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15 Games to Play If You Like Death's Door

Death's Door is a magnificent gem of the indie scene, offering a thought-provoking exploration, a profound combat system, a mysterious narrative, and ...

Austin Wood Sept 11, 2023
15 Games to Play If You Like Death's Door

Death's Door is a magnificent gem of the indie scene, offering a thought-provoking exploration, a profound combat system, a mysterious narrative, and a gratifying gameplay mechanics. In Death's Door, you assume the role of a soul-reaping crow, traversing diverse environments to harvest the souls of those who are ready to depart this world. This game stands as a standalone masterpiece, yet it also serves as a heartfelt homage to classic action-adventure and exploration titles.

For players seeking a similar experience to quench their thirst for a Death's Door-like gaming experience, there is a plethora of titles to choose from. From classic Nintendo titles to more obscure games, the action-adventure genre offers an abundance of diversity in terms of style, narrative, and content. The following games are sure to appeal to you if you enjoyed Death's Door.

Updated on September 11, 2023, by Cameron Miller: Day by day, new individuals venture into Death's Door, and perhaps you are seeking even more games that play similarly. Whether it be a near-perfect replica or a game that embodies similar styles and themes, there is a multitude of fantastic games for you to try if you love Death's Door.

15 The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Remake)

15 Games To Play If You Like Death

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, especially the remake for Nintendo Switch, is a perfect game for fans of isometric action-adventure fun. This completely redesigned version of the original Link's Awakening is brimming with Zelda charm, challenging puzzle-solving, and thrilling exploration.

The major allure of this game lies in its meticulously crafted dungeons, where Link must solve intricate puzzles. The combat system in this game is action-oriented, and depending on the enemy, you have an array of tools at your disposal to keep in your arsenal. Link's Awakening is a classic Nintendo game, and this remake deserves your time and attention.

14 Hades

15 Games To Play If You Like Death

Hades is undoubtedly one of the finest isometric action-adventure titles and simultaneously a fantastic roguelike game. The narrative takes center stage in Hades as you play the prince of the underworld, striving to escape his infernal abode. There is a reason why Hades is spoken of so fondly, particularly due to its frantic and thoughtfully crafted action-packed combat and its explorable chambers.

Hades is a pure gem of the indie scene, showcasing highly polished visuals and gameplay. Adding to its appeal are the multitude of upgrades and abilities that continuously evolve your playstyle. If you are seeking both style and substance, Hades should not be overlooked.

13 Tunic

15 Games To Play If You Like

If you're looking for a game that resembles Death's Door and leans more towards the Zelda style rather than the Dark Souls style, Tunic is an excellent choice. This fantastic indie adventure allows you to control a small fox as you explore the secrets of the world to uncover what is happening.

The combat system in Tunic should feel familiar to fans of Death's Door, while its visual style appeals more to those who enjoy colorful games. Tunic can also feel much more forgiving than other games of the same style, making it a great choice for players of all skill levels.

12 Victor Vran

15 Games To Play If You

Victor Vran is a dark, gothic, and atmospheric action role-playing game in which the titular Victor Vran, a demon and vampire hunter, must roam the land to defeat the eerie denizens of the night. What sets Victor Vran apart from the competition are the diverse and thrilling upgrades and equipment items that you can discover during your explorations.

The sheer amount of weapons and abilities in Victor Vran is breathtaking. Just when you start to feel comfortable battling the eerie creatures in this world, a new equipment set or ability will emerge to spice up the gameplay. The narrative here is also rooted in dark fantasy, offering ample doses of black humor.

11 Hyper Light Drifter

15 Games To Play If

Hyper Light Drifter offers a different gameplay experience, opting instead for a 2D retro style, but it should still provide plenty of fun for fans of Death's Door. You will love the game even more if you are a fan of pixel art and engaging gameplay.

The game primarily challenges you to explore the world and discover what is happening through gameplay. This should not be a problem for those who have played Death's Door. This game can be surprisingly tricky, so be prepared for what may sometimes feel like a demanding challenge.

10 Blue Fire

15 Games To Play

Blue Fire is a classic 3D action-adventure title that offers plenty of combat, dungeons, puzzles, and even platforming sections. The game takes place in the dying world of Penumbra, and you are tasked with exploring every nook and cranny to progress. What sets Blue Fire apart is its kinetic movement system, which evolves with each new upgrade.

