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7 Beginner Tips for Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Enhance your gaming experience: Install the game completely for smoother gameplay. Decreasing the graphical settings does not compromise the visual q...

Ethan Gach Sept 20, 2023
7 Beginner Tips for Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Enhance your gaming experience: Install the game completely for smoother gameplay. Decreasing the graphical settings does not compromise the visual quality.

Activate Auto-Battle: Utilize Auto-Battle and increase the speed for an enhanced mobile gaming experience. Pay attention to healing during boss fights.

Unlocking Content: Progress through the game to unlock story content and mechanics. Updates will add more games and chapters. Focus on advancing the story to unlock mechanics quickly.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is Square Enix's latest endeavor to capitalize on their biggest game. It is a free-to-play mobile game available for both iOS and Android devices. It plays similarly to many of their other mobile games such as War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia.

Free-to-play mobile games are often criticized for their gacha-based models, but War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia are quite good. Additionally, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is good as well, and these tips should help players get the most out of their gaming experience.

7 Setting Up Your Experience

7 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

In the options menu, there aren't many features, but there are a few that players should customize before starting. First and foremost, players should ensure that the game is fully installed. It is a large game that continues to grow from week to week, as is the case with many mobile games from Square Enix.

The more data players download at the beginning, the faster the game will run. This holds true even if players set the game to the lowest graphical settings, which still makes the game look good on a phone. Even on a tablet, the game looks relatively good on the lowest setting.

6 Crank Up That Auto-battle

7 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 7 Ever

The combat system is very similar to that of Final Fantasy 13, where characters can use special abilities based on an increasing gauge. Players have a significant influence over the characters in battle but should not engage with them as they would in a traditional RPG.

This is a mobile game, so players will benefit more from using the Auto-Battle function. Let the group fight automatically and also increase the speed in the options. However, there is a limitation to this method. During boss battles, be sure to use healing spells like "Cure" as the AI sometimes doesn't handle it the best.

5 Unlocking Content

7 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 7

Players can play three games in this RPG universe once they have downloaded Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. The games currently available include the original games, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, and Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. Some story content is locked until players complete specific chapters of each game. Additionally, some mechanics are locked, such as the ability to merge Materia.

These games are not complete, for example, Final Fantasy 7 ends after the motorcycle chase outside the Shinra Headquarters. Updates will add more content to these games, and chapters based on Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7, and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 will also be coming. Players should play through the story to unlock the mechanics as quickly as possible.

4 Pay Attention To Weapon Skills

7 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy

In the original game, players could imbue their characters with magic and special abilities through Materia. Materia returns for all games in this latest mobile adaptation, but these small orbs are not the only things that grant abilities to the characters. Weapons can also provide them with skills. For example, one of the best weapons currently available is for Tifa.

The weapon is called Lifeguard Wraps and grants her the ability called Healing Waves, which allows her to heal the entire group. Therefore, the lesson here is to also pay attention to the weapon abilities in addition to the basic stats. Sometimes, a lower-level weapon has an amazing skill like Healing Waves.

3 Optimization Is Smarter Than You Think

7 Beginner Tips For Final

Unlocking things is not as straightforward as one might think because players have to take care of power levels, similar to the Light Levels in Destiny. This is the overall strength of a character, and these numbers can be increased by traditionally leveling up a person like Cloud, by giving him the best equipment and Materia, and improving his personal skill tree.

If players reach the required power level for a mission, they shouldn't have any problems completing it. There is also the possibility of completing a mission below the recommended power level if they utilize optimization. Different missions require different equipment, and AI optimization is quite clever.

2 Do Your Dailies

7 Beginner Tips For

Experienced players of mobile games probably already know this, but Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis could be the first game that fans of this series download. Therefore, it is advisable to provide some basic information about the gacha system. There are login bonuses for daily activities as well as daily missions. Players will eventually unlock the Chocobo Farm, where characters can go on expeditions to earn rewards based on the time spent away from the game.

Make sure to unlock all three slots in this area as soon as possible. Additionally, players may overlook this, but there are many rewards given through normal gameplay that are hidden behind menus. The gift box menu is typically where blue crystals are stored, and there is another mission menu that is structured like an achievement board in a console game. There is no need to spend money if players utilize all these features wisely.

1 Interrupting Enemies

7 Beginner Tips

One of the newer mechanics in this setup allows players to temporarily weaken enemies in order to perform a counterattack. Powerful attacks, mainly from bosses, are accompanied by a counter that counts down to a special ability. There is a separate symbol indicating how many hits players need to land in order to weaken this attack.

When this happens, enemies will be interrupted, canceling their ability and lowering the enemy's defense. Make sure to fully attack during these warning states, that's the basic tip here. Interestingly, a new indie game called Sea of Stars has a similar interruption system, so this could become a new trend in RPGs.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis was released on September 7, 2023, for iOS and Android devices.