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8 Games To Play If You Enjoy Party Animals

Party Animals is an entertaining game to enjoy with friends, and it brings humor to witness the furry characters engage in battles for dominance withi...

David K Sept 27, 2023
8 Games To Play If You Enjoy Party Animals

Party Animals is an entertaining game to enjoy with friends, and it brings humor to witness the furry characters engage in battles for dominance within various arenas. However, it is unfortunate that the game was initially released without local multiplayer support, limiting its gameplay exclusively to online multiplayer.

If you are seeking alternatives to Party Animals, there are several games that can provide you with fast-paced and chaotic gameplay while introducing unique elements to the match dynamics. These games can be seen as comparable to Party Animals, as they are exceptional choices for playing with friends and enjoying laughter amidst the unpredictable twists and moments they present.

8 Golf With Your Friends

8 Games To Play If You Like Party Animals

Golf with Your Friends is a multiplayer game that has gained popularity since its release. It offers an enjoyable experience where you and your friends compete to complete courses as quickly as possible, each with its own set of obstacles to overcome. The game allows you to customize your characters and offers a variety of game modes to play.

In the game, you have the opportunity to utilize the environment to your advantage and execute impressive shots that can surprise everyone in the match, or alternatively, fail spectacularly, resulting in some good laughs. Each course offers a unique twist, ensuring that the game remains engaging and fresh for extended play sessions with a set group of players.

7 Stick Fight: The Game

8 Games To Play If You Like Party

Stick Fight: The Game is a multiplayer brawler where you engage in battles against your friends, controlling stick figures. The game provides a wide range of weapons, items, and scenarios in which the fights take place, resulting in wild matches where everything comes together explosively. While it is easy to pick up and start playing, mastering the game can be challenging, adding an extra layer of excitement. It motivates you to improve your skills and strive to outperform your friends.

The unpredictable nature of Stick Fight: The Game leads to absurd moments where you might find yourself shooting snakes at your friends with a bazooka, only to have the snake turn against you instead. The combination of chaos, fast-paced action, and the game's simplicity keeps you engaged and encourages you to continue playing and having fun with your group.

6 Move Or Die

8 Games To Play If You Like

Move, Or Die is an enjoyable competitive party game where you and your friends compete in a variety of mini-games. As you engage in the competition, you must also be careful not to fall off the screen, adding an extra element of excitement to the gameplay. This aspect adds an additional factor to consider, emphasizing the importance of both winning and avoiding the risk of losing by falling off the screen.

It is a game that offers a great deal of enjoyment when played with a group of friends, as things can become quite chaotic in a short amount of time. To come out on top, you must multitask and maintain focus on the goal, increasing the challenge and excitement of achieving victory.

5 Among Us

8 Games To Play If You

This game has become a sensation on the internet due to its deductive gameplay and intense moments while performing tasks or plotting to eliminate other players as a crew member. Among Us is a popular game where the objective is to collaborate and identify the impostor among the crew or, as the impostor, eliminate the entire crew without being caught.

Among Us creates an atmosphere of suspicion that is highly entertaining to play with friends. The uncertainty of not knowing which one of your buddies might be the impostor adds an exhilarating thrill to the experience. Uncovering the identity of the culprit or successfully evading detection brings immense satisfaction and makes for enjoyable banter. It's a game that challenges your detective and social skills, requiring you to rely on them to emerge as the victor.

4 Fall Guys

8 Games To Play If

Fall Guys has become an internet sensation due to its charming character designs and collaborations with various franchises. The game revolves around a battle royale format but with a significant twist, as it takes you on a delightful journey filled with silly and entertaining mini-games to compete in.

In Fall Guys, there are sections where you can collaborate as a team, while others require individual effort. Regardless of the type of section you find yourself in, playing with friends means you'll always participate together and have a silly, enjoyable time. The game's cute visuals, filled with vibrant pastel colors, add to the overall charm and fun experience.

3 Overcooked

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If you believe that cooking is easy in video games, you are mistaken. Overcooked is an enjoyable game to play with friends, where you take on the challenge of serving orders throughout its adventurous gameplay. It requires a significant amount of teamwork to succeed. The wide variety of recipes, dishes, and levels make for an entertaining journey as you strive to master each dish to perfection.

The chaotic gameplay of Overcooked makes it an ideal co-op game, where the kitchens can become perilous if you're not attentive. Gather three friends and take on the challenges that await you, such as preparing dishes on moving trains, ever-changing kitchen layouts, and more. If you're looking to truly test your teamwork, there is no better game than Overcooked.

2 Ultimate Chicken Horse

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Ultimate Chicken Horse is the perfect game for sabotaging your friends (and even yourself) since it revolves around creating platformer levels. You and your friends are provided with items that you must strategically place on the map as you construct your level. The level includes an assortment of platforms, hazards, and items, all designed to help or hinder your progress towards reaching the finish line.

It is a fun and exhilarating game where the objective is to make it challenging for your friends to reach the goal without making it too difficult for yourself. Strategically placing traps and obstacles requires careful thinking as you plan your path to victory in a fast-paced race to be the first player to conquer the level. It provides plenty of laughter, especially when the level proves to be so challenging that everyone struggles to beat it.

1 Gang Beasts

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Gang Beasts is a humorous game where you take control of gelatinous characters and engage in brutal fight sequences, all while navigating through ridiculously perilous environments. These environments include hazards like drowning in water, falling off construction sites, or battling in a plummeting elevator. The game offers a variety of modes and maps to enjoy, allowing for wild and chaotic fights.

Part of the appeal of Gang Beasts is the intentionally challenging controls, which add an extra layer of difficulty as you battle against both your friends and the controls themselves. The entertaining slaps and interactions in the game make for enjoyable spectacles, such as attempting to throw your friends into a grinder only to end up being pulled in yourself, or witnessing your friends teaming up to toss you into an incinerator. Some maps demand strategic thinking as the chaos escalates rapidly, offering numerous hazards to experiment with and employ against your friends in order to be the last fighter standing in the arena.