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8 creepiest monsters in role-playing games (RPGs)

While traversing the vast realms of role-playing games, one typically encounters classic creatures such as rats and bats. However, there are also mome...

Luke Plunket Sept 24, 2023
8 creepiest monsters in role-playing games (RPGs)

While traversing the vast realms of role-playing games, one typically encounters classic creatures such as rats and bats. However, there are also moments when one comes across eerie creatures that instill an atmosphere of terror.

If ever you find yourself face to face with these terrifying monsters, you will likely remember their grotesque and eerie appearances for a long time. They also leave a lasting impression through their introduction, their movements, and the horrifying sounds they emit. When you defeat these monsters, you will feel relieved that the entire ordeal is finally over. Until, of course, you encounter them in your nightmares.

8 Ghoul - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

8 Scariest Monsters In RPGs

In the remake of Final Fantasy 7, the Ghoul creature is presented with a classic, ghostly introduction. Boxes and lights are seemingly thrown at Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa by an invisible force. When it finally becomes visible, it reveals itself as a spooky specter of uncanny presence.

Its bony arms are enveloped in tattered fabric, and its long claws are stained red, as if soaked in blood. Its abdomen appears to have a face with glowing yellow eyes and a menacing grin. Above this face, there are even more eyes, reminiscent of a spider. It is rather unsettling to feel so many eyes fixed upon you.

7 Ultimate Chimera - Mother 3

8 Scariest Monsters In

As they venture through the Chimera Laboratory in Mother 3, Lucas and the group strive to escape the ultimate Chimera that roams within the facility. If the ultimate Chimera catches you, it results in an immediate game over. The fear of this monster lies not so much in its appearance but rather in its intimidating presence.

Hearing the resounding roar of the ultimate Chimera through the walls and not knowing if it will be lurking behind the next opened door is unsettling. It becomes particularly eerie when you believe you are safe, only for it to pound against the door, attempting to break through. However, in order to obtain the magnificent ring later in the game, you must once again confront the ultimate Chimera, which can come as a shock if you are not expecting its return.

6 Mind Stealer - Skies Of Arcadia

8 Scariest Monsters

The Thought Thieves from Skies of Arcadia would not be out of place in a horror film. This enemy is the stuff nightmares are made of—a human corpse revived by a parasitic insect that has taken root on their head, controlling the lifeless body.

Encountering multiple Thought Thieves is an eerie experience. The design combines two unsettling elements—corpses and insects—sending a shiver down your spine when you come across them in the catacombs. These monsters leave a lasting impression on you, making you hope that you're not next on the list of the parasitic insect.

5 Clifftop Bayern - Xenoblade Chronicles

8 Scariest

If the Antols in Xenoblade Chronicles weren't terrifying enough, the unique monster Cliffside Bayern takes it to the next level. As you are lured by an item needed for a side quest, you make your way to the edge of a cliff on the Bionis' Leg, only to be taken by surprise by Cliffside Bayern, creeping up from the side of the cliff to challenge Shulk and the group.

Considering the fact that you can encounter the monster at such an early stage, you are likely to be ill-prepared to contend with Cliffside Bayern. Its terrifying appearance will catch you off guard, leaving you with little choice but to abandon the item and retreat for safety reasons. Interestingly, Shulk recalls this encounter in the DLCs of Xenoblade Chronicles 3—perhaps it triggered a lifelong arachnophobia within him...

4 Winter Lantern - Bloodborne


Bloodborne is filled with nightmarish creatures, but the Winter Lantern is perhaps one of the most disturbing. The Winter Lantern has the ability to inflict madness upon your character and possesses deadly tentacles capable of seizing you.

This monster resembles the human body from the neck down, but its head tells a completely different tale. Its head resembles a massive brain with multiple scattered eyes. When you're in its vicinity, it also emits an eerie song, creating a haunting atmosphere as you contemplate whether it's worth engaging with the creature or if it's better to flee.

3 Anima - Final Fantasy 10

You first encounter Anima when Maester Seymour summons her in the form of an aeon during the blitzball game in Luca. She is summoned to destroy the attacking monsters. Anima's appearance sharply contrasts with the other aeons in Final Fantasy 10 due to her macabre design, resembling more of a horror entity.

Her arms are crossed over her chest as if she were lying in a grave, held in place by chains. The texture of her skin gives off a mummified impression, with long fangs protruding from her sharp-toothed mouth. If that wasn't enough, she appears to be inspired by a Venus flytrap. It is possible that Anima's design symbolizes a soul trapped in purgatory, reflecting the game's storyline.

2 Abomination - Suikoden 2

Appropriately named, Abomination is a boss summoned by Neclord in Suikoden 2 to eliminate the party. It is a gigantic monster with five faces that blur the line between flesh and bone, and an exposed ribcage on its abdomen.

Despite having two hands, Abomination moves on all fours, giving the impression that it will pounce on the party at any moment. What's even creepier is that this monster crawls across the ground like a spider, independently moving each of its limbs. Abomination can be challenging to defeat, especially since it can damage all members of your party by leaping and crushing them.

1 The Caretaker - The Witcher 3

When you first catch a glimpse of the Caretaker in The Witcher 3, he appears to be an ordinary man, but as soon as he turns his face, the illusion is shattered. Instead of seeing a face, the Caretaker has a piece of skin attached to his head with clamps, and it appears that the wound has not fully healed yet, as blood is seeping out at the edges.

Although it doesn't have eyes or a nose, it still possesses a mouth. Even more unsettling, however, is that it doesn't speak and instead emits otherworldly sounds when Geralt fights against it.