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8 Games to Play If You Like Lies of P

Lies of P is a Souls-like hack-and-slash game from developers Neowiz Games and Round8 Studios, played from a third-person perspective. The game offers...

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8 Games to Play If You Like Lies of P

Lies of P is a Souls-like hack-and-slash game from developers Neowiz Games and Round8 Studios, played from a third-person perspective. The game offers a dark and violent retelling of Pinocchio, where you assume the role of the eponymous character and awaken in a world gripped by a civil war between humans and puppets.

The game offers action-packed and challenging combat set against a breathtaking Gothic environment. The aesthetic design of Lies of P is such a unique element that only a handful of games capture the same atmosphere. If you love the game and actively seek something similar in both gameplay and design, there are several games you should be aware of.

8 Vampyr

8 Games To Play If You Like Lies Of P

Developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and released in 2018, Vampyr is a horror action RPG set in post-World War I London during the outbreak of the Spanish flu. The game allows you to don the coat and stethoscope of Dr. Jonathan Reid, who unwillingly becomes a vampire. You will be forced to choose between yielding to your thirst, which enhances your powers and abilities, or remaining true to your Hippocratic Oath and saving the citizens at the cost of your strength.

The game does not feature the relentless combat style of Lies of P but rather resembles games like the Batman Arkham series. It is also not as challenging, which is good news for those who are not fans of the Souls-like formula. However, what it shares with Lies of P is the overall aesthetic design in Victorian style, the presentation, and the dark atmosphere.

7 Mortal Shell

8 Games To Play If You Like Lies Of

Aesthetically, Mortal Shell from developer Cold Symmetry bears more similarities to Dark Souls. However, Mortal Shell rewards a more aggressive playstyle, similar to Lies of P, as opposed to Dark Souls' slower and more strategic, defense-oriented combat.

Mortal Shell is an indie Souls-like game that went largely unnoticed by many people. That's truly a shame because, although it's a bit unpolished, the game is still quite solid and has an interesting core concept. Additionally, there is a DLC where you can replace the soundtrack with songs from the black metal band Rotting Christ. Truly epic.

6 The Last Faith

8 Games To Play If You Like Lies

Although the gameplay is completely different, The Last Faith from developer Kumi Souls Games shares several parallels with Lies of P in terms of presentation. The Last Faith is a Metroidvania action-adventure game that openly displays its influences from Bloodborne.

The game combines beautiful pixel art with its imposing backdrop of a dark and gloomy Gothic metropolis in the Victorian era. The Last Faith is a fusion of Metroidvania and Souls-like elements and should be on the radar of fans of both genres.

5 Remnant 2

8 Games To Play If You Like

If you enjoy the Souls-like elements of Lies of P but would like to defeat enemies from a distance, Remnant 2 could be exactly what you're looking for. Imagine Dark Souls with firearms: Remnant 2 is an action-packed RPG with third-person shooter elements and a post-apocalyptic setting. The game heavily focuses on ranged weapons, but you still have melee options if you prefer getting up close and personal.

Certain levels or biomes in the game also feature a touch of aesthetic Victorian Gothic style. Remnant 2 is an interesting change of pace if you're looking for something different from the typical hack-and-slash games that make up the majority of this genre.

4 Thymesia

8 Games To Play If You

Thymesia is a Soulslike action RPG played from a third-person perspective, set in the fictional kingdom of Hermes. The game world is inspired by the plague that ravaged Europe in the 14th century. You play as Corvus, an amnesiac plague doctor, who embarks on a quest to end the deadly pandemic and regain his memories.

The game is fast-paced and brutal, even the weakest enemies pose a significant threat if you're careless. The combat mechanics are also diverse, as Corvus is capable of wielding a wide range of weapon types that cater to specific playstyles.

3 Nightmare Creatures 2

8 Games To Play If

Nightmare Creatures 2 is an action game in a gothic-horror style for the PS1, developed by Kalisto Entertainment and published by Konami. The game is set in 1930s London and puts you in the torn coats and psyche of Herbert Wallace, a physically mutilated and tormented soul who served as an experimental subject for the malevolent occultist Adam Crowley. Herbert escapes from the London asylum where he was imprisoned and embarks on a bloody revenge quest against Crowley, wielding a fire axe.

Although it is not a Souls-like game, Nightmare Creatures 2 incorporates a similarly dark and gloomy atmosphere like Lies of P. Along with the tormented protagonist trope and the fast-paced and brutal combat, it is not far-fetched to say that Nightmare Creatures 2 has laid the foundation for future gothic action games.

2 Steelrising

8 Games To Play

Steelrising is a Souls-like action game from a third-person perspective that offers an alternative portrayal of the French Revolution of 1798. You play as Aegis, a female automaton and bodyguard of Queen Marie Antoinette, whose task is to put an end to the chaos unleashed by King Louis XVI with his own army of robots in Paris.

The game showcases real existing locations, albeit with a steampunk and gothic twist that is undoubtedly breathtaking. Steelrising incorporates fast and stylish combat mechanics as well as a vast open game world to explore. In contrast to the typical Souls-like games that inspired it, Steelrising is relatively straightforward, apart from a few bosses here and there. Steelrising and Lies of P certainly share similarities, such as robotic protagonists and an aesthetic design in the Victorian style.

1 Bloodborne

8 Games To

The game that inspired many of the elements present in Lies of P is Bloodborne, a gothic action RPG developed by FromSoftware. Labeling Bloodborne as a Soulslike is redundant since it was developed by the same team that created the entire genre.

Bloodborne also focuses more on themes of human existentialism and morality, as well as the frantic and aggressive combat mechanics found in Lies of P. If you enjoy Lies of P, there is no better game to follow it up with than the one that inspired it.