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12 Best Space Mods in Minecraft

Everyone knows that in Minecraft, you can create anything you want, and everyone also knows that the worlds you can explore are enormous. Despite all ...

Austin Wood Sept 04, 2023
12 Best Space Mods in Minecraft

Everyone knows that in Minecraft, you can create anything you want, and everyone also knows that the worlds you can explore are enormous. Despite all the fascination that comes with exploring the base game, some players may want to bring the atmosphere of their favorite sci-fi games into this vast sandbox.

Practically everyone loves space for some reason, so it's a must to add a few mods to Minecraft to enable this space experience. While you won't be playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic exactly, with a few mods, you can capture a similar adventurous spirit and benefit from some excellent fan creations.

Updated on September 4, 2023, by Jacqueline Zalace: The idea of space exploration is enticing even within Minecraft. We have added some more mods to this list for space exploration, providing you with plenty of content to play through.

12 Starflight Innovation

12 Best Space Mods In Minecraft

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If you want to incorporate a bit of Kerbal Space Program and other space simulation games into your Minecraft experience, the Starflight Innovation mod is a good choice. Essentially, this mod allows you to take on the challenging task of rocket building.

This mod is by no means easy, so it's best to give it a try if you're looking for a little challenge. Those who can create something truly special might embark on a trip to the Moon or even Mars.

11 Galaxies: Parziā€™s Star Wars Mod

12 Best Space Mods In

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When it comes to space mods, Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod may be one of the most impressive ones you can find. Anyone looking for space-related content most likely loves some Star Wars, and that's exactly what this mod abundantly provides. The mod advertises itself as the ultimate Star Wars experience in Minecraft, and it's hard to argue against that.

The level of customization and exploration that this mod offers surpasses many others. It's worth experiencing the impressive marvels of this mod, even if you're not a big Star Wars fan, as you'll still end up with a fantastic science fiction experience.

10 Ender Space

12 Best Space Mods

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Surprisingly, there are many players who dislike exploring The End in Minecraft. This simple little mod will add a touch of space to the location by transforming it into a much more moon-like environment.

Ender Space adds a low gravity effect while you explore the world, but you still need to be cautious as fall damage is not disabled. Additionally, you have an oxygen meter, which means you can only explore the location for a certain amount of time before needing to retreat and regroup.

9 Beyond Earth

12 Best Space

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While it's incredibly cool to explore space to discover new planets, Beyond Earth allows for another step by letting you establish your own space stations as well. There is a variety of planets to explore and a range of unique ships to research them with.

The mod also features a unique gravity mechanic that adds an additional level of detail while exploring the cosmos. For someone interested in discovering new worlds to establish bases on and explore, it's hard to find a better mod.

8 Spyglass Astronomy

12 Best

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While many players seek action-packed mods to enhance their Minecraft experience, some people may be interested in a more relaxed and visually appealing experience. That's where the Spyglass Astronomy mod comes into play.

The entire purpose of this mod is to help you immerse yourself deeper into your world and allow you to gaze at the many stars and planets in the sky. You can create constellations and even name entire stars and planets, which is fantastic for astronomy enthusiasts.

7 The Galaxiest Mod


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If you're interested in nothing but a wild space exploration adventure, this mod is just right for you. The Galaxiest mod adds two complete solar systems with ten different planets to the game, which you can discover and explore at your leisure.

While many mods feature simple planets that remain largely unchanged, this mod offers some vibrant and unique worlds. The excellent use of colors on different planets gives each one a sense of exploring an alien world all by yourself. If you're a devoted Minecraft player, you'll find yourself immersed in exploring each world for hours on end.

6 Space Dimensions

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Another great mod that offers many incredible worlds to explore and fantastic vehicles is Space Dimensions. It will greatly expand Minecraft for you. You can explore some of the usual planets like the Moon and Mars, but there are also unique ones like Titan and Ganymede.

You will also be able to fly with a rocket, but there are many other vehicles as well. You can try out mining vehicles, hoverbikes, submarines, and even a cloud shuttle. There are countless possibilities to explore new worlds in previously unimaginable ways.

5 Custom Stars

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It's easy to get lost in a flood of space exploration and rocket-building mods, overlooking some of the many mods that enhance the core Minecraft experience through simple changes. The "Custom Stars" mod is a great choice for someone who wants just a simple improvement related to space.

Essentially, the mod allows you to decide how starry your night sky will be. It may not provide extra gameplay hours, but it can definitely enhance the beauty of nighttime exploration in Minecraft. With all these additional stars, you might have a little less worry about being caught off guard by a wandering Creeper.

4 Space Station

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Exploring alien planets is a lot of fun, but the idea of visiting a space station zooming around somewhere in space is fascinating as well. That's exactly what this entertaining little mod allows you to do: visit a space station.

You can upgrade and decorate the station as you please, and there are also a variety of activities you can do up there. Various new resources are included, so there's plenty to discover with this fantastic space mod.

3 Create: Astral

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The Create mod is one of the most well-known Minecraft mods and provides access to various types of energy and technology. The mod primarily focuses on activities on the Earth's surface, but with Create: Astral, you can venture into the stars.

Create: Astral offers you the tools from the original Create mod as well as several planets to explore. By exploring more and more locations, new content is unlocked, allowing you to travel even further through the universe.

2 WarpDrive

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WarpDrive is a classic science fiction mod inspired by Star Trek as well as several other popular science fiction works (yes, including Doctor Who). With this mod, you can build a ship and then use your Warp Drive to travel through the galaxy.

In addition to exploration, you can also engage in space battles and use laser beams. If the battle becomes too difficult, jump into hyperspace and find a new planet to seek refuge there!

1 Advanced Rocketry

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Lastly, we have Advanced Rocketry. This mod is another option that has vibes similar to Kerbal Space Program, including the assembly of rockets. In addition to that, you can visit other planets, mine asteroid belts, and travel to distant space stations.

The Advanced Rocketry website is full of helpful tutorials in case you lose track while playing. Fortunately, Advanced Rocketry is compatible with other space mods, allowing you to customize your astronaut experience.