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Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depth Level 2 Walkthrough

Armored Core 6 comprises a total of five chapters, filled with various missions. The game's difficulty increases as you progress, consistently present...

Chantal Da Silva Sept 11, 2023
Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depth Level 2 Walkthrough

Armored Core 6 comprises a total of five chapters, filled with various missions. The game's difficulty increases as you progress, consistently presenting challenges. Chapter One serves as an introduction, where the gameplay mechanics are explained and occasional minor challenges are presented. However, once you reach Chapter Three, the game becomes more intense, and you will experience a heightened level of difficulty.

Chapter Four introduces more complexity and depth, along with more demanding challenges and superior equipment to be discovered. The primary objective of the mission "Underground Exploration - Depth 2" in this chapter is to further infiltrate the underground facility and reach its deepest point to unveil its secrets.

Mission Overview

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depth 2 Walkthrough

The client provides a subsequent briefing, indicating that your next mission will involve the exploration of Depth 2.

This sector consists of an extensive rail network designed for resource transportation, featuring a complex route with numerous blind spots.

This implies that you need to prepare for close-quarters combat encounters.

In this mission, you will not have a conventional quest marker to guide you, and you will need to find the path on your own.

The good news is that it is not a confusing labyrinth where you could easily get lost. However, there are some junctions and paths that are worth exploring to collect valuable items along the way.

Recommended Loadout

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depth 2

During your time in the mission "Underground Exploration - Depth 2," you will primarily encounter enemies in enclosed areas. This means that long-range weapons will not be particularly effective.

For instance, you should consider equipping close-combat weapons such as the Pulse Cutter or the Laser Blade. They possess charged attacks that allow you to engage multiple nearby enemies simultaneously.

If desired, you can also utilize energy-based weapons such as the Plasma Rifle in this mission.

Another excellent choice is the Zimmerman Shotgun if you have confidence in your shotgun skills. It boasts high stopping power and surprisingly decent range for a shotgun.

As a shoulder weapon, the Plasma Launcher is a solid option due to its larger explosion radius. In a close-quarters environment, it is wise to have such firepower to deal with multiple enemies effectively.

On the other hand, SINGVOGEL weapons are always a reliable choice for shoulder weapons. They are particularly effective due to their stunning impact on enemies when you hit them with those rockets.

As for the configuration of your AC, it entirely depends on your personal preferences. You can opt for a lightweight AC to enhance mobility or choose a heavy AC to have more AP and defensive capabilities. The choice is yours.

Reach The End Of Depth 2 (First Objective)

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depth

At the beginning of the mission, you will interact with the door in front of you and then proceed on your path. After descending, be cautious of the enemy to your right.

After dealing with this enemy, follow the tunnel on your right side, and you will encounter more enemies along the way.

If you have close-combat weapons at your disposal, use them first to dispatch your enemies, and then eliminate the remaining foes with your shoulder-mounted rocket weapons. This should allow you to swiftly neutralize them.

In a large room, after defeating the enemies, you will come across a locked door directly in front of you, which serves as the main pathway of the mission.

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration -

To open it, you need to activate the area. Proceed to the room on your left side and descend through a hole in the floor.

Once you descend, be prepared for another hostile surprise.

After defeating these enemies, in the next room, you will find a control panel that allows you to activate the area, subsequently opening the previous door.

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration

This action will also unlock the elevator on the left side of the control panel, which will take you directly back to the door you were initially facing.

Now that the door is unlocked, proceed forward to attain the second mission objective entry.

Defeat G5 Iguazu

Armored Core 6 Underground

After activating the second entry, you will encounter the boss G5 Iguazu, whom you must defeat.

Although Iguazu is not particularly tough, this boss is agile and wields multiple weapons.

The most effective approach for fighting this boss is to use the Pulse Cutter to corner Iguazu against a wall and trap them in a corner. Then, quickly unleash your rockets to increase the stagger meter.

Switch back to your primary weapon, such as the Plasma Rifle if you have it, and inflict substantial damage on them. This tactic is your best choice.

If you have the Zimmerman Shotgun equipped, you will find it quite effective in defeating this boss.

Armored Core 6

Once you have successfully defeated G5 Iguazu, you will immediately receive a combat log.

Reach The End Of Depth 2 (Second Objective)

Armored Core

After Ayre confirms that Iguazu has been defeated, the door in this room will unlock, allowing you to proceed with your mission.

Don't forget to utilize the supply drop on the right side of the arena before moving forward.

Follow the tunnel, and you will come across an MT that will attack you but then attempt to escape.

Your objective is to continue following it and dodge its attacks.


Initially, it will jump onto a bridge to the right and then proceed further until you encounter a locked door that blocks your path.

While you are in this area, there are two collectibles that you can grab.

Acquiring The Battle Logs And Archive Data

Combat Log #1 And #2

After reaching the locked door, you need to turn around and enter the room on your left side.

Inside, you will encounter two MTs that you can defeat to obtain the combat protocols.

Hidden Part Container #1

In the same room, you will also discover a chest that contains the IA-C01B GILLS Booster.

Hidden Part Container #2

Start from the location where the hidden container is located. Leave the room and turn left to return to the bridge.

This is the same path you want to follow to progress in the mission.

Once you are back on the bridge, look to your right, and you will see some rocky platforms below. You need to navigate down using them as support.

Be careful as you descend and make sure not to exhaust your thrust.

You need to carefully navigate your way down until you come across an entrance that resembles a canal opening.

Once you find it, enter it, and you will discover a catapult device that can launch you upwards.

Fly upwards until you reach the top, and right in front of you, there is a chest guarded by two enemies.

Make sure to defeat these two enemies first, and then you can loot the chest to obtain IA-C01A: Ephemera (Arms).

Reach The End Of Depth 2 (Second Objective)

From the previous chest with the hidden part, you will find an entrance on your right side, where you will encounter more regular enemies that you will have to deal with.

At the top of the wall in front of you, you will see an entrance resembling a pipe. Go through it, and eventually, you will find a hole that you need to descend into.

From this point onwards, the process remains the same, where you need to find a control panel to power the area, which will open the previously locked door.

In the next room, make your way to the end where you will find a control panel to power the area.

Right after you activate it, you will be ambushed by more enemies who will try to hinder your progress.

They should be relatively easy to handle if you use your plasma rifle or Zimmerman shotgun.

Once you have taken care of them, head to the elevator on the opposite side of the room and continue your path.

You will come across a supply delivery that you should make use of, as a challenging boss battle awaits you before you can complete your mission.

Destroy The Autonomous Defense Weapon Enforcer

Before you can complete the mission, you will have to engage in a tough boss battle against the AAP03: ENFORCER.

Despite its challenge, this boss has a weakness for explosives and moves rather slowly, which you can use to your advantage.

Once you have successfully defeated the ENFORCER, the mission will be completed, and you will be rewarded with 300,000 COAM.