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A Dragon's Epic Journey: Kiryu and Ichiban Unite in Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the latest installment from RGG Studio, takes the formerly-known-as Yakuza franchise to new heights of ambition. In th...

Gina Vivinetto Jan 23, 2024
A Dragon's Epic Journey: Kiryu and Ichiban Unite in Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the latest installment from RGG Studio, takes the formerly-known-as Yakuza franchise to new heights of ambition. In this epic adventure, protagonist Ichiban Kasuga finds himself teaming up with the legendary Kiryu Kazuma, the series' iconic former protagonist. But this partnership brings its own challenges, as Kiryu's shadow threatens to overshadow Ichiban's rise to fame. However, through narrative brilliance and a captivating conclusion, the torch is passed, solidifying Ichiban's place as the new face of Like A Dragon.

The heart of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth revolves around the dissolution of the yakuza and the series' attempt to distance itself from the criminal underworld that has defined its previous entries. Both Ichiban and Kiryu are driven by the resurgence of yakuza activity, despite their diverging paths. Ichiban embarks on a quest to Hawaii, accompanied by new allies Chitose and Tomizawa, as well as Kiryu himself. What starts as a personal journey to reconcile his broken family soon unravels into a global conspiracy involving a cult exploiting ex-yakuza members. Ichiban's determination to stand against this injustice sets the stage for a thrilling adventure.

Kiryu's story, on the other hand, delves into his inner demons as he faces the late stages of cancer. Refusing treatment, he contemplates his heroic past and grapples with his profession. Kiryu's journey pays homage to the franchise's history, tying up loose ends and offering a fitting send-off. It's a true passing of the torch, ushering in a new era with Ichiban and his companions.

These intertwining stories expand the game's world, providing an exhilarating experience. From shark attacks to gang paradises, Vtuber conspiracy theories to shady underground factions, government secrets to heartwarming party member interactions, the narrative is richly colorful. Amidst the returning fan favorites, two standout characters are Chitose, whose story is consistently captivating, and Yamai, the head of a criminal syndicate in Hawaii. Yamai, with his mix of Kiryu's stoicism and distinctive character traits, steals the scenes he's in, leaving players eager for more.

The core gameplay experience of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is unparalleled. Set across beautifully realized locations such as Hawaii, Yokohama, and Kamurocho, exploration becomes a joy from the early hours of the game. Hawaii, in particular, offers a plethora of discoveries, from formidable enemy encounters to hidden loot containers. The addition of features like the ability to wave and make friends encourages players to explore on foot, despite the convenient electric scooter at their disposal.

A notable aspect of exploration in Infinite Wealth is the seamless integration of random enemies, collectibles, and sub-story locations. The game effortlessly guides Ichiban and his friends through the main narrative while allowing ample time for detours. The pacing remains balanced, ensuring players never feel overwhelmed by the abundance of content. The gradual unlocking of new areas creates a smooth progression that feels like climbing a mountain of excitement.

Once players immerse themselves in Ichiban's delusional combat state, Infinite Wealth truly shines. The game achieves a perfect fusion of the familiar, action-based beatdowns from previous entries and the strategic turn-based combat that made Like A Dragon so captivating. The combat system in Infinite Wealth evolves with two significant improvements: increased emphasis on positioning and the incorporation of the best elements from its predecessor.

Strategic positioning becomes crucial in Infinite Wealth. Manipulating enemies into tight groups opens opportunities for devastating area-of-effect attacks. Convenient arrow indicators assist players in planning their moves, showing the launch trajectory of enemies. Pre-attack movement allows characters to set up weapon strikes and back attacks, providing a wealth of strategic options. From straight-line strikes to circular motions and wide but short-range attacks, tactics abound, ensuring that no challenge lacks a solution.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth surpasses all expectations, delivering an epic journey that unites Kiryu and Ichiban. With its engaging narrative, diverse cast of characters, and refined gameplay mechanics, this installment stands as the pinnacle of the Yakuza franchise. It bids farewell to Kiryu while laying the foundation for a new decade-spanning adventure with Ichiban and his comrades. Prepare to be enthralled by this dragon's tale of infinite wealth and endless excitement!