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Baldur's Gate 3 - How to enter the House of Hope

The House of Hope in Baldur's Gate 3 is the ultimate destination for those souls who sought to make a pact with the devil. An eternity of servitude in...

Anne Ostler Sept 16, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 - How to enter the House of Hope

The House of Hope in Baldur's Gate 3 is the ultimate destination for those souls who sought to make a pact with the devil. An eternity of servitude in exchange for mortal desires - what hope remains for those who have nothing left to give? And furthermore, what hope is there for those who dare to intrude into the Devil's house?

If you are brave enough to venture into the House of Hope, you will have your hands full juggling masquerades, uncovering unique legendary treasures, and facing a multitude of challenging and thrilling encounters with enemies. However, the very first and most crucial question is: How does one even gain access to Hell itself?

How To Find The Devil's Fee And Expose Helsik


The sole means of entering the House of Hope is to coerce a deal from the proprietor of the Devil's Fee, a business located in the northern area of the Lower City. It is the edifice adorned with two demon motifs on the sealed pillars outside.

You are free to enter the house at any time and engage in trade with Helsik; however, it is crucial that you manage to persuade Helsik to admit to their dealings. This is an essential initial step towards unlocking the House of Hope and requires a certain finesse.

If you possess the following materials, you may confidently forgo a conversation with Helsik and attempt to perform the ritual yourself. However, be aware that there is a risk of encountering a dangerous fireball trap on the upper floor in the process.

  • Skull.
  • Incense.
  • Diamond.
  • Infernal Marble (only found in Helsik's above chest).
  • Coin of Mammon (only found in the drawer next to Helsik's bed).


In order to force a confession from Helsik, you must find one of two possible pieces of blackmail material:

  • Helsik's Diary - Found upstairs past the fireball trap on the table beside the ritual circle.
  • Report on the Activities of Enver Gortash - Found on the table in the Infiltration Training Room at the House of Grief.


Present one of these two materials to Helsik and inquire about it. She will request coins in return. Any offer exceeding 100 gold pieces will suffice (although she will label you as stingy if you offer her only 100), or you can attempt to persuade her to disclose it to you for free.

Once she has shared details about her dealings, you must pay her again to obtain information about the portal. Offer her an additional 100 gold pieces or more.

After you have paid her twice, she will ask you to cover the expenses for the ritual materials and the journey. The total price amounts to 2,000 gold pieces.


However, you can intimidate her into halving the price, or you can persuade her to allow you to take a stolen item from the vault (the Hill Giant Strength Gauntlets) in exchange for a complete waiver of the price and a free journey. Both options have a difficulty class (DC) of 20.

Alternatively, you can also kill Helsik and take the ritual diary from her, but she is not an easy opponent.

If you fail to acquire the Hill Giant Strength Gauntlets or refuse to hand over the promised item, Helsik will insist on receiving the full amount or she will attack you.

How To Complete The Ritual To Enter Hell


After obtaining the ritual items and the manual from Helsik, proceed upstairs. The fireball trap will be disarmed if you have successfully negotiated with Helsik.

In the room with the large circle of blood, open your inventory and then access the bag containing the items.

Place them all according to the instructions in your book or those found in the table below.




West point of the circle, facing the desk.


Northeast side of the circle, facing the bookshelves.


North side of the circle, facing the metal door to the outside.

Coin of Mammon

Northwest side of the circle, facing the ornate chest left of the bookshelves.

Infernal Marble

Center of the circle.


Once you have placed these items, a portal to the House of Hope will open. You can enter it by interacting with the center of the portal.

Be forewarned that upon entering this portal, you will find yourself in a dungeon area where you cannot fully recover. It is recommended to bring your best, fully rested group as you face one of the most challenging dungeon quests in Baldur's Gate 3.

Tara the Tressym, if you encountered her during the side quest "Missing Letters" in Rivington, will be located on the roof of this building. She offers a Hat of the Sharp Spellcaster (which allows rerolling natural 1s and 2s) in exchange.