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Baldur's Gate 3: How to Defeat the Observer

Amongst all the fascinating creatures and monsters in Baldur's Gate 3, the Observer could arguably be considered one of the most unique and intimidati...

Austin Wood Sept 05, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3: How to Defeat the Observer

Amongst all the fascinating creatures and monsters in Baldur's Gate 3, the Observer could arguably be considered one of the most unique and intimidating. As a relative of the iconic Beholder monster from D&D, the Observer is a grotesque and formidable one-eyed aberration.

There are several situations in which one can encounter this magnificent creature in the game - one of them being a demanding miniboss battle in the underworld, where not only the Observer itself but also the surrounding environment works against you. All these factors can make the fight challenging, hence this guide will lead you through the steps on how to defeat the fearsome Observer.

Where To Find The Spectator


Currently, there are two locations where one can find an Observer:

  1. On the Risen Road during the Find The Missing Shipment questline
  2. In the Underdark

Spectator In "Find The Missing Shipment" Quest

During the questline "Find the Missing Delivery," you encounter a hostile Observer. Further information on how to fight against it can be found in our guide on the Iron Flask. However, be warned that this spoiler contains details about the quest and the first act's storyline.

Spectator In The Underdark

However, this Observer can be regarded more as a boss battle compared to the others, as it possesses its own mechanics and environmental effects.

There are many ways to access the underworld, but the nearest entrance to the Observer can be found in the Ruined Sanctuary, which leads into the Temple of Selûne.

It is located immediately west of the underworld: Selûnite Outpost (X:179, Y:-234).

To reach the Observer, exit through the open window on the western side of the Selûnite Outpost. Then, descend the nearby tangled vines to an area filled with glowing purple crystals and containing stone "statues" of Drow elves.

Continue further east, passing by several statues, to trigger a cutscene where the Observer emerges from the ground and initiates an attack.

In the vicinity, there are numerous toxic vapors. Seal off the ventilation vents to eliminate these bothersome, explosive clouds of hazardous gas!

How To Beat The Spectator


In this guide, we will focus on the Observer found in the underworld.

The Observer you will be fighting here is level 5. Similarly, you should have reached approximately level 5 when facing this Observer (or traversing the underworld in general).

The Observer in the underworld always starts the battle with a free round, as it catches all characters off guard who trigger the cutscene of its appearance. This can be partially circumvented by keeping your party members at a greater distance and only allowing them to join the fight after the Observer has emerged.

With its first move, the Observer releases Dhourn, a Drow evoker, from petrification and utilizes its subsequent turns to free more petrified Drow.

These Drow will be charmed, which means they will fight for the Observer. You can break the charm effect by attacking the charmed Drow once, after which they will fight on your side.

If you continue to attack the de-petrified Drow, they will become hostile again. Therefore, make sure to use the least damaging, single-target spells or attacks on them!

The Observer is a powerhouse with multiple attacks, crowd control abilities, and resilience. Its paralyzing ray can incapacitate crucial party members and further tilt the odds in its favor.

That being said, the Observer does not have any immunities or resistances to specific types of damage and has a relatively low armor class of only 14. Additionally, it lacks proficiency in saving throws and possesses a surprisingly limited range of ability scores.

Therefore, a well-balanced group of equal level should be able to defeat the Observer through proper positioning and by turning the de-petrified Drow against it.

Key Takeaways

In summary, here are the things to keep in mind during this battle:

  • The recommended level for this fight is level 5
  • The Spectator will inflict Surprised condition on any nearby party members.
  • The Spectator will free the petrified drow—hit them once to free them from their charm and turn them against the Spectator.
  • The Spectator is not immune or resistant to any damage and has both low AC and saving throw bonuses.
  • Position well to avoid letting your backline or squishies get hit by its Paralyzing or Wounding Ray.

What To Do With The Petrified Drow


After the Observer has been defeated, provided he survived, Dhourn will speak with you and introduce himself. He will reveal that he is on a quest to locate a powerful forge known as the Adamantine Forge.

Of course, in true Drow fashion, he will eventually decide that you are a rival and a threat to his progress, and he will attempt to kill you.

All surviving de-petrified Drow will also join him in his fight against you.

Killing Dhourn and looting the memory fragment from his body will progress your search for the Adamantine Forge, an area in Grymforge that holds many secrets and advantages.