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Armored Core 6 IA-02 Ice Worm Boss Guide

With the conclusion of another chapter of Armored Core 6 comes another dramatic battle. However, the IA-02: Ice Worm is quite unique. In the fight aga...

Josh West Sept 03, 2023
Armored Core 6 IA-02 Ice Worm Boss Guide

With the conclusion of another chapter of Armored Core 6 comes another dramatic battle. However, the IA-02: Ice Worm is quite unique. In the fight against the Ice Worm, you have thirty shots from your Stun Needle Launcher to penetrate its shield. You only need to land four of them, but the Ice Worm will do everything in its power to make that difficult.

AC Loadout Recommendations

Armored Core 6 IA-02 Ice Worm Boss Guide

The clear winner for this battle is the FORTALEZA Tank Legs. These legs allow you to have the necessary mobility to quickly move on the battlefield and evade all of the Ice Worm's attacks. Furthermore, you only need powerful weapons in your hands and on your other shoulder. If you hit the worm's face with your arsenal, it won't move. So, power is all you need. Additionally - and we think this should be obvious, but to be absolutely clear - the Stun Needle Launcher VE-60SNA must be on your shoulder!

Since the Ice Worm summons drones, it's not a bad idea to have a rocket launcher on the other shoulder that is capable of targeting multiple enemies. This way, you can eliminate them more efficiently and neutralize their threat faster.

You have three chances to fire your weapons at the head of the Ice Worm and inflict damage. If you fail to cause enough damage to kill the Ice Worm within these three attempts, you will not pass this mission.

IA-02: Ice Worm Attacks

Armored Core 6 IA-02 Ice Worm Boss

We differentiate the Ice Worm's direct attacks from its movements. Although the Ice Worm's movements themselves can be considered attacks, the main issue lies in getting a clear shot. Therefore, our breakdowns focus more on this aspect. But yes, don't let it hit you either. If you come into direct contact with the Ice Worm, it will be bad news for your AC.

Coral Homing Missile Cluster

Armored Core 6 IA-02 Ice Worm

This barrage of rockets can kill you in a single hit if you're not careful. The further you advance in the battle, the larger these clusters of rockets become. It's important to note that the worm appears to be able to unleash this attack on you every time it breaks through the surface of the ground. However, if you have equipped the FORTALEZA tank bottom, you can defeat them by drifting while boosting.

Coral Surface Rockets

Armored Core 6 IA-02 Ice

These rockets move along the surface and jump around a bit. It's theoretically possible to slip through them, but it's much better to fly over them. Similar to the homing missiles, the more damage you inflict on the worm, the more of them you'll see.

Drone Summon

Armored Core 6 IA-02

After you hit the Ice Worm for the first time, it will summon a squadron of drones. You can leave them to your team, but if they get too close to you, help take them out. The Ice Worm will occasionally summon additional drones afterwards, but it's not particularly frequent.

Coral Energy Field

Armored Core 6

After the worm is hit twice, it will emit a field of coral energy. It will also develop the ability to surface and unleash a field of this energy. It goes without saying that when you see it doing this, you should move away as far as possible. It will be able to execute this attack from this point onwards in the battle.

IA-02: Ice Worm Movements

Armored Core

The main element to win this battle will be to read the movements of the worm. On the one hand, because if it charges straight at you, it will cause tremendous damage, and on the other hand, because hitting it directly in the face is the only way to win this fight.

Head Peak


Here, the worm will poke its head out for a second or so before diving back into the ground. Often, it will do this twice in a row. So, when you are facing the worm and it surfaces for the first time, keep your aim where its head was just before it went back into the ground, then fire the cannon right as it resurfaces for the second time. This is not your best opportunity to fire a cannon shot, but if you have the worm lined up, it is definitely a brief opportunity.

Straight Up

This movement will cause the Ice Worm to shoot vertically into the air. They won't turn their head, which makes this opportunity quite poor for an attack. However, that doesn't mean it couldn't be an opportunity for a high-flying tetrapod build. Personally, we would say it's better to keep your distance and wait for a better opportunity.

