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Baldur's Gate 3 Flower Key - Guide

To make the transition from Act 2 to the final section of Baldur's Gate 3 can be quite daunting. As you journey through Wyrm's Crossing and the city o...

Anne Ostler Sept 04, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 Flower Key - Guide

To make the transition from Act 2 to the final section of Baldur's Gate 3 can be quite daunting. As you journey through Wyrm's Crossing and the city of Baldur's Gate itself, you will encounter numerous quest items and peculiar individuals. It is up to you to discern what should be done with these people and objects.

The Flowery Key is a unique key that you can find in the third act, and it influences three other storylines in the game. If you struggle to ascertain what to do with this key and where to utilize it, there is no need to search any further.

Where To Find The Flowery Key


The Flowery Key is discovered on the lifeless body of an enemy, well concealed away from the bustling streets of Wyrm's Crossing. To locate the key, you must venture into a hidden cave where two monstrosities hover over lifeless bodies.

You can locate this cave by heading north across the rocks and along the shoreline until you come across a cave entrance situated directly beneath the bridge.

Another access point to this cave leads through the entrance door in the kitchen of the Temple of the Open Hand. Along this path, you will need to traverse the underground temple.

Successfully pass a perception test by examining the heraldic symbols on the walls and interact with them to reveal a hidden chamber. Utilize the jumping ability to bypass the stone shelves in the southern room and enter a cave.

The individuals in the cave will transform into monsters and initiate a battle. One of them will be carrying the Flowery Key on their person.

One of the regular bodies will contain a quest item: the severed torso of the clown.

Where To Find Flaygo's Flophouse


In the game, there is no instruction on what to do with the Flowery Key. You must explore the surroundings yourself until you discover what you need.

To continue the quest for this key, you must locate Flaygo's Flophouse.

Flaygo's Flophouse is located directly across from the South Bridge of the Wyrm's Crossing Waypoint. It is a small inn that you can enter by ascending the stairs. Upon entering the Flophouse in relation to the key, you will gain some experience points.

What Do You Do With The Flowery Key?


Once inside, you will want to ascend the stairs of the Flophouse and then enter the room on the right side. In this room, you will find a ladder that leads to the attic.

  • The large dresser against the wall is a hidden passageway that will require the Flowery Key.

All you need to do is interact with the dresser, and you will be teleported to a secret room. On the right side, there is a table with some papers on it. Read the stained parchment to proceed with the quest.

Reading this paper will provide you with information for three distinct quests:

  • Impress The Murder Tribunal.
  • Investigate The Murders.
  • Solve The Open Hand Temple Murders.

Flaygo's Flophouse Rewards


In this secret room, you can plunder some poisons from a chest and find clothing and armor in another. As you approach the bed in the corner of the room, your characters will undergo a perception test.

  • Passing the Perception check will reveal some blood stains under the bed.

By successfully passing this skill check, you will discover a corpse underneath the bed and be able to retrieve it. On the corpse, you will find a ring to sell and Ffion's key.

Ffion's key can be used on the ground floor of Flaygo's Flophouse to open a chest containing additional loot. Ffion's chest is located on the second floor, where you climbed the ladder. In the room on the left side, where two people are conversing, the chest will be situated behind them in a corner.

You should crouch as you approach the chest to avoid alarming anyone in the Flophouse, as it would be considered theft.

Inside Ffion's chest, you will find a diary, some gold, a Potion of Greater Healing, and a bomb.