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18 Switch RPGs to play if you love Skyrim

The Nintendo Switch is the ideal platform for playing role-playing games (RPGs). Whether you're on the way to work, school, or other activities, playe...

Bradley Russell Sept 02, 2023
18 Switch RPGs to play if you love Skyrim

The Nintendo Switch is the ideal platform for playing role-playing games (RPGs). Whether you're on the way to work, school, or other activities, players can open up the Switch and play. In today's world, RPGs are rich, diverse, and feature deep stories and sophisticated mechanics, making it always enjoyable to have these worlds with you wherever you go.

With the release of the successful game Skyrim on the platform, the Switch became even more important. Now gamers no longer have to return home to their respective platforms to play these big games. With the Switch, they can jump in and out anytime and still remain fully engaged. Similar to Skyrim, these games are extensive and robust, challenging the Switch to provide a great gaming experience.

Updated on September 1, 2023 by Callum Murray: The Nintendo Switch continues its successful course, offering many RPGs to play. Skyrim is one of the most popular games on the platform and continues to captivate fans. In the past, gamers could only dream of playing games of this scope on the go, but now they do it without hesitation. The demand for more games like these on the Switch is steadily growing as players' lives become more hectic and mobile. Of course, there is no comparison to playing these games on a television at home, but when it's time to leave the house and embark on a journey, it's hard to stop playing.

18 Octopath Traveller

18 Switch RPGs To Play If You Love Skyrim

This RPG game is a unique game as it features eight travelers with eight separate stories that unfold throughout the game. Fans of Skyrim should definitely give it a try. It was developed by Square Enix in collaboration with Acquire and was released in the year 2018.

It is a captivating fantasy world, unlike anything seen before on this platform. The game offers breathtaking battles, and the individual storylines are gripping as the player explores the magnificent world of Orsterra. Fans generally gave it positive reviews upon its release, and it remains popular on the Nintendo Switch even today.

17 Dark Souls

18 Switch RPGs To Play If You Love

Interestingly, this game was released in the same year as Skyrim but has always remained in its shadow. Nevertheless, fans should definitely give it a try if they are looking for a similar game. There have been sequels and remastered versions, but nothing can compare to the original.

Dragon-based games are still very popular, and this game was one of the first to hit the market alongside Skyrim. The game is played from a third-person perspective, and the objective is to fight enemies while exploring various environments. To progress, the player must engage in boss battles and interact with other characters.

16 Bravely Default 2

18 Switch RPGs To Play If You

From the creators of Octopath Traveler comes this game that offers the content that fans of Skyrim appreciate. It takes place on a continent called Excillant, which is divided into five different kingdoms. It was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2021 and has been a great success since then.

Bravely Default 2 is actually the third game in the Bravely series, but it features a new story and completely new characters. In the game, there are four main characters: a young sailor named Seth, a princess named Gloria, a traveling scholar named Elvis, and Adelle, who is a mercenary. The objective of the game is to retrieve the crystals of the four elements, and once the player is immersed in the game, there is no turning back.

The game is impressive as it offers turn-based battles, and it also includes an updated version of the so-called "Brave Point" system. This allows players to collect various asterisks to change a character's job class.

15 Pokémon Legends: Arceus

18 Switch RPGs To Play If

A massive departure from older Pokémon games, which utilized a top-down perspective and had gameplay limitations due to limited technology. As the games evolved, so did Pokémon. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is evidence of that, as it provides players with a vast space to explore. This type of open-world gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of Skyrim but on a smaller scale.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus combines what made Pokemon great and more. It allows players to fully immerse themselves in the world they interact with and gives them more freedom in what they do, whether it's catching Pokemon or the way they interact. All of this makes Pokemon Legends: Arceus the perfect Pokemon game.

14 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

18 Switch RPGs To Play

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is the perfect game for players who want more of what Skyrim offers, providing all the freedom and choices that Skyrim gives to players. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is a great addition for players who want it in their game collection. It offers the same level of excitement as Skyrim for players, from combat to character development. Players will notice how deep almost all the mechanics are, giving them the freedom to play Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen however they desire.

Furthermore, this expansive game is highly replayable. Players can complete a playthrough with one class and start another, doing things differently, which motivates players to keep playing. When players are on the go, they will find how quickly Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen captivates them due to its immense and engaging world.

13 Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age

18 Switch RPGs To

One of the many things that have made the Switch a success story is the ability for players to have these expansive games practically anytime and anywhere. Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age does exactly that and more by providing players with an open world and numerous activities. The best part is that everything is well-balanced, so players won't feel overwhelmed.

The world in Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age is so vast that players are sure to get lost in it, and that's the best part. As players explore, they will discover so much, making gameplay during the journey even more enjoyable. What makes Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age one of the better RPGs on the Switch is the challenge it offers players in every aspect, with the combat learning curve being particularly notable. Although the combat can be difficult, players will quickly learn and progress better, making everything easier for the player.

12 Dying Light

18 Switch RPGs

This zombie-free first-person shooter game has a lot to offer. It has a deep and engaging storyline as well as mechanics that complement the gameplay well. Dying Light can be challenging at the beginning, but as players level up, it becomes significantly easier. With so much content, players will spend countless hours in Dying Light, and a story that the player can personally connect with has the advantage of keeping players engaged for longer.

Players will find joy in many aspects of Dying Light, such as the day and night mechanics. In this open-world game, there is a lot for players to do, giving them a sense of accomplishing things that impact the world, rather than just following the story. This makes Dying Light a great RPG game for the Switch.

