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Armored Core 6 Attack on the Refueling Station - Step-by-Step Guide

Armored Core 6 offers a comprehensive customization experience for your AC, where you can personalize everything from weapons and armor to cosmetic el...

Chantal Da Silva Sept 07, 2023
Armored Core 6 Attack on the Refueling Station - Step-by-Step Guide

Armored Core 6 offers a comprehensive customization experience for your AC, where you can personalize everything from weapons and armor to cosmetic elements. As you progress in the game, you unlock more equipment. However, some special equipment items can only be obtained by finding battle logs scattered throughout the game's missions.

In the second mission of Chapter Three: Attack the Refueling Base, there are also two hidden battle logs to collect. Even if you find them, you must first complete the mission. It may sound simple, but there's a twist. In the end, you won't be challenged by a single boss, but rather by a demanding dual boss battle.

Mission Overview

Armored Core 6 Attack The Refueling Base Walkthrough

After completing the first mission in Chapter Three, Steal the Survey Data, your next task is to make your way to the heart of the PCA base and destroy the energy refinery facility.

This mission is relatively brief and to the point.

You only have two target logs to tackle, and during your mission, a few collectibles await you.

However, it is worth mentioning that you will encounter a challenging boss duo at the end of the mission. So be prepared for a potentially tough battle and consider adjusting your AC configuration to increase your chances of success.

Recommended Loadout

Armored Core 6 Attack The Refueling Base

Your AC equipment will be crucial, especially during the final boss battle, as the previous encounters mainly consist of simple enemies, with only one PCA LC opponent. This means that at the beginning of the mission, you have more flexibility with your equipment.

In line with the advice on equipment for the mission "Eliminate the Execution Commandos," it is very important to have the stun rod with you. This weapon can become your best friend when dealing with the bosses at the beginning of the chapter.

This is an extremely reliable weapon as it throws enemies off balance thanks to its combination with a higher rate and has a fast cooldown time. Moreover, it deals decent damage.

For your ranged weapon, any energy-based option like the plasma rifle should be sufficient for this encounter.

As for shoulder weapons, you should consider equipping missile launchers like the Vertical Rocket Launcher or SONGBIRDS. These can inflict significant damage, have a decent explosion radius, and disrupt enemies from a distance.

When it comes to choosing your armor, you should prioritize equipment that increases your AP (Armor Points), especially since you will be facing a duo boss.

Try to keep your overall loadout low to maintain agility during the mission, as this balance should benefit you in evading and escaping attacks.

How To Destroy The Energy Refinery Plant (First Section)

Armored Core 6 Attack The Refueling

At the beginning of the mission, you are quite far away from the energy refinery facility, so you need to reach your location.

It's a short distance, but don't worry. The first target marker is easy to follow, and you will encounter light MTs and simple enemies that shouldn't pose a significant challenge.

After reaching the first marker, you will encounter a PCA LC opponent equipped with a shield.

Armored Core 6 Attack The

By using your reliable stun rod, you can quickly stun it and take it out easily.

Once you have dealt with the PCA LC, your target marker will be updated, and you will find yourself near a bridge.

However, do not cross it immediately, as there are two collectibles nearby that you'll want to grab.

For those who want to earn extra money (COAM), head to the left side of the map from the bridge and venture into the distance, where you will find fuel tanks. You will recognize them by their green color, and each of these fuel tanks will reward you with a decent amount of 10,000 COAM.

Acquiring The Battle Logs And Archive Data

Armored Core 6 Attack

From the bridge area, you can find two battle logs that require you to defeat a specific enemy to obtain them.

Combat Log #1

Armored Core 6

The first battle log can be found directly under the bridge.

When you retrieve it, you won't be alone; several enemies will accompany the one holding the battle log, so you'll also need to take them out.

Keep an eye out for the enemy wielding a laser weapon because by defeating this particular enemy, you will be rewarded with the battle log.

If you need assistance getting back to the bridge, there is a nearby catapult that you can use.

Combat Log #2

Armored Core

Well, the second battle log is not too far from the previous location.

If you return to the beginning of the bridge, you will notice a path on the right side that you can follow. This path will lead you to two smaller bridges. Here, you will encounter multiple enemies wielding the same laser weapons.

Your objective is the one located above; ensure to defeat this enemy in order to obtain your second battle log.

How To Destroy The Energy Refinery Plant (Second Section)


Now that you have successfully collected the battle logs, you can proceed to the marker on the map. Along the way, you will still encounter some gun turrets and basic enemies, but they should be easily destroyed.

Once you have crossed the bridge, you will come across a tall wall that you can ascend using your flight capabilities.

Behind the wall on the right side, there are additional fuel tanks that you can destroy. Each tank yields 10,000 COAM.

Just before reaching the marker, you will come across a supply drop. Don't forget to use it to your advantage and replenish your supplies.

Upon entering the next area, you will notice a large building directly in front of you. That is the refinery.

Before destroying it, ensure that you engage with all the surrounding enemies, as destroying the refinery will trigger a boss battle.

The destruction of the refinery is the easier part, but the true challenge of the mission lies in the duel boss battle that this event will trigger.

How To Defeat The PCA SP Craft Ekromoi

After the destruction of the refinery, you will witness a cutscene depicting the arrival of PCA reinforcements who are closely pursuing you.

This time, you will be facing an impressive duo: the Ekdromoi EP / PCA SP Second Class Lieutenant and the Ekdromoi PG / PCS SP Master Sergeant.

Engaging both enemies simultaneously can be a significant challenge, but with a strategic approach, you can tilt the odds in your favor.

It is recommended to focus your attention on one of them at a time.

Utilize your reliable stun lance to disorient your selected target, then swiftly switch to your primary weapon, such as the plasma rifle, to unleash a storm of damage.

If possible, try to defeat the Ekdromoi EP first, as their powerful melee combination can be bothersome.

Additionally, you should not underestimate the potential of your shoulder-mounted rockets.

Make sure to deploy them whenever you have the opportunity to increase both the stun level and deal additional damage to these two enemies.

An effective tactic is to momentarily lure one of them away from the other to engage in a one-on-one confrontation. However, be prepared that this will only buy you a brief period before the second enemy joins the fight.

Once you have successfully defeated both of them, the mission will conclude, and you will receive a reward of 240,000 COAM.