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9 best wrong ways to play Minecraft

Since it is a sandbox game, there is no specific way to play a game like Minecraft, although there are certain ways people control how they enjoy it. ...

Ali Jones Sept 10, 2023
9 best wrong ways to play Minecraft

Since it is a sandbox game, there is no specific way to play a game like Minecraft, although there are certain ways people control how they enjoy it. You may have come across online discussions debating whether certain tricks make the game too easy or certain playstyles distract you from ever completing the game. However, these opinions do not determine a predetermined way to have an enjoyable experience.

You can play Minecraft in various ways, and as long as you're having fun, that's all that matters. Games are a means to escape the limitations of reality, and imposing strict rules or playing in a specific manner takes away the essence of escapism for you.

9 Gain Access To Banned Books

9 Best Wrong Ways To Play Minecraft

In addition to visiting a virtual library of Alexandria filled with books that are banned in other countries, the mod "The Uncensored Library" features an impressive structure with intricate gardens and a massive building resembling historical depictions of the actual monument. This mod makes knowledge more accessible, even if it does not directly contribute to your gameplay.

Get to know the world around you better and immerse yourself by spending hours reading books in a virtual library. Some of these books cover various topics and even contain spectacular journalism.

8 Imprison The Locals

9 Best Wrong Ways To Play

Do you feel a bit annoyed when people constantly get in your way in the villages? Do you constantly hear steady grunts and hmms? Well, why not try spending your time in the game by imprisoning the local residents?

Build a 4x4 structure and practically capture any NPC you encounter who doesn't immediately attack you. Expand the cage if you're generous enough and eventually add one or two companions for your captives. Literally construct your own Gulag and hoard every humanoid creature in your vicinity – in Minecraft, there are no limits.

7 Collect Every Animal And Make A Zoo

9 Best Wrong Ways To

If you enjoy taking care of and nurturing various animals, Minecraft offers a selection of them that are ready to be tamed and showcased in your base. Keep all the animals you find in separate cages near each other and condemn them to eternal servitude just to make your base look more aesthetically pleasing to you.

They don't require any food as long as nothing harms them, and breeding them is quite simple as well. This endeavor may take a while, especially if you're also trying to collect fish, but it's definitely not a bad way to transform your gameplay. It's not something essential for survival, but it's definitely worth showing off when someone visits your world.

6 Mine Without Tools

9 Best Wrong Ways

Let out your inner "ooga booga" caveman vibe and reject all the benefits of using modern tools. Although a Minecraft pro might judge you for your decision, it is infinitely tougher to mine with bare hands instead of relying on convenient tools for lazy people who lack patience.

Simply attack the ground or any enemy with your bare fists because it's much cooler to do it that way. It's as hardcore as it gets and definitely raises the stakes when facing a whole horde in caves.

5 End The Game Without Any Armor

9 Best Wrong

Perhaps similar to the risk of risking everything in survival mode, if you're okay with occasionally getting frustrated because you die easily, try finishing the game without using any armor you can craft or find.

Like a true Dark Souls expert, you too can embrace the effort to make the game more challenging for yourself. The higher the stakes while you're in the Nether, the better. Just don't forget to always have enough food in your inventory.

4 Mine Straight Down Nonstop

9 Best

It won't take long for you to reach the bedrock layer if you do that, but there's even a chance you might find some cool-looking lava. If you're a big fan of molten rock and indestructible substances, this is an effective way to quickly find these items.

Simply grit your teeth and repeatedly dig yourself in and out of a hole - this way, you might even find a few diamonds. It's worth a try if the "conventional" way of playing Minecraft becomes boring to you and you want to forgo relying on pro tips and tricks.

3 Messing With The Local Wildlife


While this shouldn't be possible in any other game, Minecraft allows you to play it in your own way. If you find particular enjoyment in building impractical contraptions for creatures you don't particularly sympathize with, then it's worth a try. It's certainly a unique way to unleash your creativity.

A simple online Google search is enough to find a variety of inventions specifically designed to make your virtual pet's life a living hell. It's a unique way to decorate your base or feel like a ruthless villain, akin to Attila the Hun or something of that sort.

2 Destroying Everything In Creator Mode

If complete destruction is what brings you joy, then it might be your destiny to join a Minecraft server just to wreak havoc. You can team up with other players or attempt to single-handedly obliterate an entire base.

Although not the kindest way to interact with the local wildlife, it's an exhilarating way to assert your dominance and showcase your demolition skills. You can explore your map and search for TNT or create your own mountains. It's not an easy task as it will require a lot of time.

1 Farming Mobs

Exploiting the mechanics of a game can make it easier, but it can also make you richer than anyone else. So, if you find a great way to generate a lot of income, don't hesitate just because it ultimately removes the challenge of collecting certain materials.

Let a machine do all the hard work for you. At the end of the day, even building such a machine requires a certain level of skill and effort. These monuments are not easy to set up at all. It takes a lot of your resources and careful attention to detail to construct these monuments.