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Baldur's Gate 3 - Help the Cursed Monk Quest Walkthrough

Baldur's Gate 3 is replete with quests in which you are tasked with aiding others, but few are as enigmatic as the quest of the cursed monk. In Grymfo...

Phil Hayton Sept 02, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 - Help the Cursed Monk Quest Walkthrough

Baldur's Gate 3 is replete with quests in which you are tasked with aiding others, but few are as enigmatic as the quest of the cursed monk. In Grymforge, you may come across an amulet that harbors a tormented soul, compelling you to erupt into hysterical laughter whenever you utilize it.

Despite its unsettling nature, the amulet offers potent effects that may be worth utilizing until the completion of its quest, which extends all the way to the city of Baldur's Gate in the third act. However, should you use the ensouled amulet, or does it bring more trouble than it's worth? This guide will assist you in analyzing and deciding upon the questline "Aiding the Cursed Monk."

Where To Find The Cursed Monk Amulet


You will be able to find the ensouled amulet in the Grymforge area (X:-647, Y:385) in the Underdark, accessible through the Duergar skiffs in the Ruined Village (X:22, Y:-209).

The journey to Grymforge can be a challenging process, but the abundant quests and secrets in the area, such as the one involving the Adamantine Forge, make it absolutely worthwhile.

The ensouled amulet can be found in the lava area of Grymforge, directly south of the waypoint to the Old Forge (X:-610, Y:294). Engage in battle with the lava elemental and then proceed to the rocky island in the middle of the lava field.

The battle against the lava elemental can prove challenging if you attempt to defeat it through sheer force. Keep in mind that it is vulnerable to cold damage but immune to fire damage, and it regenerates 10d6 hit points each round when engaged in the lava area.

Open the adamantine chest with a lockpicking check (Dexterity) with a DC of 25, and you will find the ensouled amulet inside.


Once you interact with it, the cursed monk spirit within the amulet compels you to make a Wisdom saving throw to avoid bursting into laughter - note that clerics will have advantage on this saving throw.

Regardless of whether you succeed or fail the saving throw, the cursed monk will still ask you to bring it to his granddaughter, who resides in the Temple of the Open Hand in Wyrm's Crossing. However, until you reach there in the third act, you are free to utilize the effects of the ensouled amulet.

The Sentient Amulet grants you the ability to:

  • Cast Shatter (Level Two Evocation Spell) at second level once per short rest
  • Restore two Ki Points once per long rest (Monk Only)
  • Talk to the Sentient Amulet

Although the effects of the ensouled amulet are great for monks, be warned that you may occasionally have to make a Wisdom saving throw to prevent yourself from succumbing to hysteria when using it - which could potentially render you incapacitated in the midst of a battle.

How To Help The Cursed Monk


To complete the quest, you must find the crypt where the cursed monk's granddaughter is buried.

This crypt is located beneath the Temple of the Open Hand. You can access it by entering the kitchen area of the Temple of the Open Hand (near the Rivington Waypoint, at the beginning of the third act). From there, climb through the ornate wooden crevice to descend beneath the temple.

This area houses several important questlines. While you are beneath the temple, you can complete a portion of the extensive questline "Find Dribbles the Clown" to avoid backtracking later on.

The crypt area is located west of the altar area - interact with the coffin in the southwest to find the remains of Shirra Clarwell.


Shortly thereafter, the ghost of the monk will enter the remains of Shirra Clarwell and demand that you instead take on his curse.

Should You Inherit the Monk's Curse


A successful Arcana check with a DC of 15 will reveal that helping the monk grants you access to a powerful spell, but potentially at the cost of losing wisdom.

If you choose to take on the curse of the monk, you must undergo two trials to pass smoothly. You can either use Wisdom or Constitution to make a check with a DC of 15, or have the Illithid tadpole charm make one of the rolls for you - in this case, the DC for that roll is reduced to 2.

If you fail either of the trials, your Wisdom attribute will be permanently reduced by -1 for each failed trial. This can be a significant penalty, so be cautious!

If you choose to reject the curse of the monk, he will summon four zombies to fight against you. These zombies have approximately 30 hit points (60 on Tactician difficulty) and should be relatively easy battles in this section of the game.

Note that if you refuse to take on the curse and successfully defeat the zombies, the monk will simply disappear, forever cursed, and you will receive nothing as a reward for the quest - the enchanted amulet will also lose its effects.

What Do You Get From Helping The Cursed Monk


If you choose to accept the curse of the monk, you will gain the ability to cast Tasha's Hysterical Laughter (a 1st-level enchantment spell) at will.

Tasha's Hysterical Laughter is a solid spell that effectively incapacitates the target and causes them to fall prone, granting attackers an advantage on attack rolls.

That being said, at the level you currently are in the third act, your spellcasters might have better options for crowd control.

If you have a monk in your party, you should take some time to decide whether the loss of the amulet's effects is worth the rewards.