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Baldur's Gate 3: 10 secret encounters you may have missed

Baldur's Gate 3 is a massive game with over 300 hours of content and thousands of ways to reach its conclusion. With so much to explore and NPCs to in...

Duncan Robertson Aug 29, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3: 10 secret encounters you may have missed

Baldur's Gate 3 is a massive game with over 300 hours of content and thousands of ways to reach its conclusion. With so much to explore and NPCs to interact with, it's easy to overlook content or magical items, even across multiple playthroughs.

While there are usually hints hidden for some secret encounters to guide the way, others can be completely overlooked if you fail a perception check. If you want to make the most out of your Baldur's Gate 3 experience, make sure not to miss these hidden encounters.

10 The Festering Cove


Hidden in the Underdark, amidst a field of torch stalks, lies the entrance to the Putrid Bay, home to a tribe of Kuo-toa who worship the deity BOOOAL. As it turns out, BOOOAL is a fungus creature who harnesses the power of the Kuo-toa's faith to become godlike.

There are many different ways to deal with the Kuo-toa, including convincing them to turn against the fungus creature and make you their new god. In any case, you can find a sketch of a Kuo-toa in the sand at the water's edge, making the entire journey worthwhile.

9 Akabi The Genie And Nyrulna


In the circus of the last days in Wyrm's Crossing, you can play a game called "Spin the Wheel" with Akabi the Genie, who offers some interesting prizes, including a bag that instantly rots any food placed inside it, or a teleportation ring that leaves you naked after use.

What's even more unlikely is catching Akabi cheating you out of the jackpot with a successful Perception check, followed by another check to distract you while he sends you who-knows-where, surrounded by dinosaurs and dense jungle. At the end of this diversion, you can find Nyrulna, a legendary trident, locked inside a chest.

8 Lorroakan's Vault


Hinted at already in the first act, Lorroakan is a powerful wizard who owns Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur's Gate and resides in a tower filled with gold, scrolls, and powerful magical items. While some items can be found after confronting Lorroakan and learning about the fate of Nightsong, others are very well protected.

In a sealed room, guarded by ever-vigilant living armors, accessible by interacting with a book on a nearby shelf, there is a portal that leads to Lorroakan's treasure chamber. Inside, you can immediately find some gold and magical gloves, but the rest is hidden behind a Perception check and a locked wall that requires solving a rather complicated puzzle to safely access the legendary loot.

7 Finding Dribbles' Parts


In the circus of the last days in Wyrm's Crossing, there is a doppelgänger masquerading as the esteemed clown of the circus, Dribbles. The circus owner, a necromancer with an eye for savings, tasks you with bringing back the real Dribbles so that she can resurrect him once the imposter is exposed.

The only problem is that he has been disassembled into seven parts and scattered across different areas of Wyrm's Crossing and Baldur's Gate, without any clues or quest markers to guide you. For particularly observant players, it may be possible to find all seven parts, but for many others, one or two will always remain out of sight, and Dribbles will unfortunately remain dead.

6 The Necromancy Of Thay


One of the more powerful artifacts in the game and likely not approved by every party member when its secrets are revealed is the Necromancy of Thay, a unique item with a potent reward that requires more than a little exploration and several consecutive checks to obtain and unlock.

You can find the book itself by discovering a cellar in the Desolate Village and passing a language check with a magical mirror, with the clue to open it hidden in a coffin in the previous room. Even after overcoming the two traps that protect the tome, you cannot open it without having a gemstone that you find in another cellar in the Desolate Village. It lies at the bottom of a cave, surrounded by giant, deadly spiders.

5 The Spider Hole


While you and your group explore random areas and crawl on the ground to search for each hidden treasure, the spider hole in the first act can easily be overlooked if you don't approach it directly and fail a Perception check to discover it.

In a crevice next to the lookout tower, directly north of the Nautoloid crash site, a colony of tiny spiders guards a sack of coins and a unique grenade item that summons spiders to fight for you. Even after discovering the loot, if you attempt to grab it again, you may fail an additional check and risk being bitten by a group of angry spiders.

4 Kagha's Secret Note


As the makeshift leader of the Druid's Grove in Halsin's absence, Kagha makes her introduction by threatening to kill a little girl and openly shows malevolence towards the plight of the Tiefling refugees. While exploring the Grove, you might also notice a handful of rats that follow her and are not particularly talkative.

As you navigate through the swamps in the southern part of the map, you might come across a group of Wood Woads and Mud Mephits. Hidden in a nearby tree is a clue that you must find with a high Perception check while standing directly in front of it. You can then use this clue to confront Kagha and uncover that the rats are Shadow Druid followers working with her to undermine the Emerald Enclave in a unique cutscene.

3 The Mystic Carrion's Heart


The Mystic Vulture is a Mummy Lord in Baldur's Gate who utilizes his services to connect with spirits and act as a medium for the city's residents. Though he is more than a little shady, the Mystic Vulture also possesses incredibly powerful magical items that are worth overcoming the many obstacles to defeat him.

Aside from being hidden in a locked building that requires a Perception check to find the entrance, his quests involve rescuing a painter in the first act, finding a random note in a five-story villa, determining the whereabouts of his lost servant, tracking down the hiding places of his lenses, and ultimately finding a note that reveals the location of his heart. None of these tasks are guided by map markers.

2 Rescuing Omeluum


First discovered in the Underdark on an expedition with the Society of Brilliance, Omeluum is an awakened Mind Flayer who is determined to study his fungi and improve the lives of the denizens of the Underdark. Later on, you can find the headquarters of the Society of Brilliance in Baldur's Gate, but noticeably, Omeluum is missing, and no one knows why.

Without a way to discover it until you stumble upon it by chance, you can find Omeluum in an underwater prison cell called the Iron Crown while it collapses. With a timer of six rounds, your task is to rescue a dozen gondish gnomes as well as Duke Ravengard while Omeluum is trapped on the opposite side of the premises behind several locked doors and an army of Sahuagin. If you manage to rescue him, you will find him back in society with a decent magical reward.

1 True Love Rings


A touch of warmth and light in the otherwise gloomy Shadowlands are two rings with which you can cast the spell "Protection Band" on the wearer of the other ring. To find the rings, extensive exploration is required, and you stumble upon the two skeletons who possess them by chance.

One can be found in the House of Healing, and the other is located east of it, leaning against a tree in the cemetery. This interaction is one of the more impressive applications of environmental storytelling in the game, and the diaries found with each skeleton are enough to bring tears to one's eyes.