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7 Games to Play If You Like Starfield

Starfield is a highly anticipated science fiction game that builds upon the long history of the genre and offers one of the best experiences in the r...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 02, 2023
7 Games to Play If You Like Starfield

Starfield is a highly anticipated science fiction game that builds upon the long history of the genre and offers one of the best experiences in the realm of open-world exploration and space exploration.

No Man's Sky, Star Citizen, The Outer Worlds, Cyberpunk 2077, Jedi: Survivor, Elite Dangerous, and Mass Effect: Andromeda are all games that offer similar aspects of space exploration, storytelling, and gameplay.

Each of these games has its own unique features and strengths, but they all provide a satisfying science fiction experience that fulfills the desires of players who wish to become fearless space explorers.

Bethesda's first science fiction franchise has been a long time coming. Many people want to get their hands on as many titles as possible in this genre to feel like the fearless space explorers they've always wanted to be. Starfield builds upon the long history of science fiction games and offers you one of the best open-world space exploration titles available.

For some, this is a strong entry into a new genre or even gaming in general, and they are looking for similar titles that offer incredible storytelling and gameplay through a science fiction perspective. While there are hundreds of titles that scratch the surface of what Starfield offers, only a few are truly capable of competing with it.

7 No Man's Sky

7 Games To Play If You Like Starfield

With a start that left many players skeptical about the future of No Man's Sky, Hello Games has demonstrated unwavering support for their game by releasing significant updates. They have extensively revamped combat, exploration, and multiplayer mode, transforming it in such a way that it is barely recognizable. With over 18 quintillion planets to seamlessly land on, it is guaranteed that each player will have a unique experience.

While the storyline of No Man's Sky is somewhat more esoteric than that of Starfield, the ship battles, weapon modifications, and base building provide more than enough to satisfy the craving for space exploration and science fiction. You can even team up with a friend and collectively build your empire while engaging in space battles with pirates through asteroid fields.

6 Star Citizen

7 Games To Play If You Like

Although it is only available in its alpha version, Star Citizen is one of the most advanced space simulations, featuring hundreds of explorable planets and significant locations that encompass entire cities and walkable space stations. While the storyline requires some role-playing and multiplayer interaction, you won't find a more immersive experience.

Star Citizen has the potential to be everything that Starfield has tried to create, with a dedicated community and tireless developers who ensure that every screw is tightened and polished. Nonetheless, Starfield is at least a complete experience, regardless of similarities in gameplay and exploration.

5 The Outer Worlds

7 Games To Play If You

Regarded as Fallout in space, The Outer Worlds combines the humor, storytelling, exploration, and companion interaction of Bethesda games and gives you a spaceship to experience all of that. Compared to Starfield, The Outer Worlds is a more linear role-playing game with smaller locations and limited maneuverability, but it will provide you with the same enjoyment in terms of atmosphere and gameplay.

However, if you're looking for a more nostalgic Bethesda title that Starfield is trying to distance itself from, The Outer Worlds will satisfy you on a grand scale and provide you with a handful of DLC expansions if you inevitably crave more.

4 Cyberpunk 2077

7 Games To Play If

Despite a rocky start, the multitude of significant updates has transformed Cyberpunk 2077 into one of the best sci-fi role-playing games of all time. With a skill tree and firearm mechanics that rival Starfield, it has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay and story, making Bethesda look like an indie studio in comparison.

While being more or less confined to the surface of the Earth, the futuristic atmosphere, scientific jargon, and cybernetic mechanics will help you forget that you're not doing loops with a spaceship. If you're willing to overlook the absence of space travel, the vehicle mechanics and gameplay should be enough to satisfy any player after the credits roll in Starfield.

3 Stars Wars Jedi: Survivor

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A sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, Jedi: Survivor follows the footsteps of Jedi Knight Cal Kestis as he travels across multiple worlds, searching for a safe haven from the Empire. This space adventure exchanges firearms for lightsaber combat but allows you, like Starfield, to explore alien planets and discover secrets in unique locations with unforgettable characters.

While it resembles more of a From Software experience than one from Bethesda, the open exploration and science fiction theme make it a strong competitor for Starfield. Although you're forced to play as a single character, there are enough customization options to make your version of Cal unique and personally impactful.

2 Elite Dangerous

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Elite Dangerous is a space exploration and combat simulation that has been continuously supported by its developers since its release in 2014. The Odyssey expansion brings Elite Dangerous into Starfield territories with on-foot exploration and combat outside of the spacecraft, making it a fully realized space role-playing game.

Although you can't build a ship from scratch, there are over 30 models to choose from and dozens of modifications to make it your own. Similar to No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous features billions of unique planets, with slightly over half of them being accessible, offering seamless transitions and endless possibilities. However, the story aspects of Elite Dangerous are driven by players and do not follow set events or involve familiar characters. It requires a certain level of initiative on your part.

1 Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Mass Effect: Andromeda could be the game that comes closest to Starfield, offering open-world exploration across multiple planets and a team of unforgettable characters in a unique world. While some consider Andromeda to be a less satisfying experience compared to the original Mass Effect trilogy, its gunplay and exploration are much closer to Bethesda's games, with the only missing aspect being the ability to build your own ship.

There is even a similar connection to a sci-fantasy territory through the use of telekinetic abilities and a mysterious civilization with access to mind-altering technology. When comparing both games, it really depends on your preference for combat from a third-person perspective or a first-person perspective, as well as character freedom.