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10 Remaining Questions We Have After the End of "It Takes Two"

"It Takes Two" is a wild co-op adventure where players engage in an unconventional couples therapy session for hours. Throughout the journey, we learn...

Jennifer Jett Aug 30, 2023
10 Remaining Questions We Have After the End of "It Takes Two"

"It Takes Two" is a wild co-op adventure where players engage in an unconventional couples therapy session for hours. Throughout the journey, we learn a lot about Cody and May, the couple on the brink of divorce, and what is straining their relationship.

The story is quite captivating as it focuses on how these two must work together, even as they fall out of love. While they are at the center of the story, their daughter Rose and many different characters also have an impact on the plot. However, after the game is completed, some questions remain unanswered.

Updated on August 30, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: As new players continue to enjoy It Takes Two and find joy in this touching cooperative puzzle game, we wanted to revisit our list of questions we had at the end of It Takes Two to make sure we haven't overlooked anything essential.

10 Will May Make More Time For Her Family?

10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of It Takes Two

Although the exact details of her job are unclear, it becomes clear throughout the game that May is an engineer - and a very busy one at that, as she spends a significant portion of her time at work, taking care of her family. However, this also means that she doesn't spend much time at home.

This is one of the things that have strained her relationship with Cody and also led to her missing out on Rose's childhood. May clearly recognizes this fact during the adventure. However, it is never mentioned whether she can or will have more free time after the events of the game. If she continues to have the same work schedule, the family's issues will not be fully resolved.

9 How Much Of Each Level Exists In Reality?

10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of It Takes

There appears to be a significant amount of magic involved in the story of It Takes Two, but it is never fully established how much power Dr. Hakim possesses and what he is capable of doing. This raises the question about the nature of each level.

The environments exist somewhat in reality, as they are locations within the family's property, such as the tree, Rose's room, and the snow globe. However, the interiors of most of them are too large and detailed to be real. Therefore, it is justified to assume that not everything is real, but how much of it is?

8 How Long Did May And Cody’s Adventure Last?

10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of It

When May and Cody turn into dolls, their human forms don't cease to exist. Instead, their bodies remain comatose, waiting for the dolls to complete their adventure. According to HowLongToBeat, this waiting time takes about 13 hours in real-time, but how long does it take in the game?

If it's also 13 hours, Rose should be concerned that her parents haven't moved for such a long time, especially her father, who has been sitting upright in his chair the whole time. Additionally, it is still daytime when the protagonists turn back into humans. Unless it is already the next day and Rose is not worried, then their adventure probably doesn't match real-time. How long exactly do they spend as dolls?

7 Did The Inanimate Objects Have Real Emotions/Personalities?

10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of

In the game, Cody and May's adventure as tiny dolls on their estate involves interactions with various household objects, ranging from a hammer to their daughter's beloved stuffed baboon. However, one thing that is not clearly explained throughout the game is how all these objects gained consciousness and developed such rich personalities.

Did Dr. Hakim, the book that guided Cody and May on their journey, imbue these objects with emotions? Or were they always there, but Cody and May never realized it as humans? Yes, players should be willing to suspend disbelief, but it would have been nice to learn more about how these things were able to speak and feel as they did in the game.

6 What Will The Squirrels And Wasps Do Now?

10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End

An absolute highlight in the game is the sequence where Cody and May help the squirrels who live in their trees and are at war with the wasps. Towards the end of the level, Cody and May defeat the wasp queen, only to discover that she was actually a harmless bumblebee controlling a giant queen mech and ruling over the wasps.

In their efforts to protect the bumblebee, Cody and May betray the squirrels by ensuring the bee's safety. After a long chase, including a fight between May and the squirrel leader, they manage to escape the pack. While the couple progresses in their story, we never get to see whether the squirrels and wasps were able to resolve their differences.

5 How Much Did They Affect Reality?

10 Lingering Questions We Have After The

This brings us back to the willingness to suspend disbelief, but there are moments in the game where specific things happen that Rose will witness, such as Cody and May destroying Cutie the Elephant and the grandfather clock getting "repaired" from the inside.

To what extent did their actions as dolls alter reality? For example, when it comes to the wasps, did they actually kill a lot of them, or were those just illusions? With all the explosions and fires during the adventure, were any of their real belongings destroyed in the process?

4 Where Was Rose Planning To Go?

10 Lingering Questions We Have After

It is common for children to make threats to leave the house and never come back. However, especially when they are very young, they often only take a few steps outside the door before running back inside. However, Rose actually made it to the bus stop and seemed very prepared to leave her parents behind.

Fortunately, Cody and May manage to reach Rose in time before the bus arrives, after breaking free from their trance. Not that children of Rose's age have incredibly detailed plans when they do something like this, but where exactly did she expect to arrive? What was the ultimate goal, aside from leaving her parents because she felt burdened by them?

3 Do The Dolls Still Exist?

10 Lingering Questions We Have

At the beginning of the game, we see the dolls that Rose made, meant to represent her two parents. This led to Cody and May turning into those dolls and being stuck in them until they "repaired" their relationship. After they were able to return to their human forms, we never get to see where the two dolls ultimately ended up when all was said and done.

One could assume that they are on the attic since that's where the final showdown took place. However, given the blurred boundaries of reality, there is a possibility that the dolls are still in Rose's room. As for whether they will have any bruises or dents considering all the chaos they went through, it is uncertain.

2 Are There More Dr. Hakims Out There?

10 Lingering Questions We

Rose somehow came into possession of a "Book of Love" from Dr. Hakim, a person one would assume to be a human giving love advice. However, it turns out that Dr. Hakim was the book itself, and the advice was presented to the couple in the form of a 3D platformer around their house.

However, it is very likely that Rose's copy of the book was not the only one in this world. Therefore, the question arises: How many Dr. Hakims are there? How many couples also go through these "lessons" in the universe beyond Cody and May? Is the world destined to be guided by this conscious book?

1 So Are They Together Or What?

10 Lingering Questions

The finale of the game shows May and Cody embracing in a kiss, which ultimately leads to breaking the spell that kept them trapped in their doll bodies. Therefore, one could assume that the journey to repair their relationship has been successful.

However, after returning to their human forms, the couple did not explicitly state that they will stay together - they only told Rose that they will always love her no matter what happens. Does this mean that despite everything they have been through, the couple might actually go their separate ways? The ambiguity is not necessarily a bad way to conclude things, but an answer would have been nice as well.