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9 Horror games with the most extensive background story

Many horror games tend to rely on their simple approach of an abandoned house and a constant sequence of jump scares. However, for a horror game to tr...

Jennifer Jett Sept 18, 2023
9 Horror games with the most extensive background story

Many horror games tend to rely on their simple approach of an abandoned house and a constant sequence of jump scares. However, for a horror game to truly seep into your subconscious, it requires a compelling narrative and backstory.

A compelling backstory can significantly enhance the impact of a horror game and open up numerous possibilities for future sequels. It can also keep you glued to your seat despite the absolute terror the game exerts upon you. The significance of the backstory in any form of storytelling should not be underestimated, and when it comes to horror games, there are a few that master the art of world-building to perfection.

9 Five Nights At Freddy’s

9 Horror Games With The Most Lore

Five Nights at Freddy's started as an independent horror game that offered a "scare per minute" experience and garnered much praise for its simple presentation and highly effective jump scares. However, with the release of its sequels, the dark narrative of FNAF began to expand further, introducing a complex backstory and adding a puzzle piece to each new installment of the series. It was only with FNAF 4 that a wealth of revelations and information emerged, connecting the dots between the previous games while also leaving a multitude of unresolved storylines.

The backstory of FNAF is a tangled web of threads that will require considerable effort to unravel, considering how vague and intricate the story has been presented over the years. Nevertheless, FNAF fans adore developing theories and attempting to understand the events of the games, and that is undoubtedly one of the fascinating charms of this series.

8 Siren

9 Horror Games With The Most

One of the greatest cult classic games for the PS2 is the incredibly unsettling Siren. The enhanced graphics of the PlayStation 3 remake, Siren: Blood Curse, significantly contribute to the disturbing themes and nature of the game. However, the original Siren still manages to present all the jump scares perfectly. Therefore, the PS2 version is recommended as the preferred starting point for those curious about this horror game.

Regarding the backstory, Siren sheds light on the rich and diverse Japanese mythology. The setting of a secluded village whose inhabitants have transformed into bloodthirsty murderers is the stuff nightmares are made of, and the distinctly Japanese aesthetic further intensifies the eerie atmosphere of the game. Siren intertwines the supernatural with Japanese folklore, resulting in an exceptionally intriguing and chilling combination.

7 Yomawari Series

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The Yomawari series, developed by NIS, is a slow-burn type of game that steadily builds up and raises the stakes as you progress. Don't be deceived by the rather cute characters and aesthetic design, for these horror games are as unsettling as they come. They may not be conventionally terrifying, but instead, they evoke a slowly creeping fear that embeds itself in your mind.

Yomawari: Night Alone (2015) is the first installment of the series and is also regarded as the finest. However, each Yomawari entry is exceptional in its own right, and all of them come highly recommended to horror game enthusiasts. While each installment tells a different story, they are all subtly interconnected.

6 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

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One of the most disturbing horror games of all time can be found on Nintendo's family-friendly GameCube console. Yes, back when Nintendo was primarily known for its family-oriented selection of games, they released this macabre gem. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is best known for its innovative gameplay elements that break the fourth wall, but it also boasts a rich backstory heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

As it should be, the game encompasses various eras of time, ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. In this third-person horror game, players assume the unfortunate role of Alexandra Roivas as she investigates the brutal murder of her grandfather in his sprawling estate in Rhode Island. There, she discovers a book bound in human skin (a clear homage to the Evil Dead series) titled "The Tome of Eternal Darkness." The book is filled with accounts from different periods of history, revealing an unseen world from your darkest nightmares.

5 Fatal Frame Series

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Undoubtedly, the Fatal Frame series ranks among the most chilling video game franchises and, thanks to its shared universe, possesses a rather profound backstory. While each game in the Fatal Frame series tells a different story, they are interconnected in one way or another, whether through references to previous games or the appearance of former main characters.

The series perfectly captures the chilling atmosphere for which Japanese horror classics like The Ring and Ju-On are known. If you are a fan of the dark themes of Japanese horror and ghosts in general, Fatal Frame will meet all your expectations and offer much more. Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly is still considered the best installment in the series based on fan response. It also holds one of the most story-rich narratives in the series.

4 Dead Space Series

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The Dead Space series is cosmic horror at its finest. While Alien: Isolation also has a fairly good backstory thanks to the film franchise it is based on, Dead Space dives into the "horror" aspect in such an unflinching manner that every aspect of the game is simply more unsettling.

When it comes to violence and bloodshed, Dead Space certainly surpasses Resident Evil with its more brutal and realistic portrayal of violence. However, don't think that the carnage is the only thing Dead Space has to offer, as it delves into Lovecraftian mythos and provides more cosmic horror than you can shake your plasma cutter at. The Dead Space backstory is further complemented by comics, novels, and film spin-offs, all of which are quite good in their own ways.

3 Resident Evil Series


What started as a biohazard outbreak in an abandoned villa in the middle of nowhere has now evolved into a full-fledged adventure revolving around a corrupt mega corporation and menacing monsters that seek to destroy the world. Resident Evil has definitely grown into a standalone series over the years.

With already over 30 games in its collection, the Resident Evil series has stretched its backstory multiple times as William Birkin underwent mutations in Resident Evil 2. With the latest entries expanding the backstory in a different and unique direction, one can expect that the story of Resident Evil is far from over. So prepare yourself for more twists and turns on the blood-soaked and zombie-infested path of this popular survival horror series.

2 Silent Hill Series

Another classic horror game series that debuted around the same time as Resident Evil is the Silent Hill series. It has had its highs and lows. Although it has lost some of its reputation with its recent entries, Konami seems determined to bring this esteemed horror game series back into the spotlight. When it comes to the story, Silent Hill is certainly more convoluted than its body horror and blood-centered rival, Resident Evil.

Silent Hill tends to have a vague backstory that revolves around a lot of symbolism, which is why it also has one of the most fan theories across horror games. Many entries in Silent Hill, especially Silent Hill 2, are open to interpretation. The overall background story of Silent Hill draws from the dark side of the psychological and human condition. One could argue that this is far more disturbing and frightening than an eerily powerful executioner with an oversized helmet and sword, which Silent Hill also possesses.

1 Bloodborne

Like many other IPs from FromSoftware, Bloodborne is rich in background story. Although it presents it in FromSoftware's typical vague narrative style, Bloodborne still manages to offer even the most inattentive player a good dose of bloody tales.

The story of Bloodborne plunges you deep into the abyss. Starting with the usual monster tropes, the game hurls you into the mysterious depths of Lovecraftian cosmic horror. Delving into the background story of Bloodborne is actually part of the fun for many of its fans, and you have more than six feet to dig, as it doesn't hesitate to string together cryptic pieces of information.