfaces can be hazardous. Additionally, you will also experience weightlessness, and sometimes that even means you will have to fight in a zero-gravity state.

But a very nice attention to detail is evident here in zero-gravity combat, as ballistic weapons push you back when fired, while laser weapons do not, making them advantageous to use in this situation.

2 The Opportunity Rover

Another lovely little gesture in Starfield and previous space missions is that you can find the Mars Opportunity Rover on the planet, still standing and inactive after it sent its last communications years ago.

It is another beautiful gesture towards what some might consider a less well-known case of human exploration among the stars. It is wonderful to see that the rover has neither been destroyed nor decayed over time, as if it is simply resting from exploring the rest of the planet.

1 The Shard Still Stands

Finally, when it comes to the landmarks left behind on Earth, there is another one - The Shard. It is not only known as the tallest building in the United Kingdom, but also as the tallest building in all of Western Europe. One can understand why this impressive skyscraper still stands despite the abandonment of the planet.

The Shard can be found as part of another quest to discover the landmark of London, where you can eventually uncover the building known as The Shard, the last remaining vestige of the entire United Kingdom on planet Earth.