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10 of the easiest gold trophies in PlayStation games

Achieving trophies should fill players with a sense of personal fulfillment that represents the challenges they have overcome in some of their favorit...

Gina Vivinetto Aug 26, 2023
10 of the easiest gold trophies in PlayStation games

Achieving trophies should fill players with a sense of personal fulfillment that represents the challenges they have overcome in some of their favorite PlayStation games. From the humblest bronze to the intermediate silver, from the esteemed gold to the coveted platinum, this virtual trophy cabinet immortalizes an individual's gaming journey and showcases the games they have persevered through to complete them entirely.

Despite the pride a player should feel when showcasing these virtual boasts to others, there are certain trophies that, contrary to their ranking, are incredibly easy to obtain. As a result, the achiever becomes less interested in presenting these accomplishments to the curious gazes of their peers. Even typically prestigious gold trophies can fall into this category, languishing in the depths of players' PlayStation trophy collections, in a futile attempt to conceal the effortless paths by which they were acquired.

10 I'm A Poor Peasant - Jack N' Jill DX

10 Of The Easiest Gold Trophies In PlayStation Games

As the addictive nature of trophy hunting began to spread throughout the vast realm of gaming, some smaller developers jumped on the bandwagon, releasing games that were rather short and had easily attainable trophies. "My Name Is Mayo" and its numerous sequels are perhaps the most prominent examples of this phenomenon.

One of these games was Jack N' Jill DX, a one-button platformer whose trophy list consists solely of gold trophies. None of the trophies on the list pose a challenge, but for the "I Am a Poor Farmer" trophy, players simply need to collect a coin. Since coins are generously scattered in the first level of the game (there is literally one placed conveniently right before the entry point of Level 1), those aiming to obtain this gold trophy need only make a slight movement of their joystick.

9 Exorcist - Murdered: Soul Suspect

10 Of The Easiest Gold Trophies In PlayStation

Taking on the role of the recently deceased detective Ronan O'Connor, players assume the mantle of Murdered: Soul Suspect, tasked with unraveling their own murder as they explore present-day Salem, Massachusetts. The final project from Airtight Games, Murdered: Soul Suspect, offers a surprising array of gameplay mechanics and a trophy list that does not deviate from the norm.

With that being said, players are unexpectedly greeted early on their journey by the sudden appearance of the golden trophy "Exorcist." It is impossible for players to miss achieving this trophy, as it is tied to the required defeat of a demon in the storyline and merely necessitates a brief Quick-Time Event to be completed.

8 Collateral Damage - The Order: 1886

10 Of The Easiest Gold Trophies In

The game "The Order: 1886" from 2015 brings together a multitude of diverse elements in its melting pot: Victorian London, Steampunk aesthetics, the Arthurian legend, and a plethora of werewolves. As Sir Galahad of the Round Table, players traverse the London of the Industrial Revolution, triumphing over beasts with advanced weapons created by the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla.

"The Order: 1886" also boasts a pleasingly straightforward trophy list for those looking to expand their collections. The golden trophy "Collateral Damage" challenges players to kill three enemies with a single explosion. Although this may appear complex on paper, it becomes a walk in the park due to the enemies' AI, as they tend to gather around explosive barrels during firefights.

7 A Place You Could Call Home - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

10 Of The Easiest Gold Trophies

To demonstrate that even "AAA" games are not exempt from including extremely easy golden trophies, Respawn Entertainment brings back Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, featuring Jedi Cal Kestis and his loyal droid BD-1. Still on the run from Imperial Inquisitors, Kestis reunites with old friends and uncovers ancient secrets as he travels across the galaxy.

The reason why the trophy "A Place You Could Call Home" is simple enough is that it requires the completion of the main story. With the versatile combat system and captivating narrative of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor by their side, players will attain this golden trophy faster than they can imagine.

6 Launch Date - Spyro Reignited Trilogy

10 Of The Easiest Gold

After taking care of Spyro in the Skylanders series for five years, developer studio Toys For Bob took over the remake of the highly acclaimed Spyro game series originally created by Insomniac Games in 2018. Fans of the little purple dragon were thrilled to once again engage with the series' distinctive gliding, attacking, and fire-breathing actions.

As a remake of three games, the trophy "First Date" appears in the "Tree Tops" level of the first game, Spyro the Dragon, challenging players to utilize every available Supercharge ramp. It will serve as a quick and enjoyable addition to players' virtual collections, especially for those who have a history with the original games.

5 Baby Steps - 36 Fragments Of Midnight

10 Of The Easiest

"36 Fragments of Midnight" is a puzzle-platformer in which players take on the role of a small white cube, whose objective is to collect fragments in a procedurally generated world. Apart from the core concept, this platformer is not a challenging affair for most players with a basic understanding of the genre, and this ease also translates to the trophies.

In a trophy list full of easy achievements, the trophy "Baby Steps" stands out due to its painfully simple requirement: obtain a fragment. Since every time a new game is started, a fragment is located to the right of the player character, players wouldn't be able to miss it even if they tried with all their might.

4 Iris - Virginia

10 Of The

Strongly inspired by unconventional crime TV series like Twin Peaks and The X-Files, Virginia is a love letter from developer Variable State to the genre. In Virginia, players experience the story through the eyes of young FBI agent Anne Tarver, immersing themselves in a purely visual narrative centered around the disappearance of a young boy in Kingdom, Virginia.

As it is an experimental game, the trophy description for "Iris" is cryptic at best. However, the main objective is essentially to find two specific objects throughout the game, and as long as the player takes their time to explore the visually unique world, they will stumble upon the necessary items without any difficulty.

3 Obscure Dissident - Black The Fall

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The description "Eyes Wide Open" is the only clue given to players of the game Black The Fall from 2017 as they attempt to achieve the golden trophy "Obscure Dissident." Set against the backdrop of a dystopian alternate Romania and heavily inspired by the real Romanian Revolution, players take on the role of a character navigating through a dark industrial factory, aiming to escape their oppressive existence.

Despite the cryptic trophy description, obtaining "Obscure Dissident" is actually quite easy. When players are confronted by a security officer blocking their path out of the factory, they have two alternative routes available to them. If they choose the lower path and use the steam as cover, a shiny new gold trophy awaits them.

2 Awake, Dear Heart - Life Is Strange


The Life Is Strange series began in 2015 with its eponymous first episode and has since captivated players with its gripping and often poignant stories influenced by player choices. As the sole prequel in the series, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm focuses on the protagonist Chloe Price, navigating the challenges of coming of age in the peaceful town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, three years before the events of Life Is Strange.

The trophy "Awaken, dear heart" requires players to complete the first episode of the game, which corresponds to approximately 90-120 minutes of gameplay. The journey to obtain this trophy will be enjoyable for players as they can utilize this time to engage in the game's unique "Backtalk" mechanic, allowing Chloe to exchange selected words with NPCs.

1 Character Sheet Elite - South Park: The Fractured But Whole

As can be inferred from the title of the game "South Park: The Fractured But Whole," it stays true to the roots of the highly successful and long-running animated television series of the same name by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Taking control of the "New Kid" one day after the events of "South Park: The Stick of Truth," players find themselves in a plethora of uncensored and absurd situations (most of which are not suitable for printing) and interact with various characters from the series.

At first glance, the requirements for the "Character Sheet Elite" trophy may seem lengthy, as the player needs to maximize five titles in their character sheet. However, upon closer examination of the achievements needed for this task, it ultimately boils down to organically completing the game, allowing players the opportunity to fully enjoy the wonderfully satirical and unabashed world of the game.