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A small detail in a Skyrim tavern is perfect for immersion

The small details and features of Skyrim give both the expansive open world and the compact cities an atmosphere of realism and credibility.The real...

David K Sept 23, 2023
A small detail in a Skyrim tavern is perfect for immersion

The small details and features of Skyrim give both the expansive open world and the compact cities an atmosphere of realism and credibility.

The realistic bar service in the taverns of Skyrim contributes to the immersion of the game and makes players feel like they actually exist in the fictional world.

The nostalgic and quaint taverns in Skyrim hold a special place in the hearts of players, with their attention to detail adding to the charm and unforgettable atmosphere of the game.

The classic game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda may not be the most realistic game in the world, but it offers a multitude of small details and features that give the game a touch of realism and credibility. These small details can be found both in Skyrim's expansive open world and in the compact cities that populate the game map, and coming across them is often a welcome surprise for players.

Just like Oblivion before it, Skyrim takes place in a highly fantastical world, complete with dragons, powerful wizards, and honorable warriors. The game's setting adheres to the typical elements of traditional fantasy stories, but being a video game, there are certain aspects that can be explored and experienced better compared to other fantasy media. The sense of a grand adventure is a prime example, as Skyrim players can freely roam the expansive open world of the game practically from the beginning. The innate curiosity of players usually leads them to the many cities and villages of the land, where guilds, clubs, and taverns are filled with charm and atmosphere.

Skyrim's Realistic Bar Service Helps Create a Sense of Immersion

One Small Skyrim Bar Detail is Perfect for Immersion

It's easy to overlook, but visiting the bars and taverns in the many iconic cities of Skyrim can lead to a thoughtful and immersive experience. When a player sits down in a tavern, a server will approach them and serve food and drinks. This interaction can be experienced at many social gathering spots in the game, but many are likely to overlook it due to the multitude of other activities available in the establishments.

Of course, this small detail gets overshadowed by the multitude of spectacular and fantastic sights and events that occur during an average Skyrim gaming session, but it is nonetheless charming and impressive. Immersion is key in open-world RPGs, as it's important for players to fulfill the fantasy of actually existing in a particular fictional world. Skyrim has a reputation for being prone to glitches - a reputation that is justified - but small details like this serve as a reminder of the meticulous attention to detail that Bethesda Game Studios put into crafting the player experience.

It can be argued that precisely these small, easily overlooked details are actually the most important ones in conveying a strong sense of immersion and credibility. After all, it is more challenging to make the killing of dragons feel immersive and realistic since it is inherently fantastical and not something one experiences in daily life. On the other hand, sitting down in a bar or restaurant and receiving service is something most people are familiar with. Therefore, an in-game parallel to this everyday activity can significantly contribute to enhancing immersion. It also generally enhances the impression of well-crafted cities in Skyrim, making them appear richer, more vibrant, and more believable.

The taverns in Skyrim have become a symbol of nostalgia and tranquility for many players. Many fans of the famous role-playing game would likely admit to having fond memories of visiting the different establishments in the game, speaking with NPC quest givers, and chatting with the innkeepers. The detail of realistic service may go unnoticed by some, but it is a testament to the careful thought put into designing the game's taverns to make them peaceful, cozy, and believable. The character of these taverns has not quite been achieved in Bethesda's other games such as Starfield and Fallout 4, suggesting that they possess a certain uniqueness or special quality in Skyrim that makes them more memorable or distinctive. It is possible that these minor, seemingly insignificant details contribute to creating that magical feeling as they add to a greater charm.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.