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9 Best Horror Games for Android

Let's admit it: Mobile games have often been considered several steps below console and PC games. Initially, mobile games lacked depth and immersion c...

Linda Carroll Sept 17, 2023
9 Best Horror Games for Android

Let's admit it: Mobile games have often been considered several steps below console and PC games. Initially, mobile games lacked depth and immersion compared to their counterparts, and they were nothing more than a casual way to pass the time while waiting for something else. However, that is no longer the case nowadays.

In addition to the highly popular strategy games that put mobile gaming on the map, such as Mobile Legends, which was initially developed exclusively for mobile devices, there are also several fantastic horror games that will give you nightmares at night. Some of these horror games are free, while others are paid; in any case, they are the scariest horror games you can play on your Android device.

9 I Am Innocent

9 Best Horror Games For Android

"I Am Innocent" is a captivating detective puzzle game where you investigate a macabre murder case that seems to be connected to the disappearance of your character's sister. The game is designed to simulate the use of your smartphone as the primary tool for the investigation. You will have to analyze text messages, photos, documents, and phone call recordings to find clues that will help you uncover what happened to your sister.

The game doesn't have many jump-scare moments, but it creates an eerie story that is enhanced by gameplay mechanics and design prioritizing full immersion in the game.

8 Distraint

9 Best Horror Games For

With many similarities to Silent Hill, Distraint is certainly another great addition to your collection of horror games for mobile devices. This is a 2D psychological horror adventure where you play as Price, a repossessor tasked with seizing and reclaiming properties on behalf of a company. Of course, not everything will go smoothly, and Price will have to confront moral dilemmas and inner demons if he wants to secure the rise he has always dreamed of.

The game doesn't rely on cheap jump scares, and the horror arises from a combination of atmosphere, an engaging story, and sound design. Speaking of sound design, Distraint is one of those games that benefits from headphones.

7 Eyes

9 Best Horror Games

Eyes is a first-person survival horror game that skips the gradual build-up of tension and instead focuses on shocking jump scares. It is one of the best horror games on Android, offering nerve-wracking hide-and-seek gameplay where you are confronted with various types of creepy monsters that chase you through every corridor in labyrinthine mazes.

The game can also be played online in co-op mode and offers various game modes that provide different challenges. In general, Eyes is more of an experience like a horror house in an amusement park rather than something aiming for disruption. That's not a bad thing, and an entertaining approach to a horror game is always a win.

6 Insomnia

9 Best Horror

With the success of Five Nights at Freddy's, it is expected that there will be further entries in the new and distinct genre that Scott Cawthon has pioneered. Enter Insomnia by developer HumbleGames, which features similar gameplay mechanics to Five Nights.

You must fend off the numerous ghouls that attack at night, and the only way to survive is with your reliable flashlight. Unfortunately, battery life in these games is often pretty poor, so you must only use it when necessary. Audio cues will be an important aspect of the game, and it is a must to play it at night.

5 Slender: The Arrival

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The game that kickstarted the indie horror renaissance, Slender: The Arrival, is also available for Android devices and just as terrifying as before. The game has a fairly simple premise that has become a standard in many indie games. You are placed in a creepy location and must collect a series of items while being relentlessly pursued by a malevolent entity. It's a simple horror formula that Slender introduced and requires little improvement.

Although the original game was released in 2013, Android didn't receive its filling until 2018 with Slender Man. Fortunately, Blue Isle Studios Inc. has certainly delivered a perfect port with all its creepiness. If you are a fan of the classic Creepypasta urban legend, installing Slender: The Arrival on your Android device is a must. It's a timeless horror game that still gives you goosebumps to this day.

4 Limbo


A dark indie platformer that rarely relies on cheap jump scares but still stands as one of the best horror games on Android is Limbo, a cult classic by developer Playdead. The game features a somber black-and-white aesthetic in which you play as a young, nameless boy searching for his sister in a mysterious world filled with aggressive inhabitants, deadly traps, and giant spiders.

The vague story of Limbo adds to the unsettling atmosphere of the game, as you never truly understand your objective. All you know is that you must keep moving forward. In fact, that's all you can do. This uncertainty contributes to the enigmatic, nebulous world in which the game takes place. The game can become somewhat challenging in certain sections as the platform puzzles become suddenly more difficult, but nothing too frustrating. For fans of horror games, Limbo is definitely a must-have on your mobile device.

3 Five Nights At Freddy’s

The tremendous success of Five Nights at Freddy's upon its debut on PC has inevitably led to ports of the game. When contemplating this, playing Five Nights on a portable device enhances the gameplay design, where one monitors security cameras. It can even be argued that playing the game on a tablet significantly heightens the immersion in the gaming experience.

Five Nights at Freddy's is a game that startles you with frights per minute, and the jump scares become more frequent as the game progresses. There is no slow build-up of tension in the game; everything moves at a breathtaking pace. Therefore, Five Nights is the perfect mobile horror game if you are not fond of the slow-burn type of horror and seek something that serves you both the main course and appetizers simultaneously.

2 Alien: Isolation

Indeed, one of the greatest and most nerve-wracking horror games of all time is also available for Android devices. And what's even better? The mobile port of the game is not even a downgrade, as it flawlessly captures the suffocating, claustrophobic sense of unease found in its console and PC counterparts.

Furthermore, if you believe that the Xenomorph in the Android version of Alien: Isolation will be toned down (thus making it easier), I'm sorry to say that's not the case. The AI for the mobile version remains devious, cunning, and clever. If you desire a truly terrifying experience for your Android mobile phone or tablet, few games can instill as much fear as Alien: Isolation.

1 Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a popular asymmetrical survival horror game by Behavior Interactive, where you and a few friends take on the role of survivors pitted against a killer. The game is the exquisite nightmare of any horror enthusiast, as it now offers a multitude of horror icons, from Michael Myers to the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, thanks to numerous expansions.

Only a few games can combine fun and spine-chilling thrills as effectively as Dead by Daylight, and it is a must to play it with multiple friends to fully experience the game's potential. The abundance of content that Dead by Daylight now offers means there is absolutely no reason not to give it a try, as it has the potential to provide you with dozens of hours of enjoyment and terror.