If you enjoy a darker variation of the action-adventure genre, then you will greatly appreciate Blue Fire. Some of the platforming sections can be downright ruthless. Overcoming a devious puzzle or defeating one of the many bosses in the game provides an immense sense of satisfaction, especially as it unlocks new abilities for your hero.

9 Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

15 Games To

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is a dark fantasy action role-playing game that offers numerous real-time combat scenarios, upgrades, and light exploration. In this game, you can also join forces with other players for local or online co-op, so you don't have to venture alone into this created D&D world.

One of the best parts of Dark Alliance is that you can encounter legendary monsters and creatures from the entire D&D universe. Fans of action-adventure games with RPG elements will undoubtedly enjoy immersing themselves in this game, especially if they have one or two friends to join them.

8 Path Of Exile

15 Games

Path of Exile is set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast and is a love letter to games like Diablo and Baldur's Gate. Path of Exile allows players to create a highly customizable character who must grow stronger, acquire new abilities, weapons, and skills in order to seek revenge.

Interestingly, Path of Exile is a free gaming experience, so there is no reason not to give this game a chance. The story here can be quite dark and chilling, almost resembling a horror game. Although there isn't much puzzle-solving, you will progress through combat and exploration.

7 Unsighted


This fantastic Metroidvania game came out of nowhere and has surprised people. With one of the best art styles found in this game genre, Unsighted starts off seemingly simple but becomes increasingly complex with its themes.

The combat in the game may initially seem a bit too simple for some, but it's something worth adapting to in order to fully experience the game, especially since some mechanics may appear quite advanced for newcomers to gaming.

6 Biomutant

If you're looking for a deep, explorable, and customizable open-world action-adventure, look no further than Biomutant. Biomutant allows you to create an adorable yet deadly creature that must navigate its world, encountering all sorts of enemies and massive bosses.

This game offers a unique apocalyptic setting that manages to combine high fantasy with futuristic elements. The combat here is a successful blend of kung fu, weapon-based attacks, and even some magic to round it all out.

5 Bastion

Meanwhile, Bastion has become one of the most legendary games in the entire gaming industry. This type of game is perfect for fans of Death's Door who are looking for a story-focused experience while still wanting to have a lot of fun with the gameplay.

You can consider the game as a sort of post-apocalyptic experience that compels you to ponder intriguing questions about destiny. Most people who have played this game gladly recommend it to anyone, and for good reason.

4 Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn could be one of the deepest, dark fantasy-inspired adventure games of all time. Above all, Grim Dawn is a challenging, isometric, story-driven role-playing game with versatile action combat. In the world of Grim Dawn, humanity is dying out and iron has become more valuable than gold. Every narrative decision you make in this game will actually have consequences.

If you're looking for satisfying action combat and a wealth of weapons and equipment to choose from, then Grim Dawn will be there for you. This is a game that will continuously reward your exploration and curiosity.

3 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a truly remarkable single-player action-adventure game. Fallen Order takes place in a unique, standalone part of the Star Wars universe and spans across multiple galaxies. The story takes center stage here, focusing on Cal Kestis, one of the last remaining Jedi. Cal lives in hiding but is tasked with restoring the Jedi Order.

This third-person action-adventure game offers one of the most satisfying lightsaber combat experiences in the entire gaming world. You can explore a Metroidvania-like world, find upgrades and secrets, all while customizing your lightsaber. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a true treasure of a game that begs to be experienced.

2 Ori And The Will Of the Wisps

Although this game combines a platform-based approach with Metroidvania exploration, nobody should miss out on Ori And The Will Of The Wisps. The best part is that once you fall in love with this game, there is also the first game that you can go back to and play, expanding upon the world and story further.

This is a great game if you enjoyed Death's Door but want something with a bit more high-speed action. The game is beautiful and oozes atmosphere at every corner. You won't have any trouble following the action, and you'll thank yourself for giving it a try.

1 Code Vein

Possibly one of the more obscure entries on this list is Code Vein, an anime-inspired action role-playing game set in an apocalyptic and decaying world. Code Vein pays great respect to the Soulsborne genre with a challenging, polished, and punishing combat system, as well as a vast interconnected world to explore.

The battles here take place in real-time and demand a lot from the player. This is not a hack-and-slash game but instead requires players to utilize a variety of weapons to defeat dangerous enemies. Exploration is crucial in Code Vein, as each new enhancement, ability, or item you acquire will not only expand the dark story further but also make you a little stronger in the world.