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8 Best Free Multiplayer Browser Games

Games have always been more enjoyable when played with friends, and thanks to the ever-growing selection of free multiplayer browser games, this is ea...

Anne Ostler Sept 15, 2023
8 Best Free Multiplayer Browser Games

Games have always been more enjoyable when played with friends, and thanks to the ever-growing selection of free multiplayer browser games, this is easier than ever before. Without the burden of needing high-quality equipment, making purchases, or downloading anything, these accessible gems provide an extremely entertaining way to connect with friends who only require an internet connection to join in on the fun.

From thrilling, action-packed challenges to relaxing and casual games, a web browser is often the first place to look for games suitable for all types of friend groups. The wide variety and convenience of browser-based games make them perfect for spontaneous and impromptu game nights.

8 Deeeep.io

8 Best Free Multiplayer Browser Games

Deeeep.io is an extremely captivating multiplayer game that immerses players into a vibrant and thriving underwater ecosystem. Players start as small aquatic creatures and can evolve into various marine creatures throughout the game, from squids to sharks. Each species has unique abilities and must survive in their specific environment to thrive.

Perfect for playing in a group, Deeeep.io allows players to engage in friendly competition or come together in schools. With its cozy game design and ever-changing environment, Deeeep.io promises a relaxing and entertaining gaming experience.

7 Smash Karts

8 Best Free Multiplayer Browser

Smash Karts is an action-packed and accessible racing game with a unique twist. Players battle to reach the top of the leaderboard as they zoom around a chaotic race track, engaging in combat against their friends.

The crazy arsenal of weapons that players can equip on their karts sets Smash Karts apart from other racing games. This mechanic leads to entertaining gameplay where players can attack their opponents with various power-ups and weapons, from machine guns to atomic bombs. With its vibrant graphics and quirky premise, Smash Karts will captivate racing enthusiasts and action fans for hours.

6 Geoguessr

8 Best Free Multiplayer

Geogussr is a popular online geography game where players explore the world through Google Street View and are challenged to pinpoint their location accurately. The multiplayer feature of Geogussr transforms this addictive game into a competition, offering Battle Royale and Team Duel game modes that can be rated or unrated.

Depending on the mode, players compete by selecting the shortest distance to the exact location or guessing the correct country the fastest. For free, players can play this highly addictive and educational game for 5 minutes every 15 minutes, improving their geography knowledge in the process.

5 Codenames

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Codenames is a social deduction game based on word associations. In this game, two teams, each led by a spymaster, compete to correctly uncover the identities of their undercover agents hidden behind code words on a grid. The spymasters give one-word clues to assist their teammates in identifying the correct terms. The goal is to provide concise but helpful hints without leading teammates to the agents of the opposing team or the deadly assassin card.

Codenames is designed for a minimum of four players, but there is also an alternative cooperative version called Codenames Duet, which can be played with just two participants. Requiring effective teamwork, Codenames guarantees an exciting and suspenseful gaming experience for all players as they test their communication and deductive skills.

4 Slither.io

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Arguably the most well-known .io game, Slither.io presents the iconic mobile game Snake as a massively online multiplayer experience. Players control colorful snakes that devour glowing orbs on the map to grow in size and strive to become the largest on the server, aiming to make it to the leaderboard.

Players must maneuver carefully to avoid collisions with rival snakes, or they can develop strategies to encircle them and increase their size. Slither.io is simple yet intense, offering a great way to pass the time and compete with friends.

3 Skribbl.io


Skribbl.io is a popular multiplayer drawing and guessing game that tests the drawing skills of players and guarantees endless entertainment. Participants take turns sketching provided clues while others try to guess them. Players compete to score the most points by accurately guessing the words within a short time, leading to funny guesses and chaotic fun.

Participants can create private games to play with friends or join a shared room with players from all over the world. The creativity and playful competition that Skribbl.io stimulates make it an excellent choice for a family-friendly game night.

2 Bonk.io

Minimalistic but extremely entertaining, Bonk.io is perfect for casual competition among friends. In this physics-based platform game, players control balls and must try to push their opponents off the edge to be the last one standing.

The game's simple jumping and dodging mechanics make it easy for players to learn and play. It accommodates up to eight players and offers team-based and last-player-standing modes. With Bonk.io, players can explore a variety of dynamic levels as the community can create their own custom maps. This adds creativity and replayability to this mood-lifting gaming experience.

1 Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone, one of the best party games, offers a series of drawing-based games that guarantee hours of fun at any virtual game night. Each round starts with participants creating random clues for other players to draw. Players alternate between drawing and guessing the masterpieces of others, resulting in hilarious reinterpretations of the original instructions.

The fun arises when seeing how the original message changes as the interpretations of each player progress. With uncomplicated drawing tools, players can unleash their creativity in this fun and absurd social game.