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A Hilariously Horrifying Journey: The Best Third-Person Survival Horror Games

Horror games have evolved over the years, offering a variety of flavors and platforms to scare the living daylights out of us. While there are numerou...

Patrick Smith Feb 12, 2024
A Hilariously Horrifying Journey: The Best Third-Person Survival Horror Games

Horror games have evolved over the years, offering a variety of flavors and platforms to scare the living daylights out of us. While there are numerous options to choose from, the classic over-the-shoulder camera-wearing third-person survival horror games have truly captured our imaginations. Whether it's a remaster, remake, or a brand new IP, there's something in this genre to suit every horror lover's taste. So, if you're ready to be terrified, join me on a whimsical journey through some of the best third-person survival horror games available today.

  1. Dead Space Remake: A Necrotic Space Odyssey
    Developer: EA Motive | Publisher: Electronic Arts

In the vast expanse of horror games, the Dead Space franchise stands tall as a critical hit. The 2023 Dead Space remake reignited our love for this franchise, which had been left to rot and decay over the years. As Space Engineer Isaac Clarke, we find ourselves stuck on the crippled and corrupted Ishimura mining vessel. This colossal planet-cracker has become infested with a necrotic and mutated crew controlled by an otherworldly alien intellect. Armed with our wits and a wonderfully gory mutilation mechanic, we embark on a journey to save the day and uncover a mystery that dates back hundreds of years. Brace yourselves for a remastered horror experience that comes with a hearty recommendation for those who crave terror in space.

  1. Resident Evil 4 Remaster: Leon's Spanish Nightmare Reborn
    Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom

Ah, Resident Evil 4, the fan favorite that has received numerous remasters and ports over the years. This iconic game was bound to get a next-gen uplift after the success of the remakes of the first three games. Join Leon Kennedy on his horrible Spanish holiday, which has been given a fresh coat of terror. The remaster brings back all the old favorites, introduces exciting changes for certain characters, and even includes a brand new shooting gallery mini-game for our beloved Merchant. Get ready to delve into Ada's stand-alone campaign, now with a more fleshed-out story. This remaster is a must-play for all horror enthusiasts.

  1. Silent Hill 2 Remaster: Unearthing the Horrors of Blighted Burgh
    Developer: Bloober Team | Publisher: Konami

Silent Hill, a troubled and mismanaged series that once ruled the realm of third-person horror games. Among its iconic entries, Silent Hill 2 stands out as the pinnacle of the franchise. To revisit this classic, we must take Bloober Team's best attempt at a remaster out for a spin. Step into the shoes of James Sunderland as he navigates the mist-filled streets of Silent Hill in search of his wife, Mary. Unearth the horrible mystery that plagues this blighted burgh, and explore the depths of human grief, guilt, and punishment. With Konami's classic horror at your fingertips, prepare to be haunted like never before.

  1. Callisto Protocol: Dead Space's Cinematic Cousin
    Developer: Striking Distance Studios | Publisher: Krafton

If you're yearning for something akin to Dead Space but with a more cinematic flair, you can't go wrong with Callisto Protocol. Developed by the original team, this game takes you on a thrilling journey through the crumbling Black Iron Prison on Callisto. As Jacob Lee, played by the charismatic Josh Duhamel, you find yourself amidst chaos and destruction. Mutants roam freely, Security Droids crush inmates' heads, and it's an overall bad time for our new buddy Jacob. Brace yourself for a gore-filled whirlwind tour of the planet's blasted surface and the ruined secret sections of the station as Jacob fights to get back home.

  1. The Last Of Us: A Zombie-Filled Masterpiece
    Developer: Naughty Dog | Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

No list of the best third-person horror games would be complete without mentioning The Last Of Us. This groundbreaking game blended exciting gameplay, heart-wrenching cinematic scenes, and tight combat mechanics to earn its place in the gaming Hall of Fame. Join Joel and Ellie in a zombie-infested USA as they face unimaginable challenges in their fight for survival. Witness the lengths people will go to endure, battle hordes of infected, and try to hold back the tears as you reach the emotional finale. And if you don't have time for the game, fear not, as the surprisingly accurate TV show is there to captivate you.

  1. A Plague Tale: Requiem: Siblings, Rats, and Cursed Afflictions
    Developer: Asobo Studio | Publisher: Focus Entertainment

Continuing from the success of A Plague Tale: Innocence, Requiem takes us on a dark and challenging journey alongside siblings Amicia and Hugo. Seeking refuge from the chaos with a group called The Order, the siblings quickly find themselves in direstraits once again. Set in a plague-ridden medieval world, this game combines survival horror elements with a unique focus on stealth and puzzle-solving. Maneuver through swarms of ravenous rats, solve intricate environmental puzzles, and confront terrifying enemies as you uncover the secrets behind the plague and fight for your family's survival. With its stunning visuals and emotionally gripping storytelling, A Plague Tale: Requiem promises to be a worthy continuation of the series.

If you're a fan of third-person survival horror games, these titles will surely provide you with countless hours of fear-inducing gameplay and engaging storytelling. From the revamped horrors of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 to the atmospheric nightmares of Silent Hill and The Last Of Us, there's something for every horror lover. And with the upcoming releases of Callisto Protocol and A Plague Tale: Requiem, the future of the genre looks just as promising. So, buckle up, gather your courage, and embark on these hilariously horrifying journeys that will keep you on the edge of your seat.