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Armored Core 6: The Top 10 Weapons

Armored Core 6 encourages players to try out different weapons to effectively battle bosses and complete challenging missions.For example, the VP-66...

Ashley Bardhan 6 Days Ago
Armored Core 6: The Top 10 Weapons

Armored Core 6 encourages players to try out different weapons to effectively battle bosses and complete challenging missions.

For example, the VP-66LH Laser Handgun is a two-handed weapon that offers precision, range, and a high rate of fire, making it effective at all distances.

The DF-GA-08-HU-BEN Gatling Gun is also a powerful weapon with continuous firing capabilities that can quickly defeat enemies.

During your time with Armored Core 6, you have likely encountered various types of weapons, each with its own functionality: melee, laser, energy, kinetic, and explosive. These choices give you the freedom to approach challenging missions in different ways.

This game encourages you to try out different weapons, as sticking to just one doesn't work well. Some bosses require specific weapons for effective combat, so you need to switch them when necessary. But don't worry, if you're looking for the best weapons in Armored Core 6, you're in the right place.

10 VP-66LH Laser Handgun

Armored Core 6 10 Best Weapons

If you opt for a dual-wield configuration, the laser handgun stands out as an excellent choice for sidearms in Armored Core 6. It is remarkably precise, has an impressive range, and being a laser weapon, it has no recoil. This means it is effective at all distances.

Furthermore, the laser handgun offers a high rate of fire, allowing you to continuously attack your enemies. Just imagine relentlessly firing both handguns at your foes. Additionally, this weapon provides two firing modes: regular shots with the trigger button and charged shots that deal more damage but require a short charging time.

9 VP-67EB Stun Baton

Armored Core 6 10 Best

Although you can obtain the stun baton early in the game, it doesn't mean it's not useful. This melee weapon delivers a three-hit combo that deals solid damage and, most importantly, effectively builds up the stun gauge. This means you can use it against powerful bosses to stun them and make them vulnerable to further attacks.

What's even better is that it has an incredibly short cooldown, allowing you to use it frequently during battles. It's a versatile weapon that suits any playstyle well, but it truly shines in boss fights.

8 DF-GA-08-HU-BEN Gatling Gun

Armored Core 6 10

Similar to other Gatling Guns in video games, the strength of the DF-GA-08-HU-BEN lies in the sheer number of its bullets, allowing for extended firing time and relentless pressure on your enemies. While the damage per shot may not be extremely high, its true power lies in the sustained assault with over a thousand bullets, enabling you to quickly dispatch your foes.

Here comes the best part; you don't have to deal with reloading this Gatling Gun! Just aim at your targets and let the bullets fly. However, be mindful of it overheating. The impressive stun effect it generates thanks to its sustained fire is absolutely remarkable. Additionally, it is available early in the game, so you can enjoy it right away.

7 VVC-706PM Plasma Missile Launcher

Armored Core 6

The Plasma Rocket is a shoulder-mounted six-cell plasma launcher. It is a premier choice for those who want to mark multiple enemies and unleash powerful, precise rockets that not only deal significant damage but also impact nearby foes with their explosions. This weapon proves its worth when facing multiple enemies simultaneously and seamlessly fits into any character build.

These rockets primarily serve as a supportive tool, helping you continuously build up the stun gauge on enemies or interrupt their attacks. It is worth noting that this weapon is somewhat heavy, but its effectiveness makes it a valuable investment.

6 IA-CO1W2: Moonlight Light Wave Blade

Armored Core

Of course, the Moonlight Sword, typical of FromSoftware titles, could not be missing in this game. This beam saber is a powerful melee weapon with high damage potential and the ability to hit enemies from a distance with its greenish beams of light. Although categorized as a melee weapon, it behaves more like a projectile launcher.

While it may not be your first choice for boss fights, it excels at swiftly dispatching ordinary enemies. It offers two attack modes: a standard two-hit combo or a charged attack that unleashes a wide wave of light capable of hitting multiple enemies at once.

5 SONGBIRDS Grenade Cannon


Surprisingly, SINGVOGEL weapons are popular among many players as shoulder weapons, and the best part? They are available early in the game. It may sound too good to be true, but it's reality. These dual beauties pack a punch with impressive damage and impact. You can rely on them in any situation, whether against MTs, ACs, or even bosses.

SINGVOGEL weapons are characterized by their ability to significantly build up the stun gauge of enemies, even though they have a slightly slower cooldown. But honestly, that is a small price to pay for the sheer damage and stun-building capabilities they offer.

4 VVC-760PR Plasma Rifle

The plasma rifle creates a damaging zone that lingers briefly. When charged, the plasma fire disperses and triggers multiple explosions that can hit multiple enemies. This weapon is highly dependable and suitable for various boss encounters. It can even be your primary weapon for a long time in the game.

With this high-ranking weapon, you can effortlessly annihilate your enemies. Surprisingly, many of the powerful weapons in Armored Core 6 are available early in the game. Yes, you can obtain this effective tool as early as the first chapter.

3 VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher

The Stun Needle Launcher is a powerful weapon for boss battles. The great thing is that you automatically acquire it after completing the "Destroy the Ice Hound" mission. Firstly, it deals high damage with an impressive range. This means you can use it from a safe distance while still inflicting significant damage, and it has a short cooldown.

This weapon fires a massive electric needle that generates a strong shock upon impact, inflicting an Electric Discharge status on enemies. But here's the best part: Although you automatically obtain one, you can actually buy a second one after completing Chapter Three. Two Stun Needles are better than one!

2 PB-033M ASHMEAD Pile Bunker

Initially, one might ponder, "The Pile Bunker? Really?" However, this weapon has been greatly underestimated and is, in fact, the ultimate AC destroyer. Admittedly, it possesses limited range as it is a close-quarters weapon and lacks a follow-up attack, yet it can be devastating when wielded with precision. This weapon pierces the target with a colossal steel spike, but the true game-changer lies in charging it to prepare the sledgehammer strike. That is a devastating blow indeed.

The key here is to utilize the Pile Bunker against incapacitated ACs. You'll be astonished to witness them devour over half of their health in an instant. Yes, you heard correctly, and in Armored Core 6, you'll encounter numerous ACs to engage with. So, if you haven't yet employed the Pile Bunker, what are you waiting for?

1 SG-027 ZIMMERMAN Shotgun

One of the most popular weapons you have likely seen is the Zimmerman, and there is a good reason for it. This weapon not only provides significant firepower but also excels at swiftly destabilizing enemies. It is not your typical shotgun that requires you to be in close proximity to the target to be effective; it can even be effectively employed from a moderate distance.

As the saying goes, "The more, the merrier," so why not equip two if it's possible? With two of these shotguns, you can nearly fill the stun gauge of almost every boss in the game, be it MTs or ACs. And if you combine them with the Pile Bunker, then you become a true master of Armored Core!