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Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL 826 / Boss Guide for Handler Walter

If you choose to accept the mission of eliminating 'Cinder' Carla in Chapter Five of Armored Core 6, you will unlock the final mission known as "Bring...

Levi Winslow Sept 15, 2023
Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL 826 / Boss Guide for Handler Walter

If you choose to accept the mission of eliminating 'Cinder' Carla in Chapter Five of Armored Core 6, you will unlock the final mission known as "Bring Down the Xylem." Completing this mission will set you on the path to achieving the culmination of the Rubicon's Savior, regarded as the favorable conclusion of the game.

In this final mission, you will come face to face with Handler Walter himself. If you still wish to achieve this ending, it is inevitable to defeat Walter. He is no ordinary boss encounter but rather a formidable AC boss. Therefore, ensure that your equipment is well-suited for this challenge.

AC Loadout

Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL 826 / Handler Walter Boss Guide

Your equipment must be suitable for destroying ACs like V.I. Freud.

Commence with a lightweight AC, for Walter is constantly in motion, and you must be able to keep up with his agility. Additionally, ensure that your equipment remains within the weight limit, as you will be equipping heavy weaponry.

For this encounter, we recommend the following equipment:

  • Head: 1B-CO3H: HAL 826
  • Core: EL-TC-10 FIRMEZA
  • Arms: AA-J-123/RC JAILBREAK
  • Booster: 18-C038: NGI 001

Although a lightweight AC has lower armor, that is not a major concern, as your focus should be on avoiding and evading as many attacks as possible.

Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL 826 / Handler Walter Boss

First and foremost, equip two SB-027 ZIMMERMAN shotguns in your right and left arm components. These shotguns are highly effective at inflicting significant stagger points on ACs, especially when fired at close range.

Next, the PB-033M ASHMEAD Pile Bunker is a must, which can be mounted on your shoulder. This weapon deals tremendous damage to staggered ACs with a fully charged attack.

The only drawback is its limited range. As it is a melee weapon, you will need to approach your target closely. However, the power it possesses is worth the risk.

To equip the Pile Bunker on your shoulder, ensure that you have unlocked the upgrade for the weapon dock operating system in the operating system tuning menu.

Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL 826 / Handler Walter

For your remaining shoulder slot, you can choose between the SONGBIRDS grenade launcher or the VE-60SNA stun needle launcher. If neither of them appeals to you, then you should opt for the one you find most comfortable to use, as this is not an indispensable part of your equipment.

Additionally, you should consider adding the Assault Armor Core Expansion. It can be a lifesaver when things get intense, as it generates a large energy shield that inflicts damage to all nearby targets. Consider it as your Plan B for challenging situations.

Handler Walter Attacks

Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL 826 / Handler

Walter Loadout

Handler Walter harnesses the power of the Coral Module to enhance his combat abilities with the following weapons: IB-C03W1: WLT 011 Coral Rifle, IB-C03W3: NGI 006 Coral Rocket Launcher, and IB-C03W2: WLT 101 Coral Oscillator.

Furthermore, he is equipped with IB-C03W4: NGI 028 Coral Shield, which allows him to absorb a significant amount of damage for a limited time when activated.

In this encounter, Walter utilizes four main attacks:

Homing Coral Laser Shots

Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL 826 /

During this attack, Walter fires a series of coral-red laser beams that track you with slight precision. You can easily evade this attack by maintaining constant movement and executing evasive maneuvers - something you should be doing regardless.

Coral Laser Beam

Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL 826

Walter frequently employs this attack throughout the entire battle, unleashing a slow coral beam from right to left. There are two ways to evade this attack: either maneuver swiftly behind him to gain an advantage for counterattacks, or ascend vertically.

Coral Explosion

Armored Core 6 IB-C03 HAL

When you are in close proximity to Walter, he charges up and unleashes a bullet of coral energy. Once you notice the energy gathering, quickly boost away from him.

Solar Beam Attack

Armored Core 6 IB-C03

This is his strongest attack, similar to the coral laser beam but larger, more powerful, and less slow. The most efficient method to evade this attack is to ascend rapidly in a vertical manner.

It is worth mentioning that during this encounter, Walter has the ability to heal himself a few times. So, do not be surprised when that happens.

Handler Walter Boss Strategy

Armored Core 6

The combat arena where you will face Walter is completely open and provides no cover whatsoever.

That means your main strategy will be based on evading his attacks and keeping yourself at a distance from them using boosts to stay safe while simultaneously looking for opportunities and openings to land your own attacks.

Walter is incredibly agile, and your key to success lies in maintaining a medium to short distance from him.

When he initiates the battle with the laser attack, consider it as an opportunity. This attack usually leaves him vulnerable for a few seconds, allowing you to fly and position yourself behind him.

Seize this opportunity and unleash your Zimmerman shotguns to significantly build up his stagger meter.

When you are in close proximity, be cautious as he may use the Coral Explosion to create distance between the two of you.

Armored Core

Once his stagger meter is almost full, use your selected rockets to completely fill it up.

During this phase, Walter may potentially resort to his healing beams or use his laser attack again, which he tends to rely on too frequently in this encounter.

If you manage to stagger him, quickly rush in and switch to a fully charged Pile Bunker attack. A well-executed strike like this can reduce almost half of his health in a second.

It is worth noting that the duration of Walter's stagger seems to be slightly shorter than that of ACs. Therefore, it is crucial to fully build up the stagger meter when you are in close proximity to him in order to execute the deadly blow.


Despite your significant damage output, Walter may attempt to heal himself during this stage of the battle.

Walter will use his coral shield to reduce the damage he receives, but don't worry too much about it. Our main focus remains on fully building the stagger meter.

When Walter unleashes his deadly solar beam attack, it's best to evade it by flying vertically. Although he becomes momentarily immobilized, it is difficult to effectively seize this opportunity to get behind him or land an attack.

Note that Walter is constantly moving, and you should stay relatively close to him since your main attacks are melee-focused.

His coral beams are relatively easy to dodge, and the crucial moment you should watch out for is his laser beam attack. This is your ideal opportunity to stagger him from behind.

Furthermore, you should not overlook your rockets, as you can use them whenever they are charged. They can interrupt some of Walter's basic attacks and help build up the stagger meter. Afterwards, you can approach closely and fully fill it up with Zimmerman shotguns.

Don't forget about your Assault Armor Core Expansion. It can give you some distance from Walter and provide an opportunity to heal, especially when he's putting a lot of pressure on you during the fight.

Executing the Pile Bunker attack may require several attempts due to Walter's constant movement and limited range. However, if you manage to stagger him while he's performing his laser beam attack, it will be much easier to execute this devastating blow.

Successfully defeating Handler Walter will not only grant you victory but also unlock the ending "Liberator of Rubicon." This means that you will obtain the achievement/trophy "Liberator of Rubicon."