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10 Skyrim characters that reminded me that I'm playing a video game

More than a decade after its release, Skyrim continues to impress RPG fans like you with its ability to captivate you. It's easy to say that the game ...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 15, 2023
10 Skyrim characters that reminded me that I'm playing a video game

More than a decade after its release, Skyrim continues to impress RPG fans like you with its ability to captivate you. It's easy to say that the game is a masterpiece, but its numerous re-releases already speak for themselves. Therefore, it is worthwhile to point out all the intricacies of the game world that are included in the game.

Throughout Skyrim, there is a variety of fantastic characters and NPCs, but a solid group of them is ready to remind you that you are playing a fantasy RPG. Whether it's an exaggerated explainer, a classic fantasy character, or someone who is simply peculiar, Skyrim often reminds me that I am still playing a video game.

10 The Guards

10 Skyrim Characters That Reminded Me I Was Playing A Video Game

Let's be honest, the many stylish guards of Skyrim belong to a completely different class. These guys practically run up to you just to deliver some of the most iconic cheesy lines in the most ridiculous way possible, and we absolutely love it.

That being said, as soon as I see these guys, I'm just waiting to hear the line about an arrow to the knee or the classic and unnecessarily cheeky remark about someone stealing my sweet rolls. I don't know who decided that these guards needed so much personality, and even though it takes me out of the game, it's far from any kind of complaint.

9 Grelod The Kind

10 Skyrim Characters That Reminded Me I Was Playing A Video

Grelod the Kind is a darkly comedic character in Skyrim, although that certainly doesn't include her actions. The name alone makes her sound like an angel, but anyone who has played Skyrim knows how despicable this woman is towards the unfortunate souls who end up under her care at the Riften Orphanage.

Her actions are nothing to laugh about, but how quickly you can mete out justice to this lady through cold-blooded murder, and then the children come in and celebrate, just makes me smirk. It may be a realistic reaction in that situation, but the creepy laughter of the children absolutely reminds me of the absurdly great game I'm playing right now.

8 Ralof

10 Skyrim Characters That Reminded Me I Was Playing A

Admittedly, Ralof really just reminds me that I'm playing a game because his opening line has been completely destroyed by all the memes he was involved in. This funny Nord has many positive qualities, but he will forever be associated only with the beginning of Skyrim and nothing more.

It can be seen as either a good or bad thing, but all the creativity people put into that classic moment of "Hey, you. You're finally awake" is just brilliant. It pulls me out of the game so much that I forget my character is on their way to execution.

7 Cicero

10 Skyrim Characters That Reminded Me I Was Playing

Cicero is one of the most memorable characters from Skyrim and one of the best parts of the consistently convoluted Dark Brotherhood questline, but the bizarre court jester pulls me out of the game every time he speaks. He is just so exaggerated and stereotypically evil that the entire questline becomes somewhat predictable right from the first moment you encounter him.

He sounds crazy enough to be reminiscent of a cartoon character, and not necessarily in a positive way. In a game that strives for immersion, Cicero was a somewhat peculiar twist, even though he ultimately becomes one of the better characters in it.

6 Lydia

10 Skyrim Characters That Reminded Me I Was

When it comes to companions, Lydia could be one of the most memorable in terms of the base game. Thanks to a fairly straightforward questline, she becomes bound to your character and forced to carry all the equipment you don't want – uh, I mean, she will carry your burdens.

Her dialogue is so blunt, it hurts. I don't need someone commenting on how desperately I need something when my Skyrim character is picking up a wheel of cheese - it just reminds me that I'm actually being followed by a silly yet dependable NPC.

5 Babette

10 Skyrim Characters That Reminded Me I

A young girl, an assassin, and a vampire all enter a bar, the only problem is that only Babette actually goes in. This peculiar girl whom you will encounter during the events of the Dark Brotherhood just reminds you that you're playing a game.

Her personality isn't as exaggerated as some of the others on this list, but it's always strange to see a vampiric child. Plus, she happens to be a master in alchemy, probably not in the field of healing, which raises so many questions that it just pulls me out of the game.

4 Sheogorath

10 Skyrim Characters That Reminded Me

Any character who is actually a Daedric Prince will inevitably be at least a little bit strange. Sheogorath takes it a step further and effortlessly jumps over the line that marks a bit strange, landing as one of the most peculiar characters in gaming.

The fact that Sheogorath takes a vacation in someone's mind is already strange, but combined with the fact that you obtain the Wabbajack and find him during tea time, it draws too many parallels to other media to ignore. Go in, steal the guy's wheel of cheese, and marvel at his two-colored suit.

3 M’aiq The Liar

10 Skyrim Characters That Reminded

The good old M'aiq the Liar has been present in the series for much longer than necessary. This silly little liar is a delight every time you see him, but all the strange false facts he shares and the fact that he speaks like The Rock make it clear that he is a game character.

Even though the liar claimed to have visited High Hrothgar, I am inclined to believe him, for I am certain he would gladly spread his highly specific brand of truth about the land below to all the Greybeards.

2 Ulfric Stormcloak

10 Skyrim Characters That

Ulfric Stormcloak is an important figure in Skyrim, especially in the fight against the Empire, but his significance may be somewhat exaggerated. Although he is theoretically a fearsome foe, the guy spends most of his time on one of the most uncomfortable thrones of all time, with one hand on his chin.

He can claim to be busy all he wants, but he's just sitting there waiting for you to run around everywhere. Not to mention, without you, who was ready for execution, he would have been done for a long time ago.

1 Nazeem

10 Skyrim Characters

I bet most people would agree when it comes to Nazeem because he's basically the equivalent of an old '80s bully in the schoolyard. He's an idiot who thinks he's much better than he actually is, even though no one of importance ever talks about him, and yet he finds the time to belittle the Dragonborn.

It's delightful to follow him as he interacts with the market, where you often encounter him, as everyone basically dismisses him as if they're used to his attitude. He's just such a random and unique character in the game that it's hard to believe you're meeting someone like him for the first time.