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Baldur's Gate 3: How to Escape the Djinn Lamp

In Baldur's Gate 3, there are numerous intriguing encounters that will serve as reminders of how unforgiving the world can be. One such encounter is t...

Phil Hayton Sept 19, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3: How to Escape the Djinn Lamp

In Baldur's Gate 3, there are numerous intriguing encounters that will serve as reminders of how unforgiving the world can be. One such encounter is the meeting with the Djinn of the Lamp inside Lorroakan's Tower, concealed within the vault. For unsuspecting travelers, this will prove to be an unpleasant surprise amidst their search for loot and treasures.

Do not underestimate a Djinn, especially one who has been trapped in a cursed lamp for who knows how long. The question is not about freeing him, but rather how to escape from the lamp once you do. Unless you are prepared, you will find yourself ensnared. Here is how you can break free, with or without mischief.

Where Is The Peculiar Lamp?


When you enter the city of Baldur's Gate, there is a shop called Enchanting Curiosities. You'll need to break into the vault to gain access to countless treasures and the lamp.

The chamber with the peculiar lamp is hidden behind an illusion. The wall is not real, and you can simply walk through it, even though it appears impassable. Behind the wall, you will find a small chamber with a single dark lamp on a pedestal.

How To Escape The Peculiar Lamp


When you run towards the lamp stand and touch the lamp, you trigger a cutscene where you are transported inside. The resident Djinn will laugh at you for touching the lamp and take your place outside. Your group will then have the option to release the Djinn or engage in combat with it.

If you attempt to pick up or place the lamp in your inventory, it triggers the exchange and you will become trapped inside it.

If you are smarter than the average adventurer and familiar with Djinn lamps, you know better than to touch the first shiny thing you see in a wizard's secret vault. You can send a familiar creature or the least favored member of your group to interact with the lamp first.

If you send a summon, you will receive a unique dialogue option to tell Yafeu about your brilliance. He will be angry that he didn't think of it first but will reward you for your genius.

Summon Another Creature


If you are prepared or have a spellcaster at hand, any summoning spell or incantation will work. You can summon a familiar creature to interact with the lamp, or you can summon an elemental being from within the lamp.

Among the familiar creatures and summons are Us, the Mind Flayer, and Scratch, the dog. However, you may not want to part with any of these friendly companions just for a Djinn lamp.

Having another entity inside the lamp fulfills the requirement and ensures that there is always a living being inside the lamp. However, your summoning will eventually fade away over time.

If your familiar or summon is unable to interact with the lamp from the outside, select the lamp and drag it like any other item to move it. This counts as a movement or interaction with the lamp and triggers the exchange.

For the unprepared adventurer, there is a scroll of summoning a Quasit inside one of the chests within the lamp. Simply use the scroll and let the small creature take your place. But don't feel too bad, it's not like it would have been much more useful elsewhere.

Use Mage Hand


You can also use Mage Hand to interact with the lamp. This will cause the Mage Hand to be drawn into the lamp, freeing Yafeu the Djinn and sparing your group from being trapped inside the lamp for eternity.

Send In A Hireling


If you don't have a particular attachment to a specific companion, you can send them in to take your place inside the lamp. They will enter just like any other group member, but you can later dismiss them at the camp with Withers.

Challenge Yafeu The Djinni


You can directly challenge Yafeu or tell him that you have no master. The latter will make him believe it's a trick to lure him back into the lamp, and he will initiate the fight.

Defeating Yafeu will not reward you, and it will not help your group members who are trapped inside the lamp.