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8 Best Nintendo Switch Games with Post-Game Content

When reaching the end of a game, it's common to wish that you could just keep going. Unlike other forms of media, however, the credits sequence is not...

Josh West Sept 11, 2023
8 Best Nintendo Switch Games with Post-Game Content

When reaching the end of a game, it's common to wish that you could just keep going. Unlike other forms of media, however, the credits sequence is not always the end for games. There are many games that offer content after the main story concludes, and often these post-game contents are worth experiencing and can be just as enjoyable as the content before the ending.

The Switch has a huge library of games, and if you want to invest in a game that allows you to keep playing even after reaching the end, we have some of the best options available!

8 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games With Post-Game Content

In games of the Animal Crossing series, there is often no clear end to the game, and the games are designed for you to return to them repeatedly. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is no exception in that regard.

After spending enough time developing your island, you will see the credits sequence and might think that the game stops offering new content and mechanics. However, that is not the case. Once you have gone through the credits, the possibilities for island customization open up massively, and there is still hours of gameplay left for you to enjoy.

7 Hollow Knight

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games With Post-Game

The Metroidvania genre is one of the most popular subgenres in gaming, and the Switch is one of the best platforms to play some of the finest available games. While console-exclusive Metroidvanias like Metroid Dread excel on the Switch when it comes to post-game content, it's hard to beat the amount of content Hollow Knight has to offer.

After its release, Hollow Knight received several free updates that contributed significantly to the game's content, including entirely new campaigns. These are mostly available after completing the main story, and even if you have finished the main storyline, it often takes additional time to reach the true ending.

6 Nier: Automata

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games With

Nier: Automata was originally not released for the Switch, but the ambitious project was ported to the console several years later. This means that Switch owners now have the opportunity to play one of the most unconventional action-adventure games on the market.

The unconventional nature of this game also extends to its structure, and part of that pertains to what happens after the credits. Without giving away too much, Nier: Automata is not designed for a single playthrough, and starting over is actually encouraged, as there is so much new content and story to discover after the initial session.

5 Super Mario 3D World

8 Best Nintendo Switch Games

With the initial releases of Nintendo, the amount of content available after completing the game usually varies. However, Mario platformers typically offer a substantial amount of activities after defeating Bowser. Mario 3D World is no exception in this regard, as it features many new levels and areas that can be explored after defeating the "final" world.

There are additional challenging levels that have been designed to test the skills you have built up during the main storyline. There is even a bonus character that you can unlock after completing certain levels, significantly increasing the replay value of previous levels. You can also play the side story Bowser's Fury on the Switch port, which offers the same gameplay as the main game and immerses you in a small open world.

4 Monster Hunter Rise

8 Best Nintendo Switch

If you are a veteran of the Monster Hunter series, then you know how much content is hidden after the credits. However, if you are new to this series, you may not be aware of everything that is offered. After reaching the credits in Rise, it may feel like the game ends prematurely, with some unanswered questions.

This is addressed in the post-game, where the narrative continues, and you also encounter even more new monsters that you can hunt. Monster Hunter games are also known for receiving a lot of support after launch. Therefore, these additional missions and monsters serve to complement the content of the post-game.

3 Hades

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The premise of Hades is simple: it is a roguelike game where you control Zagreus and assist him in escaping the Underworld and his oppressive father Hades' rule. This is a challenging but attainable goal that requires a lot of skill to accomplish.

Once you have achieved this goal, it is by no means the end of the game or the story. In addition to the option of increasing the game's difficulty, the story also takes an intriguing turn with developments that even the most experienced players would not anticipate.

2 Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

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If you're looking for a high-quality RPG to immerse yourself in on the Switch, then Dragon Quest 11 is the best choice. The main game's narrative is already quite lengthy and completing it will provide a satisfying conclusion. However, once you reach the end, you may notice that a few loose ends in the story remain unresolved.

Here comes the final act into play, and the post-game begins. The post-game is extensive and full of new content, as well as a captivating continuation of the main story. If you're looking for an engaging narrative with more depth than an ordinary game, Dragon Quest 11 offers even more even after the presumed end.

1 Hyrule Warriors


One of the best spin-off games of a popular Nintendo series is Hyrule Warriors. This small series has two entries on the Switch: the port of the original from the Wii U and 3DS, as well as the sequel that focuses on the world of Breath of the Wild. Both offer ample content, but the amount of time you can invest in the original is impressive.

In addition to the main story, there are various other game modes that provide a challenge and allow you to make the most of the wide selection of playable characters.