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13 Horror Games With Multiple Endings

In the vast majority of horror games, the objective is to endure and overcome a menacing threat in order to liberate yourself from the harrowing circu...

Claire Jackson Sept 28, 2023
13 Horror Games With Multiple Endings

In the vast majority of horror games, the objective is to endure and overcome a menacing threat in order to liberate yourself from the harrowing circumstances you are entangled in. Typically, these games offer only a solitary "favorable" conclusion, while failing to accomplish this predetermined outcome leads to a game over. Nevertheless, certain horror titles defy this expectation by providing the opportunity to attain various alternative endings.

Within certain horror encounters, the utilization of multiple endings serves as a mechanism to delve into the consequences of different choices one might make. Some endings are intentionally crafted to evoke comedic impact, while others provide fresh insights and contribute to the intricate lore of the game.

Last updated on September 27, 2023, by Casey Foot: Immersive horror games that place the outcome of the narrative in your hands foster a captivating experience and prompt thoughtful consideration of your choices, particularly when aiming for a particular conclusion. The enjoyment is amplified when replaying these games, as you unlock diverse scenes and dialogues, providing a compelling incentive to revisit them. We have included several additional titles to this list, ensuring a broader selection of these engaging experiences for you to explore.

Beware of spoilers about all these games' endings!

13 The Quarry

13 Horror Games With Multiple Endings

In a fashion reminiscent of classic teen horror films, The Quarry portrays the plight of a group of camp counselors who find themselves compelled to stay an additional night at Hackett's Quarry. Unbeknownst to them, the premises conceal lurking werewolves, hungering for blood under the cover of night.

The Quarry offers a gameplay experience that revolves around choices, ultimately influencing the main endings you can attain. With its interactive nature, the game presents numerous possibilities for achieving a variety of endings. The outcome depends on factors such as your ability to unravel the story through evidence, your success in preserving the lives of the characters, and your ability to permanently break the werewolf curse.

12 Spirit Hunter: Death Mark

13 Horror Games With Multiple

In Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, the main character finds themselves inexplicably transported to the entrance of Kujou Mansion, marked by a peculiar scar on their arm. The protagonist soon unravels the unsettling truth that this mark is a cursed symbol, foretelling an impending death and accompanied by the gradual loss of their memories.

Death Mark combines the elements of visual novel and adventure gameplay. At the conclusion of each chapter, you engage in turn-based battles against spirits, offering you the choice to either destroy or purify them. By successfully purifying the spirits, you unlock the path to the good ending, whereas failing to purify all spirits will result in the bad ending.

11 The Forest Of Drizzling Rain

13 Horror Games With

Upon stumbling upon a photograph featuring her deceased parents, her younger self, and an unfamiliar older gentleman in Azakawa Village, Shiori Kanzaki resolves to embark on a journey to the village. Her intention is to delve deeper into her own childhood and unravel the mysteries surrounding her family's history.

The Forest of Drizzling Rain offers five distinct endings that can be unlocked based on your choices regarding the completion of the Nightstone or Casket events within the game. Fortunately, it is possible to witness all of these endings in a single playthrough by strategically saving at a specific point and utilizing different save files. Furthermore, for those dedicated enough to acquire all the endings, an additional ending can be unlocked as a rewarding bonus.

10 Detention

13 Horror Games

Set in 1960s Taiwan during the era of the White Terror, the point-and-click game Detention immerses players in a narrative that intertwines with the historical atrocities of that time. It skillfully weaves together elements of Taiwanese culture and mythology, incorporating references that enrich the storytelling experience.

Detention offers two possible endings that players can achieve. The "good" ending entails Fang Ray Shin accepting and coming to terms with the events of her past, enabling her to move forward. On the other hand, the "bad" ending depicts Ray's inability to achieve such acceptance. Both endings carry significant weight, but the good ending is particularly fitting as it provides a concise resolution to Ray's character arc.

9 Layers Of Fear

13 Horror

In Layers of Fear, you assume the role of a tormented artist grappling with the daunting task of finishing a painting. Through your exploration of the mansion, the game's setting, you gradually uncover the enigmatic secrets of the painter's troubled past. Depending on your choices and actions throughout the game, Layers of Fear presents three distinct endings that can be attained, each offering a unique outcome to your journey.

Each of these endings delves into the depths of the painter's psyche, with the fate of his painting hinging on the choices you make. In the 'Loop' ending, the painter successfully finishes the artwork, but the final piece takes on a more sinister and ominous quality than he may have initially intended.

8 Amnesia: The Dark Descent


In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you embark on an exploration of Brennenburg Castle, gradually unraveling the enigmatic details of Daniel's past and his fragmented memories as you navigate the shadowy corridors and chambers. Devoid of any means to defend yourself against the menacing monsters within the game, you must rely on stealth to evade them, strategically utilizing furniture as hiding places to ensure your survival.

