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8 Beginner Tips for F-Zero 99

F-Zero has made a comeback! After nearly two decades of tranquility, Nintendo's science-fiction racing series returns with F-Zero 99, a delightfully c...

Anne Ostler Sept 18, 2023
8 Beginner Tips for F-Zero 99

F-Zero has made a comeback! After nearly two decades of tranquility, Nintendo's science-fiction racing series returns with F-Zero 99, a delightfully chaotic Battle Royale for Nintendo Switch Online. You and 98 other players race at mind-boggling speeds across futuristic tracks from the original SNES game. It's an exhilarating thrill to play, and having knowledge of some helpful tips and tricks will aid you in reaching the top.

Emerging victorious in F-Zero 99 is no walk in the park, but with some practice, you'll swiftly surpass your opponents. Understanding which ship to choose, acquiring a boost at the race's outset, and mastering sharp turns are just a few of the things you should be aware of to ascend through the ranks.

8 Pick The Best Ship For You

8 Beginners Tips For F-Zero 99

In F-Zero 99, there are four ships to choose from, each possessing unique attributes tailored to different playstyles. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each ship will assist you in determining which one is best suited for you.




Blue Falcon

Well-balanced stats all around. Perfect for beginners.

Doesn't excel in any particular area.

Golden Fox

Fastest acceleration and recovery. Great boosts.

Lowest max speed and grip.

Wild Goose

Second-highest max speed and can take a lot of damage.

Slow recovery and acceleration.

Fire Stingray

Highest max speed and best at making sharp turns.

Slowest acceleration.

The Blue Falcon is excellent for newcomers to the game, as it lacks significant weaknesses and remains dependable in any situation. The Wild Goose is also an excellent choice for beginners, as it is highly robust and comparatively less affected by collisions, allowing you to withstand more damage than with other ships.

7 Get The Boost At The Start

8 Beginners Tips For F-Zero

One of the keys to a successful race is a strong start, so it's crucial to obtain the boost at the beginning. A common mistake is to press the B button to accelerate when the word "Ready" appears on the screen. Although this grants you a boost, your engine will immediately overheat and slow you down for a moment. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Press the B button just before the word "Go" appears on the screen. You will take off without any loss of speed, thus gaining a significant advantage over many other players.

6 Slow Down Around Sharp Corners

8 Beginners Tips For

F-Zero 99 features some of the coolest race tracks of all time, but some are filled with devilishly sharp turns. These curves can be treacherous, as it's easy to collide with the barriers on the roadside and incur damage. It may seem counterintuitive to slow down in such a fast-paced game, but surprisingly, it is necessary if you want to master these tricky curves.

Try releasing the B button while navigating a sharp turn. This will make turning significantly easier, as you'll be traveling at a more controllable speed. Additionally, you can hold down the L or R button to initiate a drift, depending on the direction you're turning.

5 Get Behind The Golden Ship

8 Beginners Tips

Whenever two ships collide, yellow orbs called Super Sparks are released. By collecting enough of them, you can leap onto the Skyway, a road in the sky that allows you to overtake other racers at high speeds. If you want quick access to the Skyway, keep an eye out for a large golden ship. They appear periodically throughout the race and drop a plethora of Super Sparks when collided with.

When you spot one of the golden ships, try to position yourself behind it and bump into it a few times. You'll receive a much larger amount of Super Sparks compared to simply spinning around it or colliding with it from the side.

4 Use The Skyway Strategically

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The Skyway is one of the best tools for making progress in F-Zero 99, so it's tempting to use it immediately once you have enough Super Sparks. However, you might want to wait for a moment because you don't necessarily have to take the Skyway right away.

Instead, it's better to wait until you truly need it. Try to use it to bypass sharp turns, cross crowded sections of the track, or during tricky passages that repeatedly frustrate you. If you can tackle a section of the track without the Skyway, it's always best to wait.

3 Drive Aggressively


Remember what they taught you about traffic rules in driving school? You can forget all of that when playing F-Zero 99. The more aggressively you drive, the greater your chances of winning. By pressing ZL or ZR, you execute a spin attack that temporarily makes you invincible and damages any ship you collide with.

There are even special benefits when you manage to take out another driver. KOs not only replenish your energy bar but also extend it. This applies even to subsequent races during the Grand Prix. Keep an eye out for smoking or flashing ships during the race and don't hesitate to take them out.

2 Jump To Recharge Your Spin Meter

As much as F-Zero 99 encourages you to drive aggressively, there is still a limit to what you can do. Each time you perform a spin attack, you have to wait for a bar to recharge before you can do it again. This may take a while, but there is a way to quickly recharge it.

Certain race tracks have jump pads that catapult you into the air for a few seconds, allowing you to pass over obstacles and ships. As if that's not enough, your spin bar is instantly recharged every time you use a jump pad. Make sure to always jump when your bar needs a recharge so that you can wreak havoc to your heart's content.

1 Avoid The Bumpers

Every track in F-Zero 99 has barriers on both sides of the road, and they are every driver's nightmare. These relentless rails deliver a painful jolt every time you touch them. If you hit a barrier at high speed, you may find yourself bouncing back and forth between them like in a twisted game of tennis.

To prevent yourself from becoming a human ping-pong ball, release the B button to stop accelerating. After a second, you will regain control of your ship and can hit the gas pedal to catch up.