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Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depths 3 Solution

In Armored Core 6, it becomes challenging once you reach Chapter Four.Your primary objective here is to locate and destroy the core of this laser bar...

Austin Wood Sept 12, 2023
Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depths 3 Solution

In Armored Core 6, it becomes challenging once you reach Chapter Four.

Your primary objective here is to locate and destroy the core of this laser barrage.

Mission Overview

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depth 3 Walkthrough

After defeating the ENFORCER in Depth 2, the handler initiates.

This is an underground cave that houses a laser barrier, blocking anyone who attempts to pass through.

The laser barrier is powered by a massive reactor.

Once this barrier is deactivated, you will venture into uncharted territory where the Coral Rift awaits.

However, while it may initially appear straightforward, there are multiple obstacles that will attempt to impede your progress in this endeavor.

Recommended Loadout

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depth 3

For this mission, your equipment will be akin to what you utilized during sub

This time, you can forgo the melee weapon and instead opt for the plasma rifle and the Zimmerman shotgun.

If you still prefer a melee weapon, you should consider the stun baton, as it offers a good balance between

Another valuable addition for the initial phase of the mission is the pulse shield.

Since you will encounter enemies who shoot laser weapons from a distance, you can either take cover or utilize the shield for protection.

If you have used songbirds and feel comfortable with them, you can always rely on these shoulder weapons for numerous encounters.

It is advisable to use a lightweight AC equipment for this mission, which provides agility and flexibility.

Infiltrate The Core Of The Depth 3 Reactor

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration - Depth

At the beginning of the mission, you will find yourself in the same room where you defeated the ENFORCER.

Ahead of you is a door that you must interact with in order to proceed.

If you follow this

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration -

However, do not blindly rush down. Be aware that snipers lie in wait there, ready to target you with laser weaponry.

Fortunately, there are cover options in the vicinity, so you need to navigate cautiously.

If you have the pulse shield, you can use it to block these laser attacks.

Once you reach the first quest marker, from that point onward, there are several collectibles to be found.

Acquiring The Battle Logs And Archive Data

Hidden Part Container #1

Armored Core 6 Underground Exploration

From this location, move to the right while utilizing available cover to protect yourself from enemy fire.

As you progress, you will come across a group of generators located on a platform opposite to you.

Behind those generators, you will find a chest containing the IA-C01F: OCELL

Combat Log #1 And #2

Armored Core 6 Underground

After collecting the container chest, proceed to the center of the reactor, where the control panel is located.

Defeat the enemies guarding the control panel area.

From the center of the reactor, move to

Not far from this point, continue towards the next bridge, where you will encounter another encounter or obstacle.

Hidden Part Container #2

Armored Core 6

After defeating the second MT for the combat protocol, you will

Destroy The Pressure Chamber

Armored Core

After obtaining all the collectibles, continue your path towards the reactor.

Follow the quest marker to a door at the bottom end of the.

In this room, you will encounter some PCA enemies whom you must defeat.


Use your plasma rifle to inflict significant damage, and then finish them off with your melee attacks.

Now that you have taken out all of them, interact with the door in front of you and follow the path to the right until

Destroy it, and suddenly you will notice the entire place starting to

You need to make a quick escape, 621.

Destroy The Autonomous Defense AC Ephemera

The clock is ticking, and you have only two minutes to escape from this place.

But here's the catch: You're about to encounter a powerful enemy.

This is a fast and heavily armed AC equipped with a variety of energy-based weapons.

EPHEMERA got three primary attacks in her arsenal:

  • Electric Shot that fires off a charged projectile that deals electrical damage.
  • Slashwave Shot where she hurls a slashing projectile at you.
  • Pulse Seeker Barrage which launches a swarm of homing projectiles that'll chase you down.

The tricky part is to use the Slashwave Shot to

You have two options here: If

If you don't have a shield, you will need precise timing and skillful dodging maneuvers to evade its attacks.

Try briefly accelerating in the opposite direction just before the

When facing EPHEMERA, a bit of aggression from your side can be helpful.

Here's the plan: Start by firing your rockets at her and then quickly switch to

Wait for her next attack and dodge it, then fire with your plasma weapon.

If you can corner her, that's your golden opportunity.

Alternatively, if you have the stun baton, start with that and then switch to your rockets.

Quickly switch back to your main weapon.

EPHEMERA's other attacks are relatively slow, and you can evade them with a quick boost.

A reminder that while you have a two-minute timer above you, don't let it distract you.

Stay aggressive, stick to the strategy, and make sure that

Escape From The Reactor Core

After defeating EPHEMERA, you can interact with the exit door. Take a moment to catch your breath and proceed through the door to continue your

Accelerate upwards and to the right and follow the quest marker until you reach the checkpoint.

Once you are in a safe location, you will notice that the core has been

And most importantly, you are ready to complete the mission.