The game offers three possible endings that are determined by the choices you make during a critical moment in the final area of the game. Additionally, there is a hidden fourth ending that can be unlocked by waiting in the cell after being imprisoned. In this ending, Daniel succumbs to the Shadow and is haunted by the voices of those he sacrificed.

7 Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2, the second installment in the Silent Hill series, departs from the occult-focused narrative of the original game and instead places a greater emphasis on the psychological aspects that define the series. Within this game, there are three primary endings that can be achieved, accompanied by an additional three alternative endings.

The endings of Silent Hill 2 hold significant impact, as each of the main endings revolves around James Sunderland's emotional response to his actions regarding his wife, Mary. For instance, if you display more recklessness throughout your playthrough, you are more likely to achieve the "In Water" ending. Conversely, if you portray James as someone who desires survival, you are more likely to obtain the "Leave" ending.

Silent Hill 2 does not have a canon ending, which means that the ending you receive in your playthrough is considered the "true" ending for that particular gameplay experience.

6 Nun Massacre

As the title suggests, Nun Massacre is a survival horror game in which you find yourself pursued by a murderous nun. The story revolves around receiving a letter informing you that your daughter has fallen ill at boarding school, prompting you to go and retrieve her. However, upon arrival, you become the target of the relentless nun. The game features five primary endings that determine the fate of Mrs. McDonnell, the protagonist.

Although the game may appear campy at first glance, it also delves into darker themes, which are further explored in its endings. For instance, in Ending A, Mrs. McDonnell experiences profound guilt over sending her daughter to the boarding school and ends up digging herself a grave. Whether Mrs. McDonnell finds forgiveness within herself or not is determined by the specific ending you achieve.

5 Mundaun

Mundaun's hand-drawn aesthetic creates a chilling atmosphere for this folk horror game, as you explore the unsettling titular town. With five potential endings, Mundaun entices players to replay the game in order to experience all the unique offerings it has in store.

Mundaun's relatively short duration ensures that each of its endings is worth pursuing. The game avoids steering you towards a specific "canon" outcome, allowing you to decide which ending resonates with you the most. It's up to you to determine whether you want to alter the past or confront the present as you make your decision within the game.

4 Resident Evil

The original game of the Resident Evil series marked its inception, offering players the choice to play as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. As you delve into an abandoned mansion teeming with zombies, Resident Evil presents various decisions throughout the gameplay that ultimately influence the ending you will achieve. Beyond the initial character selection, these choices shape the outcome of your journey.

Many of these endings hinge on your ability to keep the characters alive, and the optimal endings in both Chris' and Jill's routes necessitate saving both your partner and a team member who is trapped in the lab. Successfully rescuing and preserving the lives of these individuals is crucial for attaining the best possible ending in each character's storyline.

3 Until Dawn

The interactive horror game Until Dawn places great importance on the choices you make, as they directly impact which characters survive the night on Blackwood Mountain. While the game's endings do not differ significantly in terms of the overall narrative, obtaining the "good" ending requires ensuring the survival of every character. This task can be challenging on a first playthrough, as it necessitates making perfect choices throughout the game.

Apart from the good ending, Until Dawn also features a "worst" ending in which no characters manage to survive. However, achieving this ending is highly unlikely unless you exhibit exceptionally reckless behavior throughout the game.

2 Oxenfree

Oxenfree is a supernatural horror game that revolves around a group of teenagers. After their visit to Edwards Island, they encounter anomalies from the island's past. The game offers multiple endings, which are determined by the dialogue choices you make and the actions you take during gameplay. These endings can range from something as straightforward as damaging a friendship with another character to more significant outcomes directly linked to the fates of the characters themselves.

The various endings in Oxenfree enhance its replayability, as you need to play the game multiple times in order to unlock them all and uncover all the mysteries surrounding Edwards Island. This encourages players to engage in multiple playthroughs to fully explore the different narrative possibilities and delve deeper into the game's secrets.

1 Clock Tower: The First Fear

Taking inspiration from the films of Dario Argento, Clock Tower: The First Fear boasts a staggering total of nine distinct endings that can be attained. To experience all that the game has to offer, players must engage in multiple playthroughs, unraveling the various narrative paths and outcomes available.

Among these endings, there are significant variations, and the worst ending depicts Jennifer escaping the mansion in a car, only to find the antagonist, Bobby Barrows, lurking in the backseat with his menacing giant scissors. Jennifer's survival is only guaranteed in endings S, A, B, and C, making them the most favorable and desirable outcomes to strive for.