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Armored Core 6: The 8 Best Mods

FromSoftware has delivered another solid entry to the long-running Armored Core series. The studio behind the highly popular Elden Ring game was likel...

Fay Watson Sept 15, 2023
Armored Core 6: The 8 Best Mods

FromSoftware has delivered another solid entry to the long-running Armored Core series. The studio behind the highly popular Elden Ring game was likely under pressure to create something on par with their previous releases. Fortunately, FromSoftware has created an outstanding gaming experience with Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

This title offers fast and fluid action, impressive particle effects, and the ability to customize many elements of the mech. The positive response from players and the game's popularity suggest that an active modding community could emerge. Here are some significant modifications and enhancements that could be provided by the community to make the game even better.

8 Camera Tweaks

Armored Core 6 8 Best Mods

The Camera Tweaks Mod by Vawser allows you to adjust the field of view and increase the amount of environment on the screen. Motion sickness is one of the issues some players struggle with when having a narrow field of view. This mod helps all players enjoy the gaming experience by positioning the camera further away from the mech.

An expanded field of view can also help you quickly identify threats in your character's surroundings. In a game like Armored Core 6, where action is happening all around you, the ability to see more of the game world is a great aid.

7 Skip The Intro

Armored Core 6 8 Best

One of the frustrating aspects of starting a game is the occurrence of multiple title screens and logos. Depending on the number of companies or patented technologies involved in the game, it can take several minutes before you can start playing. Although these few minutes may not sound like much, it can become annoying over multiple gaming sessions.

Fortunately, "Skip The Intro" by Nordgaren provides an easy way to skip directly to the title screen. The mod works well with the Elden Mod Loader, so individuals familiar with this tool should have no issues.

6 Build Anything

Armored Core 6 8

Although Armored Core 6 offers extensive customization options for each mech, such as legs, arms, and generators, some combinations can cause issues. You may have selected certain parts only to receive an "EN shortage" or "overload" message.

The "Build Anything" mod by BARON increases the load capacity limits of the limbs and improves EN (Energy) performance, providing more freedom in customization. The additional options available to you during customization make designing a mech even more exciting, as previously unavailable combinations are unlocked.

5 First Person Camera

Armored Core 6

For some, the first-person perspective offers greater immersion and brings you closer to the action. Although Armored Core 6 is originally a third-person experience, there is now the option to play in first-person mode.

With the "First Person Camera" mod by neburas, you can approach FromSoftware's mech from the cockpit perspective instead of from behind. However, the mod author warns against activating this mod during online play as it may affect performance or trigger Easy Anti Cheat systems.

4 WitchyBND

Armored Core

To create mods, you need specific tools that you may have to acquire. The files need to be accessible to modify the appearance, mechanics, or other aspects of a game. This is where WitchyBND by ivi comes into play.

This mod uses the same file format as FromSoftware and provides access to various game directories. You can extract, decompress, and store folders for things like textures, character models, and game frameworks separately. It is important for those interested in this mod to read the instructions and basic usage carefully. Links to general modding resources are also provided to facilitate getting started.

3 Text Size Increase


Depending on a range of factors such as age, screen resolution, and screen size, it can be difficult to discern the text in the game. Nothing is more frustrating than losing track of important plot points or instructions due to difficulties in reading.

Fortunately, Text Size Increase by Xarrant has made Armored Core 6 more accessible to everyone. With numerous texts describing parts, you no longer have to squint your eyes to discern the details. This mod should be helpful as it provides two options with large and extra-large texts. It may not be the most exciting addition to Armored Core 6, but it could be useful if you have difficulty deciphering the small default text.

2 No AC Restrictions - Use Your Own AC

While each mech unit in Armored Core 6 has its own advantages and disadvantages, custom assembly is generally the preferred choice. However, there are some missions in the game where you must use pre-built models instead of the individually customized ones.

With the mod "No AC Restrictions - Use Your Own AC" by Mattoropael, you can avoid having to switch out of a custom mech for certain parts of the game. While the in-game action will display the custom mech, the pre-built units previously required will still be shown in the cutscenes.

1 Furo's AC Rebalance

Sometimes, even small adjustments can enhance the gaming experience, even if a developer has already produced a fantastic game. Some mods, such as "Furo's AC Rebalance" by FuroCindras, address certain imbalances in the combat system. Creating ideal weapon values that are neither underpowered nor overpowered can be tricky. However, this mod attempts to do so by increasing the speed of projectiles and strengthening certain parts that were previously weaker.

Please note that attempting to modify certain aspects of weapon behavior within the game's default parameters should not be done when playing online. Those who try PvP online may trigger the anti-cheat system and be banned.