11 Castle Crashers

18 Switch

Although Castle Crashers may not be as open as the other games discussed in this article, it offers everything one could wish for. It demonstrates that games do not have to be big or excessively complicated to appeal to players but can be simple and fun. Castle Crashers has many entertaining elements, and when players play with friends, the game becomes even more interesting because each character the players choose has their own abilities. This adds a personal touch, as each player brings something different to the fight, which in turn can make things easier.

The great thing about Castle Crashers is how easy it is, which gives the game a better reason to play it with friends. Right here is where Castle Crashers showcases its strengths, as it demonstrates how simple gameplay mechanics can make Castle Crashers appear overly complicated, even though it's not. This surprise will compel players to play it alone or with friends.

10 Stardew Valley


In contrast to most other recommended RPGs, Stardew Valley educates players about farming and goes into detail. Players set up and take care of the farm that their grandfather left them. They can expand the farm by visiting different regions and growing various crops according to these new areas.

Stardew Valley doesn't have much action, but even without it, it offers a very deep relationship system that players can engage with NPCs in the world. Similar to Skyrim, the world of Stardew Valley is immersive and dynamic. It's a great game for players to have with them on long journeys.

9 Child Of Light

This platformer RPG has a lot of heart. Child of Light may not be as long as many other games in this genre, but it offers replay value. Players can enhance other aspects and experiment with different playstyles. Even the combat can extend the gameplay time.

The active combat system makes the battles challenging. As the player improves the characters' statistics, the game becomes easier to play, and in turn, the combat system becomes smoother. Child of Light is special in many ways, not just because of its rhyming dialogue.

8 Diablo 3

Blizzard's golden fleece has found its way to the Switch, and it has been a perfect addition. Diablo 3 already has a long history and is the most accessible installment in the series. Not only that, Diablo 3 possesses a deep and intriguing world that players can easily enjoy.

Pulled from the console and PC version, Diablo 3 offers everything that RPG fans desire and enjoy. Supported by a deep leveling system that allows for various types of character development, Diablo 3 has something to offer for everyone. Similar to Skyrim, it features a vast and meticulously crafted world that evolves with every step the player takes.

7 Pokemon Sword & Shield

A Nintendo console with portable features would not be complete without a Pokémon game, and the Switch is no exception. While traveling to school, players can explore the vast depths of the Galar region. What makes Pokémon Sword and Shield appealing is how entertaining and deep it is for a series that has been running for nearly three decades.

Catching new Pokémon is always a rewarding experience, and the fact that all of this can happen during the player's journey is amazing. Pokémon Sword and Shield pack a vast world full of possibilities into the player's pocket.

6 Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has everything that an open-world triple-A game should have. With a massive open world and a variety of activities, one can easily get lost in Alrest even while on the go. The game offers an engaging story that is easy to follow.

The fact that such a large game can be brought to the Switch and run smoothly showcases what the console is capable of. The combat system is great, even though Xenoblade Chronicles 2 throws many mechanics at the player.

5 Monster Hunter: Rise

The Monster Hunter games are generally grand in terms of their worlds and the monsters within them. Hunting monsters has never been as much fun as it is on the go. It's even better with a companion. One of the latest features in Monster Hunter Rise is that players now have a companion.

In the world of Monster Hunter Rise, there is a dog-like creature called Palamute that assists players. They can help players in various ways, such as serving as mounts or directly attacking monsters. However, players still don't know much about them. Being able to do all of this on the go is something that not many games can offer.

4 Breath Of The Wild

Before Bethesda's game was ported to the Nintendo system, Breath of the Wild was the Skyrim of the Switch. This is evident in the game's vast world and emphasis on player freedom, even though Breath of the Wild may lack certain RPG-associated features and could be considered more of an adventure game instead. Nevertheless, fans of Skyrim should definitely give this game a try.

This game has perfected the art of traveling and ensures that the journey is far more captivating than the destination. Not only that, it is also a fresh and new approach to The Legend of Zelda series, making it a great entry point. Similar to the porting of Skyrim, Breath of the Wild showcases what the Switch is capable of, and that is to provide a great gaming experience. Even during a trip, children can turn on this game during a car ride and get lost in the world.

3 The Outer Worlds

Borrowing many elements from Skyrim and Fallout, The Outer Worlds feels like it exists in the same universe. The diverse cast of characters who both accompany and oppose the players is something that keeps people coming back. What makes The Outer Worlds so enjoyable to play is that no playthrough is the same as another.

Similar to Skyrim, The Outer Worlds has a very rich story, and the battles are challenging. Drawing inspiration from Skyrim, The Outer Worlds is open-ended. The game evolves based on the character's decisions, and the endings vary. This makes each playthrough a different experience and ideal for traveling.

2 The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is the leading RPG game, with many arguing that it is better than Skyrim as it takes those elements and improves upon them. Developed from the ground up for more powerful platforms, The Witcher 3 surprisingly looks great on the Switch.

When taking this vibrant world on the go, players have to carry chargers with them as this game consumes a lot of power. The best part of bringing Geralt along is that it's the complete package, as it includes all DLCs. The addition of the "Death March" difficulty level makes the game even more challenging.

1 South Park: The Fractured But Whole

South Park: The Fractured But Whole will make players laugh due to its content. This colorful RPG designed for adults has a lot to offer. Not only is the combat very easy to understand, but the entire game also has a low learning curve, which is good for this type of RPG.

When players create their own character and go on adventures with the boys from South Park, it feels like a "choose-your-own-adventure" style game. Although it may not be as deep as Skyrim, it offers other things to compensate. The humor and characters address these issues and surprise players in typical South Park fashion.