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Armored Core 6 IB-07 SOL 644 Ayre Boss Guide

This battle against IB-07 SOL 644: Ayre is just one of three possible final bosses that Armored Core 6 can end with. It is undoubtedly a very tough fi...

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Armored Core 6 IB-07 SOL 644 Ayre Boss Guide

This battle against IB-07 SOL 644: Ayre is just one of three possible final bosses that Armored Core 6 can end with. It is undoubtedly a very tough fight. Ayre breaks all the rules about how an opponent operates. She is incredibly fast and at the same time extremely resilient. Additionally, she must have a damn good FCS as she is effective at all ranges.

So, how do you defeat an opponent who zooms through the arena faster than the most skillful Armored Core (AC), hits as hard as your most powerful weapon, and can take more hits than even the heaviest and most resilient AC? Well, with the right build and a pinch of luck, we'll show you exactly how to de-friend this Rubiconian.

AC Loadout Recommendations

Armored Core 6 IB-07 SOL 644 Ayre Boss Guide

We can't compete with Ayre's speed. She's damn fast! So, trying to keep up with her is pointless. Instead, we suggest focusing on two things: resilience and power. It's time to go all-in on armor, baby.

We will load ourselves with the heaviest AC parts, the large treaded legs, and then we will mount needle cannons on our shoulders. It worked at Ice Work, and it will work against Ayre too. In your hands, you will place two Zimmerman shotguns.

This will make it a bit more challenging to dodge some of her attacks, especially the diving ones, but they are not impossible to dodge, and making a mistake is less problematic since your AP (Attack Points) and damage reduction will go through the roof.

IB-07 SOL 644: Ayre Attacks

Missile Cluster

Armored Core 6 IB-07 SOL 644 Ayre Boss

Ayre can unleash a barrage of homing missiles. They don't inflict particularly high damage, but they are constantly being fired at you. There seems to be no end to them. Ayre can launch these missiles while swirling around in the arena. If you're using a slower AC, you may need to activate your speed boost just before they land.

As always with homing missiles, it's more likely that they will miss you if you move towards them.

Laser Beam

Armored Core 6 IB-07 SOL 644 Ayre

This is a pretty powerful laser that Ayre will fire at you three times. By sidestepping, you cause the beam to miss, and she remains stationary while firing these lasers, but she will often (though not always) dodge between the laser bursts. After the final laser burst, you can try to hit her with one of your needle cannon shots. Occasionally, it will succeed.

Aerial Blast

Armored Core 6 IB-07 SOL 644

This attack will make Ayre soar into the air and unleash a massive beam at you. You must dodge this attack at the last moment. Once you've managed to do that, take a shot yourself as she will be entangled in the attack. Going into the air is a good idea to avoid this attack, although it may not be as feasible with a tank build.

Laser Blade Slash

Armored Core 6 IB-07 SOL

This is a swift, bold blade thrust similar to what you can do with an attack boost and a blade. However, there are a few things that make it more dangerous. Firstly, Ayre is very fast and almost always performs this attack after evading around you. She can also follow up the initial strike with two more cuts, although these are optional, allowing her to retreat freely.

Although this attack is very fast and has only a brief recovery window, it will ultimately be a significant part of our strategy to defeat her, as she is focused on it during the cut.

In the second phase of the battle, the cuts are much faster. Her combos will also be longer.

Giant Laser Sword Wave

Armored Core 6 IB-07

This attack will send two massive energy beams towards you. It's a combination of two hits, so you need to leap over the first horizontal wave and then dodge the second vertical wave by sidestepping.

Swoop Attack

Armored Core 6

In this attack, Ayre assumes a jet-like form, circles around you in the air, and then dives at incredible speed to collide with you. If she hits you, she will carry you up into the sky and inflict considerable damage. You must jump over her when she does this, even if you're using a tank-like AC!

In the second phase of the battle, Ayre will release several coral-like versions of herself to rush towards you. However, the strategy remains the same: Take to the air.

We have found that even if you get hit while jumping, you often avoid the full extent of the attack. So, come on, take to the air!

IB-07 SOL 644: Ayre Strategy

Armored Core

The strategy here is rather straightforward, but it won't necessarily be a walk in the park to execute. You will stay grounded and sidestep Ayre. By circling around her in this manner, you will be able to avoid the majority of her missiles. It will also assist you in evading her triple laser attack.

When she approaches you, you ascend into the air (you must initiate this process early on, as your jumping speed will be abysmal). Similarly, when she launches her attack with the giant sword, you must take to the air as it unleashes a tremendous wave of energy towards you. Apart from these two attacks, sidestep and utilize the quick boost when you require additional momentum to evade an attack.


What we're looking for is Ayre's sword thrust attack. When you see her quickly boosting around you, she's planning to attack you from behind. Once she starts boosting, swing your camera behind you and prepare to unleash a needle cannon blast. As soon as you hit her, she will be just inches away from being stunned. Follow up with a shotgun blast. Once she staggers, unleash everything you've got on her. You will strip away approximately one-fourth of her health during her staggered state.

While you spend the majority of your time landing hits on Ayre during her sword attacks, you should also fire the needle cannons whenever she momentarily pauses. Occasionally, you will catch her while she's unleashing her laser beams upon you. These speculative shots may not connect frequently, but they only need to land once to have been worth the ammunition expenditure.

You will repeat this pattern until you have brought Ayre down to half of her health. At this point, she will become more aggressive, and her attacks will grow more potent. However, she will still execute a variation of her sword attack, and though it will be faster and more frequent, the same rules apply. Look for her sidestepping around you and then force her to take a shot from the needle cannon.

That sounds easier to execute than it actually is. She is still quite fast, and those sword attacks come in the blink of an eye. Don't get discouraged if she catches you a few times. Just have faith in the plan, and eventually, you will land enough hits on her to defeat her once and for all.