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7 Cross-Play Games for PlayStation and Xbox That You Can Jump into Right Away

Cross-platform multiplayer games between Xbox and PlayStation are limited, but there are still many enjoyable titles that can be enjoyed together, es...

George Marston Sept 05, 2023
7 Cross-Play Games for PlayStation and Xbox That You Can Jump into Right Away

Cross-platform multiplayer games between Xbox and PlayStation are limited, but there are still many enjoyable titles that can be enjoyed together, especially for console-exclusive friends without a PC setup.

Fall Guys, Dead by Daylight, Overcooked! All You Can Eat, Mortal Kombat 11, Rocket League, Among Us, and Apex Legends are great games that you can play with friends on Xbox and PlayStation.

These games offer a variety of experiences, from obstacle races and horror survival battles to cooking simulators and fast-paced shooters. They cater to different preferences while providing entertaining multiplayer experiences.

Unfortunately, many of the best multiplayer games are not cross-platform playable, especially between Xbox and PlayStation. There are exclusive titles on both sides or often only the option to play cross-platform with PC players. However, there are still many entertaining titles available between the two biggest competing consoles. This is good news for friends with these different consoles who are still locked into their respective console and do not have a PC setup.

However, finding a new game to play with friends can be a challenge. Immersing yourselves together in something new when every player is available makes learning new games and staying engaged a bit more complicated. With games that are easier to pick up, PlayStation and Xbox enthusiasts can easily play many titles together whenever the opportunity arises. And there are some great titles they can jump right into.

7 Fall Guys

7 Cross-Play Games For PlayStation And Xbox That Are Easy To Jump Right Into

In Fall Guys, a group of jellybean-like characters compete against each other on a candy-colored obstacle course, engaging in a classic, game show-style Battle Royale. Although this Battle Royale is family-friendly and does not involve armed combat, it is more about a simple race to the finish line, collecting items, or surviving as the last jellybean-like character to avoid being pushed off the course into the slime, and so on.

Up to an incredible sixty players can participate in each game, with a certain number of losers being eliminated in each round. Groups of up to four people can play together and participate in some team-based mini-games. Fall Guys is easy enough to play even without a tutorial. Players simply run, jump, or grab in a series of delightfully entertaining and ridiculously funny obstacle course knockout games.

6 Dead By Daylight

7 Cross-Play Games For PlayStation And Xbox That Are Easy To Jump Right

Although Dead by Daylight may not be the easiest game to jump into immediately, this 1-vs-4 horror survival battle is still simple and quick enough to grasp. Players can watch short tutorials to play as either Survivors or Killers. As the latter, various iconic characters are available, such as Ghost Face from the Scream film series or the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, alongside the game's own dark creations.

The basic idea and objective of the game are simple enough. Four survivors aim to repair multiple generators to power the exit of a dreadful death arena. They are encouraged to work together, sneak around, avoid the killer, heal and rescue each other when necessary. The killer's goal is to stop the survivors by fulfilling their job description and sometimes damaging the generators further. Up to seven friends can enjoy this adrenaline-pumping experience together: four as survivors, two as spectators, and one as the killer.

5 Overcooked! All You Can Eat

7 Cross-Play Games For PlayStation And Xbox That Are Easy To Jump

In this crazy cooking simulator, players work together to run a successful kitchen. It's much easier than it sounds, with very simple controls for chopping, frying, washing dishes, and so on. However, that doesn't mean it's easy. The fun lies in coordinating with each other to fulfill a variety of orders within a specific time frame and running around like headless chickens while trying to remember what goes with what.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat is a combination of the popular first and second games, enhanced and remastered into one title. Many players praise them as some of the best cooperative games out there. Absurdly thrilling and insanely entertaining, Overcooked! All You Can Eat is also available for Xbox and PlayStation users to play together, providing one of the best examples of seamless cross-platform gaming.

4 Mortal Kombat 11

7 Cross-Play Games For PlayStation And Xbox That Are Easy To

Although Mortal Kombat 11 is by no means easy to master or even difficult to grasp for many, it remains entirely entertaining when reduced to button-mashing against friends, as with all fighting games. Whether meticulously learning character moves, slowly developing a sense of gameplay, or simply frantically pressing buttons all at once, players will inevitably get involved in an unnecessarily bloody fight with their buddies.

The Mortal Kombat series has been running since 1992 and is a long-standing favorite choice among many fighting game franchises. However, this series has evolved over time, and Mortal Kombat 11 does not deviate from this trend. With stunning graphics and improved gameplay, this bloody spectacle is equally enjoyable for new and longtime players who can play together regardless of whether they are playing on PlayStation or Xbox.

3 Rocket League

7 Cross-Play Games For PlayStation And Xbox That Are Easy

For those who enjoy soccer and the madness of a demolition derby, Rocket League is guaranteed to become a fast favorite. Even for those who don't like both, Rocket League is undoubtedly absurdly fun (with emphasis on the absurd). It's a game where rocket-powered cars try to score goals on a huge soccer field. Additionally, players have a variety of weapons at their disposal in many game modes to give them an advantage. What's not to love about that?

Rocket League is fast, fun, easy to pick up, and hard to quit. The matches are relatively quick, but players keep coming back to try again, to score that flaming backward flip goal, to hit the net at lightning speed, and bask in the glory and fireworks.

2 Among Us

7 Cross-Play Games For PlayStation And Xbox That Are

Free and easy to play, Among Us is a entertaining, fast-paced game that revolves around discovering the impostors. It takes place aboard a spaceship or aircraft, and the astronauts are small waddling blob-like figures. These little, armless crew members win the game by completing a variety of tasks throughout the ship or by correctly accusing and ejecting the impostors through the airlock. The impostors strive to avoid suspicion, pretending to do tasks while sabotaging the ship's systems and eliminating crew members.

Among Us is, in many ways, a simple game and takes up only a few megabytes of hard drive space. However, it is an endlessly entertaining game of social deduction and mutual accusations, based on information from the crew members and misinformation from the impostors. It will keep players on both sides sweating until the final outcome.

1 Apex Legends

7 Cross-Play Games For PlayStation And Xbox That

Anyone familiar with first-person shooter games should have no trouble getting used to the fairly standard controls of Apex Legends. Similar to other battle royale games or shooters in general, it's easy to jump right into the action time and time again. However, that doesn't mean Apex Legends is easy, not by any means. Battle royales never are, especially for newcomers.

However, Apex Legends eases players into the fast-paced action. Players must first complete a quick and well-executed tutorial before diving into a few "orientation matches." These matches involve a few other beginners and a fair number of bots that typically won't blow the heads off newcomers within the first thirty seconds. This way, newcomers can literally jump into the action right away without being discouraged by unintuitive controls or overly skilled opponents. Apex Legends is free to play, easily accessible, offers great graphics, and allows up to three friends to team up and enjoy the action, regardless of whether they're on PlayStation or Xbox.