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Armored Core 6 - Eliminating the "Honest" Brute - Solution Path

Like other games from FromSoftware, Armored Core 6 also follows a similar pattern and offers a challenging experience. In this game, you will be faced...

Zack Zwiezen Sept 13, 2023
Armored Core 6 - Eliminating the "Honest" Brute - Solution Path

Like other games from FromSoftware, Armored Core 6 also follows a similar pattern and offers a challenging experience. In this game, you will be faced with a series of missions that need to be completed. While most of them may seem simple at first glance, there are always secrets to uncover, such as hidden parts, data logs, and combat logs.

In the third chapter, which is quite extensive, you will eventually come across a mission called "Eliminate the 'Honest' Thug." Although the name suggests that you are hunting a specific target, surprisingly, this mission offers more collectibles compared to most others in the game. It's worth keeping an eye out for them.

Mission Overview

Armored Core 6 Eliminate "Honest" Brute Walkthrough

Cinder Carla reveals that she has a secret project that could potentially help penetrate the shields of the monster "Ice Wyrm."

The problem is that a pilot named "Honest" Thug has betrayed RaD and fled with the blueprints of their project.

Traitors must be hunted, and that's where you come into play, 621!

Your mission, "Eliminate the 'Honest' Thug," is to reach his hideout in Grid 012 and take him down.

By doing so, you will be able to retrieve the blueprints for the laser cannons, as this may be the only way to penetrate the Ice Wyrm.

Recommended Loadout

Armored Core 6 Eliminate "Honest" Brute

In this mission, it is important to bring long-range weapons and avoid close-quarters combat, as you will be moving in an open space.

To start off, it's a wise choice to equip the Plasma Rifle in duplicate. This weapon is reliable for both damage and impact, and it can serve you well throughout the game.

For those who know how to handle shotguns, Zimmerman is the ideal choice.

If you prefer something different, consider opting for a laser rifle or any other laser weapon.

Another thing you want to add to be fully prepared are the shoulder-mounted plasma rocket launchers as your weapons. These will help maximize your damage.

In any case, if you are determined to bring a melee weapon into the battle, you should consider something like the pulse knife or the stun baton.

Reach Center Of Grid 012's Collapsed Area

Armored Core 6 Eliminate "Honest"

At the beginning of the mission, you will notice that the layout is somewhat different from what you're accustomed to, and the location is in ruins.

To traverse this area, you'll need to use the platforms to make progress.

Fortunately, your reliable quest marker will guide you, so you don't have to worry about getting lost.

Along the way, the quest marker will update each time you reach its specific location.

Armored Core 6 Eliminate

Before you continue following the quest marker, there is a data log that you need to collect. From the edge of this bridge, you will notice a building directly in front of you. Go to that building, and you will come across a destroyed machine that you can interact with to obtain the data log.

The initial quest marker will lead you to a platform on the left side, and you should continue to follow it.

Along the way, you will reach a bridge that overlooks a section with red lasers, resembling the image below.

Armored Core 6

As you progress, you will encounter some basic enemies that should be easy to defeat, so there's no need to worry about significant threats.

Be careful not to touch those lasers, as they will shoot at you immediately.

From this point onward, you'll want to follow the path to collect various scattered items.

Acquiring The Battle Logs And Archive Data

Hidden Part Container #1

Armored Core

From the bridge overlooking the laser sections, if you look down to the left platform, you will notice a chest surrounded by laser beams.

Carefully descend to avoid the laser beams, and once you have looted the chest, you will obtain the WB-0010 DOUBLE TROUBLE chainsaw.

Combat Log #1


Right in front of the chest where you collect your loot, you will come across an MT that resembles a sphere. As you approach it, it will turn hostile.

Destroy this MT to obtain your first combat log for this mission.

Combat Log #2

Start from the position of the first MT and move towards the upper platform, then proceed straight ahead until you reach the edge.

There, you'll spot a similar MT to the first one.

Destroy it to acquire your second Combat Log.

Hidden Part Container #2

From this point, if you look back, you will see a crane in the distance. Make your way towards it.

Once you reach the crane, go to the back end, and you will discover a chest containing the BC-0600 12345 Booster.

Combat Log #3

From here, you will notice the quest marker leading you to a circular platform on the right side. However, do not go there just yet.

As you approach it, just before reaching the bridge that connects the two platforms, you will encounter a lurking MT.

As usual, defeat it to obtain another Combat Log.

If you find this MT challenging, it is recommended to maintain a safe distance and engage it with long-range attacks.

Combat Log #4

Continue your main mission by following the quest marker, which will lead you to an energy shield area.

Here, you will face multiple enemies, including an MT that you can defeat to obtain the final combat log for this mission.

Hidden Part Container #3

There is still one collectible remaining in this mission.

To find it, go to the next section below, where you will encounter more of those annoying red lasers.

On the right side, you can open a chest to obtain the WB-0000 BAD COOK flamethrower.

Reach Center Of Grid 012's Collapsed Area

Now that you have collected all the collectibles in this mission, it's time to proceed with your progress.

In this room, move towards the left side where a path leads downward.

You still need to be cautious of the red laser beams. Either avoid them or find their source and destroy them.

Once you're down there, follow the quest marker to reach a massive building in front of you.

Continue moving downward until you reach what appears to be an arena. You guessed it - it's time for a boss fight.

Defeat "Honest" Brute Of The Coyotes

Finally, you have reached your goal, and it's time for revenge.

MILK TOOTH, also known as "Honest" Brute, wields two main weapons: a flamethrower and a chainsaw.

As for his combat pattern, he has three main attacks, including:

  • Flamethrower: Shoots bursts of flames from a distance.
  • Chainsaw Assault: Revs up the chainsaw attachment just before charging forward and striking with spinning blades.
  • Homing Missile Salvo: Launches a high volume of low-impact missiles with strong homing capabilities.

One particularly notable aspect is that the "Honest" Brute has the ability to regenerate his health, which can be frustrating.

His main attack is the flamethrower, which can be quite troublesome as it restricts your visibility with flames and inflicts continuous damage.

To deal with this, start by firing your rockets to build up the stagger threshold.

Afterward, use your plasma rifle for additional damage and to stagger him.

In general, it is essential to maintain an assertive approach, even when facing constant bursts of flames, as they do not cause significant damage. The key lies in rapidly building up the stagger threshold.

You must constantly engage him with gunfire and launch rockets, as this disrupts his ability to regenerate health and facilitates the encounter.

Overall, this boss battle is not excessively challenging. Be aggressive, build up the stagger threshold, inflict additional damage with your primary weapons, and don't forget about your rocket companions.

Upon defeating the "Honest" Brute, this will conclude the mission.

As customary, upon successfully completing this mission, you will receive 50,000 COAM and gain access to the parts found during this mission.