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8 best Nintendo Switch games to explore a new genre

While playing, it can be exceedingly easy to fall into a routine and have the sensation that every game one plays is the same. However, embracing a ne...

Duncan Robertson Sept 04, 2023
8 best Nintendo Switch games to explore a new genre

While playing, it can be exceedingly easy to fall into a routine and have the sensation that every game one plays is the same. However, embracing a new genre is an outstanding way to revive one's interest in gaming and experience a plethora of fresh possibilities waiting to be explored.

Many genres may not appear appealing at first glance, but they often reveal themselves to be extremely entertaining once you actually play them. The Switch is one of the most popular consoles, and its extensive game library is a testament to that. Which games on the Switch can assist you in familiarizing yourself with a new video game genre?

8 Platformer - Super Mario 3D World

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play To Get Into A New Genre

The platformer genre is one that many people grow up with but often forget about later on. However, the Switch is one of the best consoles when it comes to available platformers. There are titles like New Super Mario Bros., Mario Odyssey, as well as fantastic Kirby and Donkey Kong platformers.

However, if you're looking for a title that serves as the ideal introduction or reintroduction to platformers, then the refined 3D platforming of Super Mario 3D World is the top choice. The ability to play it in multiplayer or single-player mode provides you with various options, and the difficulty level of the content masterfully increases as you progress through the levels.

7 Action Adventure - The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play To Get Into A New

There are numerous options when it comes to action-adventure titles on the Switch, but one of the finest choices for beginners would be Breath of the Wild. This launch title for the Switch is part of the reason why the console has become so popular, and it's a game that people consistently return to.

It's an excellent option for newcomers to this genre due to the multitude of possibilities it offers, combined with enjoyable exploration. Some of the early battles may pose a challenge for beginners, but the world continually presents you with opportunities to approach them from new perspectives. As a result, you never feel like you're hitting a wall in your progress.

6 RPG - Dragon Quest 11 S

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play To Get Into A

The RPG genre is vast, but at times, it can feel like there's a somewhat high barrier to entry, as some titles are not particularly accessible. One long-standing RPG series that has gained immense popularity due to its accessibility is Dragon Quest, and Dragon Quest 11 on the Switch is a perfect example of that.

The game is undeniably one of the visually stunning titles on the console, plain and simple. The combat starts off fairly straightforward but becomes increasingly captivating as the engaging story unfolds. You also don't need to know anything about previous Dragon Quest titles—despite being listed as the eleventh installment, the story does not carry on from the previous ten titles.

5 Life Sim - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play To Get Into

One genre that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years is life simulation. There are many different types of experiences that focus on various aspects (for example, farming games are a common subgenre).

However, when it comes to accessible options, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a top-notch choice. This series is known for its laid-back nature, offering enjoyable activities as you embrace island life. This is one of the most flexible Animal Crossing titles, allowing you to customize and modify your island to your heart's content.

4 Shooter - Splatoon 3

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play To Get

One of the most popular genres in the entire gaming industry is the shooter genre, and these titles can be incredibly competitive and give the impression that they are challenging to get into. However, Nintendo has created the Splatoon series in response, with the colorful shooter being a highly accessible video game.

Instead of focusing on defeating enemies, the objective is to cover the map's ground with the color of your ink and outdo the opposing team. However, the game has more depth than that, but its straightforward premise makes it easy to learn and get engrossed in. While there is a solo mode, you can also enjoy your time playing with friends and strangers in the multiplayer mode.

3 Fighting - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play To

One of the most competitive genres in gaming, which can be quite challenging and demanding, is the fighting game genre. These games often stand in stark contrast to casual titles and can appear very intimidating for newcomers. However, the Smash Bros. series is largely regarded as an exception to this.

Although there is a huge competitive scene for Smash Bros., it is also one of the more accessible fighting games due to its platform-fighting nature. This genre places less emphasis on long and precise combos, and while mastering Smash Bros. Ultimate can be challenging, it is easy to casually play it with friends.

2 Strategy - Fire Emblem Engage

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play

The strategy game genre often appears inaccessible due to the amount of information one must process in real-time. However, newer titles are increasingly making efforts to make these experiences more accessible through smoother learning curves.

A great example of this is the changes made in the latest Fire Emblem games. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the finest examples on the Switch, where the balance between gameplay and storytelling ensures that the plot is easy to follow and the gameplay remains both entertaining and challenging.

1 Rhythm - Project Diva Megamix

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games To

Rhythm games have often been perceived as relatively niche. However, this genre can be incredibly entertaining and rewarding, especially if you are a music enthusiast. The best rhythm game for you largely depends on the type of music you enjoy the most.

If you're unsure where to start and interested in trying out a rhythm game that offers a lot of content and easy-to-learn gameplay, Project Diva Megamix is a good choice. J-Pop may not be everyone's favorite genre, but if you're open to trying something new, the fun you can derive from the variety of included songs is tremendous.