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5 Wii Sports mini-games, ranked:

Thanks to its accessibility, smooth gameplay design, and overall entertainment value, Wii Sports is among the most popular and best-selling video gam...

Amy West Sept 03, 2023
5 Wii Sports mini-games, ranked:

Thanks to its accessibility, smooth gameplay design, and overall entertainment value, Wii Sports is among the most popular and best-selling video games on the Nintendo Wii.

Golf, baseball, boxing, tennis, and bowling were the standout minigames in Wii Sports, each offering their own unique challenges and experiences.

Among all the games, Wii Bowling stood out in the lineup by combining easy-to-understand controls with enough skill to provide an entertaining challenge for players of all ages.

Wii Sports is not only one of the most popular video games of all time but also one of the best-selling ones. This was likely facilitated by the fact that it was bundled for free with the Nintendo Wii, one of the best-selling consoles. However, this in no way diminishes the outstanding title that it represents.

With its elegant design and minimalist style, Wii Sports became one of the most accessible games that could be enjoyed by players of all ages, ranging from children to seniors. While all the minigames bundled in Wii Sports had their own merits, some of them are remembered as among the greatest gaming experiences.

5 Golf

5 Wii Sports Mini-Games, Ranked

When it comes to the typical controls for golf video games, Wii Sports kept it quite simple. There was a selection tool to determine where the ball should go, and then players swung the Wiimote with varying speeds to determine the strength of the shot.

Wii Golf was the most challenging and nuanced minigame in the collection, hence it didn't enjoy great popularity among the youngest and oldest players of the game. Nevertheless, it was a solid addition to the original lineup of Wii Sports games. This is primarily because golf is not remembered as the most thrilling sport.

4 Baseball

5 Wii Sports Mini-Games,

The Wii Baseball game could be a real hit or miss. In this minigame, players naturally alternated between pitching and batting, following the real baseball rules, and switched sides after every three outs.

Wii Baseball is on par with Golf in terms of difficulty, as it requires precision to both pitch and hit the ball accurately. It is also the game mode where players could spend the most time simultaneously, as they enjoyed challenging themselves to reach the mastery level as quickly as possible.

3 Boxing

5 Wii Sports

Anyone who played the Wii Boxing minigame knows for sure that it could get quite intense. The game required repeatedly punching one's opponent using the Wiimote and Nunchuk controller accessory, while simultaneously dodging and blocking incoming punches from the opponent.

It felt like the motion-controlled older cousin of Punch-Out!!, as the difficulty of each opponent increased with each successive challenger you knocked out. Among all the original Wii Sports games, Boxing got you the most energized, so you had to be prepared for a proper workout.

2 Tennis

5 Wii

The Wii Tennis mini-game had an energy that couldn't be matched by any of the other mini-games. Although the characters on the screen would swing their rackets at the slightest provocation, there was something about it that still compelled you to swing the Wiimote as hard as possible.

This game also had an impressive sound design, with the most memorable detail being the satisfying sound when you hit the tennis ball directly from the speaker of the Wiimote. The couch co-op gameplay in Wii Sports Tennis could also get quite intense, and countless television screens were surely shattered in the midst of this (hopefully) friendly competition.

1 Bowling


Honestly, Wii Bowling was the highlight of the entire Wii Sports series. The basic concept and controls of this game were easy to understand for players of all ages, but it still required enough skill to make it an enjoyable challenge for friends competing against each other.

The simple swing and release mechanics closely mimicked the motion of real bowling and served as an excellent showcase for the Wii's brand-new motion control technology. And who could forget the iconic way the Miis would do a little hop when you sent the ball flying backwards?