Giant Hook

Here, the worm will stand upright and hook its head downwards. The worm will either leap back onto the ground or crawl around the battlefield. This is exactly what you're looking for!

If you have the worm in your sights when it first emerges from the ground, it will stay upright long enough for you to hit it with your cannon. However, when it starts wriggling around, that's when it's most vulnerable, and it's a fantastic opportunity to hit it directly in the face.

Laying Flat

If you see the worm lying flat, it's about to start swirling around. However, it will keep its head in the same position for a while before it turns and starts swirling. Additionally, after the swirling, it will slowly coil upwards. If you can get close to the head after the swirling, it's an ideal opportunity to score a hit.

IA-02: Ice Worm Battle Strategy

Two things before we move on to the actual battle. Firstly, pay close attention to your warning indicators surrounding your crosshair. They will show you where the Ice Worm is going to emerge. Use the quick boost away from that indicator! You don't want to be above the worm when it comes out of the ground. The other thing to consider is that you should only fire the stun needle launcher when you have a clear shot at the face and when you have brought it down and already inflicted damage.

When you start this battle, you should spend the first part of the fight flying around the battlefield and keeping an eye on where the Ice Worm emerges as much as possible. The most important thing about this initial sequence where the worm moves in a circular pattern and dives into the ground is that it's always the same. In most cases, it's very challenging to land a clean hit during this first sequence as the worm often turns away from you and its surface time is limited.

However, right at the moment you are told that Carla told you to have fun, the Ice Worm will emerge from the ground and survey the area (what we refer to as its "giant hook" movement pattern). Afterwards, it will immediately start wriggling on the ground. This is the perfect opportunity to land the first hit.

In the first part of the battle, the Ice Worm will fire guided missiles and projectiles that fly along the ground. However, there won't be many of them yet... at least not yet.

Once you've landed a hit on the face, boost away. Your job here is done, so there's no reason to stay in the danger zone.

Now the worm will go back underground, and Rusty will start loading the cannon. You will be able to see the orange glow of the charging weapon in the distance. When the worm resurfaces, it will appear near you regardless of your position. You should move towards the group of buildings on the left side of the stage (these are the buildings to the left of the charging laser). When the worm reappears, aim and shoot at its head, then unload all your weapons on it (also use your stun dart launcher as it deals significant damage).

After shooting the Ice Worm, it will go back underground. The reason we told you to go to that group of buildings is that the Ice Worm will resurface there next. The worm will summon a swarm of drones. Your allies will take care of them, so try to take another shot at the Ice Worm's face. Once you hit it again, the Ice Worm will return to the ground, Rusty will shoot at its head again when it resurfaces, and you will unload your weapons on it once more.

After dealing damage to it twice, the Ice Worm will charge up and absorb an enormous amount of coral energy, then release a massive energy field. So, keep your distance. Now you need to hit it twice with the stun dart launcher. What's even worse is that the worm will now be surrounded by an electric field. This field will inflict damage if you get too close to it. Additionally, when the worm goes underground, it will cause a large explosion of coral energy.

Now you will be dealing with a much more aggressive Ice Worm. When it crashes into the ground, it causes explosions of coral energy. If you get too close to it while it's thrashing around, you will also suffer damage from the emitted coral energy. Additionally, the guided missiles and ground rockets will appear more frequently and in greater numbers. So, always stay in motion.

Hopefully, you have equipped the FORTALEZA armor plating. With that, you should be able to hover over the battlefield and dodge attacks. From now on, there are no set moments. Simply circle around and keep an eye out for the worm, which will either shoot into the air while swirling its head or lie flat on the ground. Both situations provide you with the best opportunities to attack the worm.

If you stay vigilant, you will be able to hit the worm two more times. Rusty will blow it up one final time, and you'll have your last chance to destroy it with your arsenal of weapons. You can now proceed to the next chapter!