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Armored Core 6 - Ranking of Each Core

In Armored Core 6, it is crucial to have a core that suits your build and provides excellent performance to defeat some of the most powerful enemies i...

Josh West Sept 25, 2023
Armored Core 6 - Ranking of Each Core

In Armored Core 6, it is crucial to have a core that suits your build and provides excellent performance to defeat some of the most powerful enemies in the game. As the name suggests, a core is the foundation on which you build your AC, and it determines the type of mech you create.

This list shows you various cores, all of which offer excellent statistics for different purposes and deliver outstanding performance in the areas where they excel. Try out these cores if you're having trouble with bosses or want to enhance your AC.

6 IB-C03C: HAL 826

Armored Core 6 Every Core, Ranked

The Rubicon Research Institute has been developing this core for a long time, and it is a well-balanced piece that can be upgraded in various directions. The weight and EN burden are some of the best specifications it offers, while still being solid in all other areas.

If you want to build an all-rounder AC that excels in everything it does, you should consider using the HAL 826 to increase all statistics to decent values. Alternatively, it can be used if you want to reduce the weight or burden of your AC, in case another part is too demanding in terms of any of these specifications.


Armored Core 6 Every Core,

The CC-2000 Orbiter is a reconnaissance part developed by RaD. As such, it is a core that fits well with the concept of a lightweight AC that boasts good speed, and it also helps to handle both types of burdens. Although it increases these specifications to significant values, it does not offer much AP, which means that your AC may be more vulnerable to damage.

If you want to create a mech that moves quickly on the ground and in the air, then the ORBITER is a fantastic foundation to build a fast machine. Since the core is designed for reconnaissance units, note that it will be crucial to evade enemy attacks when you have this part on your mech. It is a good choice for those who want to take a carefree approach and excel at evading incoming fire while rapidly approaching their target.


Armored Core 6 Every

The FIRMEZA is another lightweight core, this time developed by Elcano. It boasts incredible boost speed, turning the AC into a speed demon on the battlefield, and provides fantastic support for high energy load, making it ideal for offensive builds.

If you want to have one of the fastest ACs, then you should opt for this core as it was developed with speed in mind while still providing decent defense performance. The FIRMEZA is particularly excellent if you plan to use melee weapons or need to stay close to your enemies to unleash the true power of your equipment since some weapons inflict significantly more damage when you are near your opponents.

3 VP-40S

Armored Core 6

The VP-40S is a mass-produced part developed by Arquebus. It offers quality as the core possesses good specifications that enable performance in all areas. It is considered a masterpiece as it combines the best aspects of a heavy build without sacrificing speed. It slightly increases speed while reducing overall weight and EN burden.

If you want to build a massive AC but don't want to sacrifice speed, burden, or weight, the VP-40S allows you to do exactly that while slightly improving those specifications. It is a core that strikes a compromise by being robust enough to withstand incoming fire without becoming too slow. It is fantastic for those who want to use weapons like Gatling guns or shields. Additionally, it looks aesthetically cool.

2 07-061 Mind Alpha

Armored Core

The Mind Alpha is a core component developed by ALLMIND for model ACs. It is one of the best cores in the game as it can be developed in various directions as an all-rounder part, thanks to its solid specifications in all areas. However, in this case, the focus of this core is not on improving the speed of the AC, but rather on defense.

Many all-rounder cores may appear similar, but they typically offer improvements in quality of life in a specific area, allowing these cores to focus on providing solid performance and giving you an advantage in a particular aspect. The Mind Alpha is a core you would want to use if you aim to become significantly more robust while keeping all your other specifications at a solid level without them dropping in numbers.

1 VE-40A


The VE-40A is a heavy core component manufactured by Arquebus ADD. It is the best core component in the game, as it offers outstanding armor points and turns the AC equipped with it into a true monster when it comes to surviving the onslaught of enemy fire. Although it is a beast in terms of weight and burden requirements, it is worth it.

This core component is excellent for those who want to make their AC extremely robust without turning it into a completely ground-bound vehicle. It offers impressive specifications in terms of survivability and makes your AC resistant to damage. If your attacks require you to sacrifice mobility or if you want to hit back just as hard as you're hit, this core enables you to stand toe-to-toe with some of the toughest opponents in the game.