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7 Best Disney Racing Games

Disney has a rich history of movies and cartoons that lend themselves well to video games, especially arcade racing games. Most Disney racing games ov...

Amy West Aug 30, 2023
7 Best Disney Racing Games

Disney has a rich history of movies and cartoons that lend themselves well to video games, especially arcade racing games. Most Disney racing games over the years belong to the kart racing genre, but some have attempted to replicate the beloved stories Disney fans enjoy by mixing racing with adventure mechanics.

Some of the racing games blend Disney franchises to create crossover games, while others focus on a specific movie or series. We rev up and take a look at some of the best Disney racing games that have been released.

7 Disney Speedstorm

7 Best Disney Racing Games

If you've ever wondered what Kingdom Hearts would look like as a kart racing game, this is exactly what you would expect. Disney has zoomed out of the pit lane at full speed to bring together many of its beloved characters for Disney Speedstorm. From cherished classics like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to newer characters like Jack Sparrow and Stitch.

The free racer features many tracks based on famous Disney locations. You can race through Andy's room from Toy Story or drift along tight corners at the Great Wall of China as Mulan. Each racer character and track has been designed with great attention to detail, and it's hard not to feel a sense of childlike excitement as you speed through castles and jungles that will evoke many memories of your favorite Disney movies.

6 Mickey’s Speedway USA

7 Best Disney Racing

After the release of Diddy Kong Racing, Rare took the wheel again on the N64 with Mickey's Speedway USA. It features 20 tracks loosely based on real locations in the USA. Respected race tracks like Indianapolis are combined with famous landmarks like the Grand Canyon.

The gameplay is typical of kart racing games of that time, where power-ups cause chaos and you have to beat the Grand Prix tournaments to unlock additional characters and cheats. It is also challenging to complete the game: the game's artificial intelligence fights for every position, and you feel like you've been in a race after every victory.

5 Mickey’s Racing Adventure

7 Best Disney

An often forgotten Disney kart racing game that was released on the Game Boy Color and received great reviews at the time of its release. It combines a blend of racing and adventure elements, creating a story mode where you race as various Disney characters. It's an impressive achievement considering the hardware limitations, and it's hard not to be impressed.

Mickey's Racing Adventure offers a variety of tracks, characters, and power-ups to utilize, as well as a good challenge to maximize the vehicle upgrades. It won't take long to complete the main game, but there are plenty of reasons to return due to the enjoyable gameplay and excellent graphics.

4 Toy Story Racer

7 Best

It may not go "to infinity and beyond," but Toy Story Racer offers an impressive roster of 12 characters from the first film, gradually unlocking as you find the lost toy soldiers. In total, there are 200 soldiers you can find by racing across the 18 tracks.

Toy Story Racer offers high replay value due to its variety of game modes, including 100 challenges. The best part of the game is getting to visit all the fantastic locations from the movie, including Sid's house, Pizza Planet, and, of course, Andy's room.

3 Cars


Could there be a better combination than Disney's Cars and a racing game? After the events of the movie, Lightning McQueen and his fleet of friends embark on a new adventure, battling for victory in the Piston Cup. The Road Hazard Gang has claimed the victory for themselves, and it's up to you to reclaim the town's privileges.

The adventure takes place in a mix of traditional races, boss battles, and mini-games in an open world. The racing mechanics are excellent, and it's fun to drive around the city as the super cool Lightning McQueen. It's also wonderful to hear the voices of film stars like Owen Wilson and Michael Keaton.

2 Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour

Similar to Disney's Speedstorm, Magical Racing Tour takes place in a crossover world featuring Disney characters from movies and cartoons. The majority of the game is based on attractions from Disney parks around the world. You can race through Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and many other popular rides that have been transformed into racetracks.

One aspect that sets this game apart from other Disney racing games is the introduction of brand new characters specifically designed for this game. It also features music directly from the actual rides, as well as unlockable tracks that can be obtained by finding hidden coins on specific courses.

1 Cars 2

In contrast to the first game in this series, the story of Cars 2 was directly adapted from the film, as you once again take control of Lightning McQueen and his gang of anthropomorphic vehicle friends. Just like in the movie, you undergo spy training by completing various challenges to earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

The gameplay in Cars 2 revolves around racing but includes many adventure elements where you have fun with the spy gadgets you use to fulfill your missions. The weapons are devilishly entertaining and create chaos in the excellent multiplayer mode.