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Badlands: A Wild New Frontier for the Predators

In the vast expanse of the Predator universe, a new adventure is about to unfold. Dan Trachtenberg, the mastermind behind the acclaimed Predator prequ...

Nancy Ing Feb 09, 2024
Badlands: A Wild New Frontier for the Predators

In the vast expanse of the Predator universe, a new adventure is about to unfold. Dan Trachtenberg, the mastermind behind the acclaimed Predator prequel, Prey, is ready to take the director's chair once again for a standalone film in the franchise. Brace yourselves for the thrilling ride that is "Badlands."

The details of the plot are locked away, hidden from prying eyes, shrouded in mystery. But what we do know is that production is set to kick off later this year, promising an expansion of the Predator universe like never before. Trachtenberg, the genius who earned an Emmy nomination for his work on Prey, is poised to unleash his creative prowess and deliver a cinematic experience that will leave us gasping for more.

Ah, Prey, the crown jewel of Hulu's offerings, breaking records left and right, captivating audiences with its pulse-pounding intensity. Its success has ignited the flames of ambition at 20th Century Studios, urging them to dive deeper into the vast potential of the franchise. And thus, Badlands emerges from the shadows, ready to conquer the silver screen and etch its name in the annals of Predator history.

While official release plans for Badlands are yet to be unveiled, whispers in the industry suggest that 20th Century Studios is plotting something grand. Remember Boogeyman, the sensation of the summer of 2023? Oh, how it sent shivers down our spines. And let us not forget Alien: Romulus, the extraterrestrial extravaganza that graced the theaters in a blaze of glory. It seems theatrical premieres have become the preferred playground for these cinematic titans. And so, my friends, it wouldn't be far-fetched to imagine Badlands commanding the silver screen, its presence looming large, ready to enthrall us all.

But wait, there's more! Trachtenberg, a man of many talents, is not content with just one endeavor. He is also set to direct the fifth and final season of the beloved Stranger Things. Oh, the intrigue and nostalgia that awaits us in the Upside Down! And let us not forget his previous masterpieces, from the mind-bending 10 Cloverfield Lane to the explosive pilot episode of The Boys. And who can overlook the twisted brilliance of Black Mirror: Playtest? Trachtenberg is a director with an impeccable track record, and we eagerly await the wonders he will unravel in both the Predator universe and the realm of Stranger Things.

Cast your minds back to 1987, when the original Predator film burst onto the scene. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the epitome of macho heroism, leading a band of commandos through the treacherous jungle, pursued by a relentless alien adversary. A classic tale of survival and otherworldly terror that left us breathless. And so began a saga that spanned three sequels: Predator 2, Predators, and The Predator. Each installment building upon the rich lore, expanding the mythos, and solidifying the Predators as iconic figures in the realm of science fiction.

In the words of GameSpot's own Mat Elfring, "if you're a longtime fan of the Predator lore, digging into the movies, comics, and whatever else you can get your hands on, chances are you'll like what's presented." Indeed, the world of Predators is a tapestry weaved with intricate threads of excitement, suspense, and a touch of primal fear.

So, my fellow thrill-seekers, prepare yourselves for a wild new frontier. The Predators are on the prowl, and the Badlands beckon. Let us venture forth, quivering with anticipation, as Dan Trachtenberg leads us into a realm where danger lurks at every turn, and survival is an art form. The hunt begins anew, and we are the willing prey.